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When you are looking for intuitive guidance and training, it helps to know what others thought.

Here is a sampling of a few comments I have received over the years.

Anyone who has worked with me is invited to send me their Testimonial at contact@julielangdonbarrett.com for posting on this page!

I enjoyed my call with Julie Barrett very much. Julie tuned into my guide team, and provided me with a description that was vivid and reassuring.
As a professional intuitive, I was really happy that she was able to offer me helpful suggestions on how I can further strengthen my spiritual connection and develop my intuitive abilities. She also encouraged me to courageously step up and to cultivate greater faith. Most importantly, her attunement allowed me to access a higher level of cosmic consciousness, one that I was hoping to bridge. I was delighted with my experience!
Julie is skilled in what she does. I highly recommend taking up Julie’s services for her expertise, warmth and spirit!

I recently purchased the Psychic Sparks program; I am astounded at the wealth of material within the course – both written and provided in the MP3 sections of the class. Julie is a capable, assuring teacher…her tone is upbeat, yet grounded. It is clear that in teaching these elements of psychic awareness and intuitive skill, she herself not only lives and believes what she teaches, but she wants her students to have the best experience for themselves – to find an everyday place for intuitive and psychic understanding. 
The text is clearly outlined, with each chapter delving into topics thoroughly and plainly without being dour or too “outer/otherworldly”. I found the material informative, succinct and at times, entertaining. I will continue to use it as a resource.

Julie also has a talent as a mediation ‘leader’. Both the meditation for attunement as well as her cleansing/grounding meditation are easy to follow as well as engaging. 

Julie has also done a reading for me. She is very capable in accessing information, and her selflessness is an asset as she helps clients answer their life questions as well as finding direction only spirit can provide. The reading she completed for me provided direction and comfort and gave me the springboard I needed to move into the next phase of my purpose. – Anne McCarrol

“You have a lot to give.  You are teaching folks that they have a spiritual birth certificate, but they lost it; aren’t you.  You are showing them how to find it.  That’s what I intuit about you.  Blessings” – Rob White at Mind Adventure

Julie’s Psychic Sparks Intuitive Development Program is dynamite (pun totally intended)! She covers a wide range of intuitive topics with a straightforward, down-to-earth approach that is really refreshing in this field. I found myself listening to some of the recordings multiple times, because they contained so much useful information.

As a fellow professional intuitive, I know the importance of the many issues she covers, such as grounding and centering, proper connection and protection techniques before giving readings, communicating with spirit guides, and working with clients successfully. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to begin an intuitive practice, as a business or just for your own benefit. You won’t regret it! – Jennifer Flint at The Aura Reader

Julie’s style is direct, concise, and she doesn’t sugarcoat what she says, which is something I like. That being said, her readings are always done in a positive atmosphere, without judgments. I usually perceive her statements to be spot on and find myself nodding in agreement as I read them. I’ve been surprised at the accuracy of her observations and just feel they’re right, especially when they have been about beliefs I hold or the nature of relationships I have. Often times we ourselves hold the answers to our questions, and our guides help clear up our maelstrom of thought and visualize the fork in the road ahead. I have found her input to be very helpful when I’ve had to make various challenging decisions.  – Luis M.

Thank you so much for this reading! WOW! answered a lot of questions and got me asking even more. I had a feeling that I was supposed to be in energy healing but this is just amazing. – Cassie

Julie Langdon Barrett’s Intuitive Development Counseling is amazing!   Ms. Barrett provides high levels of professionalism, empathy, and positive stewardship in her work.  Her enthusiasm for life is infectious and sets a comfortable setting to explore one’s personal trek into the Intuitive Path.  My counseling session ended up being atypical, but this did not deter from the services I received as Ms. Barrett was always clear, honest, and humble.  She was a tremendous help!!!!  My Intuitive Development Counseling report was perfect!  Thank you so much! – Patrick McCarroll

First I would like to say that I’m very glad to have found Julie’s page “A Clear Sign” because I had been searching for some answers as to why I was experiencing quite a few “coincidences” that were all pertaining to one person.  We’ve all had little coincidences here and there, but for me it had never happened in the way that it unfolded over a period of about 2 years.  I found so much information on intuition and signs, etc. and much much more on her site that I just connected with and I believe it is because of the way she explains things and writes. 
I’ve had two readings with her so far, she is such a gifted woman, just an all around geniune, down to earth person who made me feel at ease and who I trust.  She has helped me understand A LOT of things I needed to understand in just those two readings.  In addition, I really look forward to her receiving her blog in my email every week and have always found an answer for things I have been thinking about just by reading things that are going on with her, very insightful she is!   I am very much looking forward to when I can talk with her again as my two readings were awesome and extremely accurate!  I am thankful she does what she does.  – Lorin Gill

