What Kind Of Spirit Guides Do You Have? Joy Guides, Runners and Finder Guides

Spirit Guide

Just last night I had an absolute fit of a meltdown when the goat got in the house. The kids (human version) tried to get him out but I let it go too long and he got spooked. I was chasing him and he was hiding under the pool table.  Then he’d run out and circle the house, just too low to the ground to catch and too heavy to pick up. This went on for about 20 minutes until my heart was pounding and I was getting into heart attack range. That’s when I lost my cool and just started yelling about how we weren’t supposed to have a stupid goat in the first place, how this was ridiculous way to live, and how if the goat didn’t go I would.

When I saw the look on the kids’ faces I realized I had said all this out loud.

Joy Guides

Might this be a visit from my Joy Guides?

When you’re really stressed, your Joy Guides are there to remind you to lighten up and bring more…wait for it…joy into your life.  Sometimes The Ridiculous visits, and that’s when you know they are around and busy!

If you’ve ever had “one of those days” when everything that can go wrong will, ala Murphy’s Law, it might sound counterintuitive to think that a Joy Guide is present, since it feels anything but joyful, but when you’ve taken a turn into taking yourself far too seriously, be on the lookout for them.  They’re not going to let you get away with negativity for too long, if at all.

Joy Guides, should you encounter them, are also there to bring fun into your life, or some laughs.  There doesn’t have to be anything amiss for them to pay you a visit.  They usually appear as a young person or child, and I’ve been told they sometimes show up with wings (although I can’t say for sure since I’ve never seen one that way).

They can be mighty mischievous.  Like right now when I am trying to write and Goatie is repeatedly licking my pant leg in spite of me saying,”Hey, hey!!” and shooing him away (or that might just be because my husband brought home a goat).  Also, I have a plethora of children’s sneakers in the closet, just waiting for someone to grow into them.  From time to time I attempt to organize the closet, and for a couple of years now one brand new white New Balance shoe, size 3, has been waiting its turn and missing its partner.  Suddenly, out of absolutely nowhere, its mate showed up, right next to it, as if it had been there the whole time.

 Runner and Finder Guides

Technically, there is no such thing as a “finder” guide, but that’s how I call on mine, “oh guide who is the finder of lost things.”

In the last few months the schedule has gotten so chaotic that entire weeks go by when I am saddled with just one appointment so ill timed that my entire day is blown…every day that week.  I find myself either running from appointment to appointment, and needing say, a close parking space or a short line.  I also find myself cooling my heels for long periods in the car, because there is just not enough time to go home, but there’s still a 45 minute wait before I can pick up the kid.

That’s when I tend to try to make phone calls to cross things off my list, and wouldn’t you know I spend a lot of time writing on the back of tiny receipts and then losing them.

Your Runner Guides are those that know the land.  They’ve been there for a lot longer than you have.  I imagine them like indian trackers from days of old.  If you’re lost, if you need a magical parking spot to open up for you, if you need traffic to clear or the light to stay greener for just a little bit longer so you don’t have to be a jerk who weaves in and out of traffic, send them ahead after nicely requesting that they help you.  That might seem like a silly thing to ask of a guide, but we all have emergencies and if you have a legitimate reason for needing help, you’ll get it if you ask.

Runners have plenty of other duties that are much more esoteric, like delivering messages to other astral realms, but they also help you to remember what you forgot.  Those times when suddenly it pops into your head before you walk out the door that you left your cell phone charging?  Or that you need to bring the bank deposit?  That could also be a runner.  I like to think of it like they are reminding you now so you won’t be asking them for all those green lights later!

My Finder Guides are amazingly helpful.  A couple of weeks ago my son’s wallet was missing.  I knew that the younger one had taken it and hidden it, because he is the money child…leave money anywhere and he absconds with it, whereas the older one is oblivious and never moves his stuff.  For days I was begging the little guy to cough up the wallet.  On Saturday when my husband was home I told him about it and he told the little one,”I’ll give you a dollar if you bring me his wallet in the next thirty seconds.”  That same child, who swore up and down to me that he had no idea where his brother’s wallet was got right up from his chair, went directly to the desk, pulled it out of the back of a drawer, and handed that wallet to his father.

