Is Changing Your Mind What Changes Your Life?

This may not seem like exciting news to you, but it sure is to me.  I’ve been called for three job possibilities in the last few days.

You may have noticed a lot of people choosing a “word” for the year, instead of making New Year’s Resolutions.  That strikes me as splitting hairs, but of course when I heard about it my mind went straight to work at the subconscious level and popped out a word.


Yes, we need to move into some of that around here!  Of course, prosperity means a lot more than just money, but let’s look at that one aspect for a moment.

We saved for a rainy day but I guess it never occurred to us that we might have rainy years.

My industry-specific recruiter called the other day for her New Year check-in to see what I was up to these days.  I told her long ago not to feel obligated to call unless there was something to actually interview for.  I live quite far from a major city and haven’t been able to sell my home so I can move.  Our current house is perfect for my husband’s business because he can work here.  In answer to how long it’s been since I worked in the biz she said,”Has it really been almost three years?” in disbelief.

Last week, my Realtor, who has been trying to short sell my house for two years and has a sense of humor, called to ask for a showing and started the conversation with,”This is our year!”

I just had to pause and give a good laugh.

Somewhere between the realtor and the recruiter, prosperity leapt to mind.  I can’t tell you how many times someone (usually a professional intuitive) has said to me, “The universe is just waiting for the right time (to sell your house, to bring in the income, to bring you a new job, to…a whole bunch of other things).”

There are no mistakes in the universe and everyone is right where they’re supposed to be – right?

The other thing I noticed is that the other party to this endeavor has been slaving like a dog to make this thing we call a family go, and let’s just say he’s exceeded his capacity.

It seems like over this time I had learned a lot of lessons, and he needed a break badly.

It just seemed like…time.

I heard a long laundry list about a week ago which included everything I don’t do right.  The one-sided conversation went on for about a week.  I won’t say who was doing the talking, but I will say it culminated in,”Things have to change around here!”

It kind of reminds me of my Mastiff, who is not easy to turn around when she’s stuck in a small room – she has to either back out, or turn like a boat.  There is no quick move even possible.  That has been a symbol for my life…it ain’t happening fast, there is no turning on a dime, it’s like the slow boat to China.  Which in turn, has taught me patience.

When things DO happen, they always seem to happen quickly, turn on a dime.  You blink – it’s all changed.

I have often said to clients,”You have to let it be OK with you that this is the situation right now.”  I know that, because I live it.  Not a patient person?  Prepare to wait.  Assumed you’d always have work?  Look forward to three years of unemployment.  Like to believe what people promise you?  Nope, it’s not going to happen.

The universe is tricky – call it the “road to the truth”.  Whatever you need to learn, you will!

If you’ve ever thought,”This (bad) thing could never happen to me”, I suggest you immediately, “Cancel that!” and think of what the lesson in that “bad thing” might be, because trust me, there is a reason why it’s coming to mind.  Try to learn it the easy way, if you can.

On the first morning after my traveling angels were here, I woke up remembering a dream where my boys and my husband and I were on a fairly large boat.  We had been on a very long trip, and were just coming into port.  The water was blue and shimmery, the day was lovely with a sweet breeze, and we had reached the end of our journey.  The flags were flying.  The atmosphere had that calm sense that all was right with the world, everything was happening right on schedule, and there was absolutely nothing to fear.  It wasn’t the quality of a normal dream – it was almost like a vision.

It is crucially important to have faith, all the time, no matter what “it looks like.”  You can do everything that you can think of, follow up every lead and hunch, try new things and ideas in tune with your intuition and – nothing happens.  That’s usually because it’s not time yet.  You may have other important things to do in the meantime, other people involved may have to work through some lessons, the moon and the stars may (figuratively) have to align – who knows?

When nothing logical (or good) is happening, it’s best to become as observant as possible and employ your faith and patience.

I gave up on actively searching for work a long time ago.  I agreed that I might not ever work in that field again, maybe another field, maybe something close to home since I used to have to travel a hour and a half each way.  I said that it didn’t matter how the money came in, it didn’t have to be any particular way.  It didn’t have to be through a job for me.  I concluded that I was willing to wait and not get stressed out by the house issue.  I trusted the universe to bring the right solutions, resolutions, and situations, at the right time.

Then something interesting happened.  The phone calls just started rolling in, day after day.  Each job seemed just a little bit closer to something I might actually want.  I had a lot of contact with former colleagues who informed me what it’s really like on the ground today, which is quite different than when I was last actively around.  Expectations just aren’t what they once were.  Some people survived, a few thrived, and many more just…let it be over.  I had assumed I wouldn’t do it again, but maybe what was wrong before just isn’t wrong anymore.  Or…something else.  We’ll see!

Point is, you can vision board until you’re blue in the face.  You can watch inspirational videos and messages every day, three times a day.  You can access your intuition and take action, all day long.  But the one thing you don’t want to do is be so specific that you exclude the possibility of:

Something better than you thought of;

A miracle (A Course In Miracles definition, or the standard variety);

Or such an unexpected solution that you want to slap yourself in the head because you didn’t think of it yourself!

The Universe can and does provide such unique solutions – all of the time.  Why not for you?

It feels like something has set the wheels in motion.  I suspect it has a whole lot to do with changing my mind.

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