Authenticity Within and Without?


I really wanted to record a video, but my webcam decided to go undetected.  I figure it’s the goat’s fault, since he has pushed my laptop off the table.  I decided to record audio for you, so it’s your choice…listen or read.   No, it’s not a transcript, but it is generally on the same topic.  The audio is a little more colorful.

Is the “you” in your head the same as the “you” you project out into the world? How do you know it’s consistent? What signs might you get if it isn’t, and why does it matter?

Does authenticity matter?

Those of us who work at home don’t always see too many people during the course of the day.  That’s generally just fine with me, but there is a limit.  People kept pointing out to me that I was isolated. I decided to set my intention to get out more into the community.  Sure enough, I started running into acquaintances everywhere – at the gym, the grocery store, the gas station, Costco.

Then one day a mother from the school came over because she needed an old-fashioned object that most modern people don’t have anymore, but those of us who live in the woods still have…a phone line.  So I assured her she was welcome to come on over and make use of it, and it was nice to see her and actually have a visitor during the day unrelated to my husband’s business.  Some days it’s Grand Central Station over here, but it’s pretty rare to get someone I actually enjoy seeing.  See, people were coming to me now!

I thought I was doing a good job of being friendly.  I spoke to people, I said hello, I smiled.  I used to just go out and get things done.  I am always thinking about something.  Some might say I wander around with my head in the clouds or am just generally unobservant.

You might think that sounds funny coming from an intuitive.  Don’t I actually know a whole lot about people?  Well yes…and no.  It’s kind of like not seeing the forest for the trees.  When you live in your head as much as I do, you get hyper-focused on ideas and problem solving, so you can miss a lot of what is actually going on in the world around you.  It’s kind of hard to get an intuitive download at the same time as you’re doing other things.

Then I noticed that just about every time I saw someone I knew, they had to get my attention.  I didn’t notice them first.  They brought messages about my kids, things their kids had told them about my kids that I didn’t even know about.   I ran into someone in the gym this morning and I said,”Funny I’ve been coming here for years and we’ve never run into each other before.”  She said,”That’s because you’re walking around like this,” and she lowered her head to the ground.

I’d just been patting myself on the back about how much more attention I was paying to people out in the world!  Someone had made a suggestion that we just try smiling at five people a day, and I thought that might be hard.  I decided to count.  That day, I needed new tires, and I realized how I was automatically smiling at people and talking to them, so without even trying I had eight done in half an hour.

I’ve been told by several people lately that the me they read about on these pages is unrecognizable compared to the me they know in real life.

“Wow, wouldn’t know you.”

“If I didn’t know you were the same person, I wouldn’t believe it.”

“I read your blog.  You’re a psychic?  What do you mean, you’re psychic?”

“I thought I knew you.”

I really had no idea there was such a discrepancy.  It’s not like I try to hide it – my name is on the blog.  True enough, I don’t bring it up in casual conversation, either.

Then I had two experiences, one after the other, where I wasn’t being heard.  The people both know what I do.  They both brought me problems and asked for my intuitive advice.  I proceeded to give them a live reading.  The only thing is, they didn’t realize that’s what I was doing.  I suppose they thought what I was saying was my personal opinion, rather than information downloaded from spirit, because after chatting for some time, each of them asked me,”So, getting anything for me?”

I was nonplussed.  I wanted to say,”Yes, everything I just said for the last twenty minutes!”

I wondered what they were expecting?

Then I realized, just like we sometimes don’t see ourselves as others do, we also sometimes don’t take in what spirit is telling us.

Even if…we know we’re talking to a psychic.

Even if…we’ve asked our spirit guides for a sign.

It still doesn’t seem to cross our minds that what another person tells us is often the answer to our question…delivered from spirit through another person.

It’s not always Joe Shmoe’s advice we’re getting.  It’s not always Julie, Just Another Mother At The School.  Imagine that – you have no idea who I am other than I’m some kid’s Mom.  You bring up a problem and I tell you what your spirit guide told me to say.  Except I don’t say it’s from your spirit guide.  I just give you the answer.  I, Julie, happen to usually know what’s my advice and what came from spirit, but a lot of times people don’t realize where the information comes from…they just say what popped into their head.  Some people are more conscious than others, but how many of us are going to say,”You know, I’m psychic, and your spirit guide just told me to tell you…”  No!  We’re never going to do that.

So…just for this week, maybe start to wonder about how you are perceived in the world.  Has anyone mentioned a discrepancy to you?  Do you keep “all of you” a secret?  Are there some major pieces that you just don’t share?  And when someone gives you advice, do you “consider the source” and discard it, or do you maybe not even know who the real source is after all?