Begin As You Mean To Go On

Milton Avery: White Rooster

Milton Avery: White Rooster

I love this British phrase,”Begin as you mean to go on.

Actually I love all things British, specifically in the written word such as P.G. Wodehouse.  But it was an American who best captured the way I felt about 2012:

A wind has blown the rain away and blown the sky away and all the leaves away, and the trees stand. I think, I too, have known autumn too long. – e.e. cummings


Last year was a 9 Personal Year for me, so now I am sitting just one day into a 1 Personal Year.  Translated, last year was to wrap up the previous 8 and this year is for fresh starts and new beginnings.

It just so happens that last night, on the first night of the new year, I ushered in three Traveling Angels for a five day stay.  It “was coincidental” that they happened to be due at my house on this day, sent from a friend and to be sent on to three more friends once they leave here.

So I had to tell my husband not to disturb the altar, which means I said,”I know you don’t believe in this stuff but I just want you to know that there are some angels coming to stay with us for five nights so don’t eat the apple sitting on the fireplace.”

To which he rolled his eyes, expressed the wish that I hadn’t given him so much information, and finally admitted,”Yeah, okay, I probably would have eaten the apple.”

If you are an email subscriber you saw that in the last few days of the year I (finally!) managed to get out my first newsletter, which was actually a rant against New Year’s Resolutions and year end “special offers.”  To that end, I made one myself – I wrote a lengthy series of Prompts for you to fill in the blank, and I named it The Get Real Guide To Life and Love – The Antidote To New Year’s Resolutions and Messing Around.  In the newsletter I shared the one secret thing I know about you, sent out the guide to everyone who wrote to me, and offered a low cost reading as a reward to those who were willing to put in the time and effort to answer your own questions.  The readings are being booked through January 8 so you have a few moments left if you would like one, too. If you want your free copy just join the email list and let me know that you want it!

On Facebook I share all of those little epiphanies that roll in from Spirit, as they roll in, the latest of which is:

Important! Please make sure you “close out” your old year before you start planning the new one and falling into the “fresh start” energy. You can write a journal entry, make a list of what happened, observe the things you experienced, and think about what your role was. Remember that everything happens for a reason and you create your reality…so spend a little time contemplating why certain things showed up and others didn’t.

I am doing a lot of guest posts and interviews around and about this month, specifically for Elle at Reflecting A Life, Angela Artemis at Powered By Intuition, and Joy Holland at Facets of Joy.   Michael Pierich of The Healed Spirit will be interviewing me on his show and I’ll be doing live readings.  So as they are published and happening, I’ll be sure to let you know.

So that is how I mean to go on.  If this year is a set-up for the eight that follow, there will be no playing small.  I have some big plans and dramatic changes in the queue – and I am taking note of the things that should have ended last year, but didn’t.

There is something else that I see looming, and that is the resolution to some very old problems.  So to counteract that I plan on laughing my way through 2013 as best as I can.  Since life is unpredictable and I don’t know how much laughter (other than self-created) will actually flow into my life, I am going to carry P.G. Wodehouse in my pocket because his Jeeves and Wooster books are legendary and hilarious and it’s been long enough since I last read them.  If you have not read them, all I can tell you is that whatever poor souls I encounter who missed him somehow in their youth, never stop thanking me for the recommendation.  His way of being is so wonderful; I wish to take a page from his book:

“When I first went to see him, I telephoned P. G. Wodehouse and asked for directions from New York to his house on Long Island. He merely chuckled, as if I had asked him to compare Euclid with Einstein or attempt some other laughably impossible task. “Oh, I can’t tell you that,” he said. “I don’t have a clue.” I learned the route anyway, and my arrival for lunch, only ten minutes late, seemed to astonish him. “You had no trouble? Oh, that is good. That’s wonderful!” His face beaming at having in his house such a certified problem-solver, a junior Jeeves almost, he led me without further to-do to a telephone, which he had been dialing all morning in a futile effort to reach a number in New York. He had, of course, done everything right but dial the area code, an addition to the Bell system that had somehow escaped his attention since he had last attempted long distance. He was intensely pleased when New York answered, and I sunned myself in the warm glow of his gratitude for the rest of the day. All of which is by way of saying that Wodehouse, who lived four months past his ninety-third birthday, had discovered his own secret of long life: he simply ignored what was worrisome, bothersome, or confusing in the world around him.” – Gerald Clarke at

 I love how you all so willingly walked down Memory Lane with me in your responses to The Get Real Guide.  I read every one (secret: I tend to provide a little intuitive feedback if you send them back to me).  Some of the questions are designed to trick your brain into remembering what you’ve forgotten – lost dreams, life purpose, and joys long forgotten and buried under the rug of your subconscious.  So, hint hint it’s an exercise worth doing, especially if you are feeling lost, directionless, overwhelmed or purposeless right about now.  Definitely get a reading if you are one of those who are consumed with the idea of,”What is my Life Purpose??” because I have the answer!  I also included the best question ever for those of you in relationships and marriages.  Your answers to those and the dream sequence are fascinating, and I love how you so charmingly answer your own questions.  Of course it’s always hardest to see our own selves in ourselves, so that’s what I’m here to help you with.

About one million people have wished you Happy New Year by now, but I want you to pause for just a second and think over how many of your recent years have truly been happy.  How many more moments of actual happiness could you have had if you’d intentionally tried?  A lot!  At a later date I’ll tell you more about the actual energetic changes that are going on right now, but trust me, they are wild.  This is the easiest time I’ve ever had at having Spirit just hand me the answers to questions, it’s like they are so close I don’t even have to meditate, they are standing right next to me.  So tap in to that power by choosing to live more joyfully in each moment.  The joy quotient raises your ability to access that knowledge and get the message.  Plus, it’s fun!  Even in moments of stress and uncertainty, just attempt to step back a moment mentally and decide to simply observe the moment.  Sometimes that alone just makes life funny.  And have a happy new year!