Since I am not nearly as smart, devious or creative (obviously) I often rely on my Finder Guide.  Apparently it’s true that a lot of times, your item has gone missing for a reason.  Sometimes I swear it even gets moved.  I think the theory is that we’re supposed to think on why we’ve lost it – are we maybe spending too much money or time with the object, to the detriment of our health or family?  If you lose it all of the time, I’d say have a chat with yourself for some clarity around that.  If not, it’s time to call in your Finder Guide.

The best way to do this is to stand perfectly still, close your eyes, and (in your head) ask to speak to your Finder Guide.  Tell them what’s missing, visualize it, and ask for help locating it.  If it’s meant to be found, I’ll usually get back an image a moment later picturing the location, and then I can go look.  If that doesn’t happen, I’ll ask for it to be brought to me by someone, or for it to be moved, or for my gaze to be brought to it.  Then that day or the next, it will just show up one way or the other.

 Your Wonderful Core Spirit Guide Team – Solving Problems

From what I’ve been hearing lately, a lot of my readers feel like they have been abandoned by their guides.  Not so!  You DO have a core team of spirit guides, plus many other entities helping you out.  They are right there.  What you need to develop is the ability to tune in to what they are communicating to you.

If you feel you cannot right now, if you’re just not getting it, then try a different approach.

It got to a humorous pinnacle when I found out that just as both of my children would finally, after five years, be in the same school, it was decided that one had to be moved.  He wasn’t moved closer, he was moved another 20 minutes east…and I am already 30 minutes west of the regular school.  The joke was that both children are in elementary school and both schools start at 8am and have long car pool lines.

How, pray tell, was I going to be in two locations simultaneously?

When you know that your life has become a joke, that’s when you know something has to change, because it is simply physically impossible.

I try to look at the big picture of what we are trying to accomplish.  It seems like for a few years now certain roads have been blocked.  They say you create your reality, but I think “they” sometimes forget to mention that it is a co-creation with the divine.  You don’t control everything. It would be lovely to think so, but you don’t.  Sometimes situations or events are scheduled on the Big Board of Life and you are going to experience them, no matter what.

However recently everything has started to appear to move forward, away or out.  At moments it hasn’t gone forward, but then that just turned out to be a stall, and it started forward again.  The signs are that a big change is underway, so much so that the whole picture may look different any day now.  Or not – hard to tell.  But things appear to be in the works.

There was so much activity that I just started to have frank conversations with my guides.  Just ask them to make it so obvious, that you can’t miss the solution.  Sometimes things really are that direct.  How was I going to get both kids to school?  I had the answer by the next day.

When there are too many choices or at least one and you can’t decide, ask them to narrow it down for you.  Sometimes you really do NOT need to go on ten job interviews, when one or two will do.  Your guides won’t tell you what to do or make decisions for you, but they will steer you in the right direction if you ask.   “Don’t send me there if it’s a waste of time and there’s nothing to learn there, just send me if it’s important.”  And, that’s exactly what will happen.  You have to narrow it down by making a decision and setting forth what you’d like to accomplish.  I usually ask to be sent only on those personal missions that are for the greater good of my family, for instance.

I can sometimes get caught up in putting too much energy in making a choice.  When we were choosing a new school, I did all of the legwork, but I didn’t want to be left guessing as to which was the highest and best choice for this particular child.  I asked that the best choice be shown to me by agreement among everyone involved.  In the end, I looked at three schools and every single school suggested that I choose the same place.  That leaves no doubt and I can put it behind me knowing I made the best choice.

There are many types of guides on your spiritual teams, or available to you, so keep that in mind when you’re in need of some guidance, assistance, ot behind the scenes arranging.  If you don’t know who to ask for in a particular case, you can always ask me or just ask your primary guide.  They’ll deliver the message.

Do you communicate with your Spirit Guides?  Can you tell one energy from another?  Do you sense or know when they are at work, delivering messages and impulses?  What do your guides look like to you?


Image credit: Image for the book ‘Protecting the Soul’ by Craig Hamilton-Parker, Sterling Publishing New York USA