Near Death Experiences and Life Saving Angels


Have you ever had a near death experience?

There may be more than one potential Exit Point for you in your Life Plan that you made before you were born.

Are Life Saving Angels Watching Over You…just in case you’re getting ready to screw up?

It does seem that some souls choose a very specific time when they plan to check out and move back into the world of Spirit.  These often come to light for those who planned a quick lifetime for a specific purpose.  Those are typically those who we feel “went too soon” or “died too young.”

On the other hand, we all know those who seemed like they “should” have died many times over, but somehow they “got lucky,” right?

You’ll often hear of very close calls where people inevitably comment,”I guess it wasn’t his time!”  That may literally be true.

Our angels do protect us and pull us back from the brink when we’re about to do something that might take us out before we’ve accomplished our goals that we planned before we were born.

How Many Close Calls Do You think You’ve Had?

You have probably had far, far more opportunities to pass over than you even have an inkling of.  Still here?  There’s a reason for it.

It might start as an intuitive whisper, an idea that pops into your mind.

“Unplug the toaster.”

“Wait a few seconds and look left for trucks before you go.”

“Change lanes.”



You know all of those times when you just had an impulse “out of nowhere” to stop what you are doing or change your mind?  Those are your angels or guides, stepping in.

You have no idea how many times you’ve been saved already.

Where Do We Go When We’re Unconscious?

What about the times when your life plan bumps into a potential Exit Point but there is a choice?  You have free will.

Or, if your plan was particularly difficult, you might go unconscious or be on life support and get a chance for your soul to revisit the spirit world to check in and give you another chance to say yay or nay.

Anytime you have surgery and you are “out” you may also get a chance to see the other side.  This doesn’t necessarily mean there’s any chance that you’re going anywhere other than back to your body, but there might be a reason why you need to visit.

My first experience with the other side came when I was about three or four and was having my tonsils out.

I remember it clearly, even though I don’t remember much else from that age.  I was in a place where there was light, and a column of souls on my left and my right.  They were sort of grayed out and moving around.  I remember being scared but being told not to be, that nothing would harm me.  I didn’t feel like myself.  I didn’t feel like a three-year old. I remember thinking that it all seemed pretty familiar but I couldn’t figure out why I was there then, the timing seemed wrong and I didn’t seem like the “me” I was supposed to be while I was there.

I opened my eyes and my father was sitting bedside, reading the newspaper.  When I saw him, it was like I was bolted from one reality to another.

Do Your Close Calls Repeat Patterns?

Later on I almost drowned while I was at the Jersey Shore with a boyfriend and his family.  I just got caught in the undertow, and it wasn’t dramatic.  I didn’t have to be resuscitated or anything.  My boyfriend and his brother just picked me up and dragged me out.  The top of my one-piece bathing suit was ripped off, but other than being a little embarrassed about that, it was a no harm, no foul situation.

What impressed me about it was the utter peace and calm I felt while I was being turned over and over in the water.  I wasn’t worried about dying, even though I knew I would if no one fished me out.  I did what they said to do, don’t fight it, just go with it and let it spit you out, but I didn’t necessarily think I was going to make it.  Why didn’t that bother me?  Why didn’t I panic?

I have this love affair going with the ocean.    I feel out of sorts when I live somewhere that is landlocked.  I have spent most of my life on the East Coast.  I don’t have to even see the ocean for years, but I have to know that it is there if I need it.  There is no logical reason for this.  When I lived in California I went to the ocean and had to look in the wrong direction for sunrise and sunset.  Obviously, there is no “wrong direction” but there is a wrong direction in my system.  There is nothing logical about this, it’s visceral.

When I flew to Hawaii from LA for work I almost had to have the plane turn around when it was hour after hour of all water, no land.  When I arrived, I felt very vulnerable on what felt like a tiny speck of land within a vast ocean.  I have never felt such anxiety.

I wonder if I drowned or was eaten by some unfriendly sea creatures in past lifetimes based on my association with the water!

When I became a mother, my son was not a fan of water and screamed bloody murder through all of his baby swim lessons (he loves it now and is like a clumsy fish).  We went to a pool party for one of his friends.  The family had just installed the pool, and the contractors forgot to install the safety bars under the grotto area, where the water comes pouring down from above in heavy buckets.  There is no side of the pool to grab on to.  There is a place to sit down, in an alcove past the pouring water.

Like a fool, I thought it would be fun to take him over to the underwater bench seats, but I had bad timing.  On our way, the water poured on our heads, which I didn’t know it could do.  My son panicked and started climbing up my body and over my head (where he thought he was going, I don’t know, but he was GOING).  His body was hanging over the top of my head and his hands were around my neck.  I knew I was too weak to get to the side.  I started to lose consciousness.  I looked up from under the water and saw all of the people right nearby, just feet away, and I couldn’t get anyone’s attention.  I tried to throw him off of me so I could get my breath and save us both, but he wouldn’t go.

THAT’S when I started to panic, because I was thinking very calmly and rationally that my husband and my infant son were inside the house, and they were going to come out to find the two of us d-e-a-d, just floating, surrounded by twenty people having fun all around us.

I really didn’t care if I died, but there was no way in hell I was going to let my son drown.

I bent my knees and jumped out of the water as high as I could and yelled,”HELP!”

It came out like a croak.

There was another Dad standing outside of the pool area, just looking around, and he happened to see me.

He asked,”Did you say help?” a little uncertainly.  I popped up again, shook my head (and son) “yes” and said,”Help!” again.

He walked over and pulled my son off of me with one arm like it was nothing.

I stood there for ten minutes, still in the water, just gulping air like a fish on land.  No one really thought it was possible to have such an emergency in such a benign situation, but I had just given birth a few months ago and I was weak as a kitten.  Even if I hadn’t been, pre-schoolers have an amazing capacity to develop Popeye-like strength when they are in a panic.

The only other time I remember being close to checking out was when I was home alone once when I was maybe nine or ten, and I started choking.  I actually had to give myself the Heimlich using the back of a chair.  I was pretty panicked during that one!

Have you ever had an experience when you were near death?  Have you ever glimpsed the other side during those times?  Have you ever most certainly been saved by listening to your gut instinct or hearing a voice?

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Photo credit: Me – beautiful double rainbow over my house this week!