“I don’t often (well, never) recommend particular consultants, but I suggest you consider engaging with Julie – I have, and I was impressed with the results. She’s a former client who is now a blossoming intuitive in her own rights. Yes, I do have a vested interest (not monetary), but I still think you should check her out before the rest of the world finds out about her and she gets too busy.” – Michael Pierich at The Healed Spirit

Julie generously gave me a reading, during a promotion she was having. She did a great job.  She named my main guide accurately, and the way she described my main guide was “spot on”.  She actually described to me a long forgotten dream job of mine (which I’d totally forgotten about until she mentioned it), and told me that it would be in my future.  She answered my questions as to the best way I should proceed with my career, and gave me clarity as to how I can best assist that to happen.  Her reading also gave me hope, so that I don’t feel I have to give up on my dreams.

When I was not sure on how some of the details related to me, I asked Julie to clarify.  I  benefitted greatly from her follow-up to my questions (and since Julie likes feedback you benefit even more, as you can ask the questions you need to, to understand fully).  Not only were details clarified, but I understood parts of the reading in a whole new deeper way, which really impacted how I need to re-frame my life in a way that will benefit me.

Kara Thompson at Conduit of Joy– contact her at conduitofjoy@hotmail.com

“Okay. WOW! I should begin by thanking you. Moreover, I want to complement you on your insight!  Your reading of the general concept of who I know myself to be is the best I have ever had! Do keep up the good work.  Please use me as a reference.” – Cindy – contact her at ivyrider@bellsouth.net

Justin Mazza at Mazzastick – contact him at mazzastick@aol.com for a personal reference

Since I contacted you, all the stuff in my family has gone from bad to worse, but amazingly I feel so much more at peace now.  I have talked to shrinks ad nauseam and they have been helpful in that they have given me ways of looking at things that get me through each situation, but this is a very different state that I’ve reached with you.  I have returned to meditating and my physical well being has improved enormously.  My husband is puzzled but delighted with the results.  His comment is “Hey, if it works, don’t knock it”.   He’s a true pragmatist.  So thank you. – Ginger

The reading you did for me was incredibly surprising and accurate.  Thank you, Julie, for you indeed have a gift. – Katy

Your reading was so “right on” it was amazing.” – Cindy

I was such a skeptic before, but you really hit the nail on the head about so many things. – Kim

Thanks so much Julie!!  This is fabulous!!  You are right on with the initial personality assessment.  I am finding this very valuable and helpful….so thanks again so much for your time and efforts!! – Mirren

 Thank you again so much for your time and energy.  This has given me a lot to think about and opened my eyes to many things. – Catherine

WOW, that is fantastic!!!  I feel like the information you provided is very revelant to where I am in my life right now. Thank you so much for this. It brought tears of joy when I read it yesterday. – Arrana

THANK YOU! I want to freaking cry, thanks for being so nice. – Caroline

Julie, thanks so much! What an interesting and informative recording! Really enjoyed hearing my own reading and also hearing how you talked through everyone else’s too. Really great. Thanks so much for taking the time to do this and in such an interesting way – I definitely feel I got my money’s worth! 🙂 lots of love Catriona xxxxxxx (response to a Group Reading Event)

When I had my first reading I was introduced to my spirit guides and struggled to understand them and what they were trying to tell me. I struggled quickly to learn how to follow the clues they showed me in my life and I didn’t have much time. Julie’s reading had news that wasn’t all good. The reading gave me an early warning that prepared me for the most harrowing period of my life.  The warning was that my marriage was falling apart and my child and I were at risk. Because of the reading, I really got a head start and avoided being blindsided. I also kept my daughter out of what could have become a dangerous situation.  The next year was full of loss and pain, a death in the family, medical and financial hardships that I could have never imagined. I am still here. I am still in the middle of a period of terrible loss, which includes continued unemployment, the death of a beloved family member and unforeseen financial family losses by the survivors, personal poor health and an ongoing contentious and difficult divorce.  Although my story may not have reached a happy ending and my troubles seem to have no end in sight, I still seem to be moving forward and I have hope for continued healing in the coming new year. – Christine

Julie did an intuitive reading for me and really hit home on important points.  Her responses to my questions were informative and helpful. If there was anything I needed clarification on she was more than happy to explain or reword so I would get exactly what I needed to hear, going above and beyond to make sure I got it.  Julie’s gift of Psychic Sparks got me started on the path to connecting with my own spirit guides and work on my intuition.  I highly recommend scheduling a reading or taking the Psychic Sparks course with Julie to develop your intuition and connect with your spirit guides. – Stacie Bebber

 Intuitive Readings, Intuitive Development Counseling, and Mediumship Readings can be ordered on the Intuitive Services page.  Information about the Psychic Sparks professional intuitive development program can be found here.

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