Signs From The Universe or Just Ghosts Reprise | Is My House Trying To Kill My Children?


This is where I type to you from, but you may decide I need to move

 No matter who you are or where you are, you’re never alone.  Your spirit guides and angels are with you, for one thing.  But then, sometimes there is something (or someone) a little extra.

This is an update to one of the posts that didn’t make it over to the new website.  The impetus is a creepy thing that happened in the boys’ bedroom last night.  Those of you who read the previous article can jump right down to  My House Ambivalence Has Set Off The Ceiling Fans?

A Ghostly Welcome To The Neighborhood

 When we first moved into this house, I noticed that there was a really strong smell of flowers in the pantry.   The kind of flowers that I am allergic to, that cloying smell that might be carnations.

The pantry is huge, like a small room, and it happens to be in what Feng Shui folks would refer to as the “heart” of the home.  I assumed that one of the little boxes the previous owners had left behind must contain my flower scent.  I climbed up on a chair and went looking for it, and found nothing.  I opened the adjacent door to the back yard, which is woods, thinking it made sense that it could be coming from there, but how could it be IN the house?  Then the smell went away and I forgot about it.

Until it came back.  That’s the thing about smells, they aren’t supposed to be here today, gone tomorrow and back again next week.

Hmmm.  I had been listening to a psychic radio show and the host mentioned that sometimes you’ll get messages from “the other side” in the form of smells, pennies turning up, electrical problems, and more.  So I thought to myself,”Whoever this is, they don’t know me, because otherwise they would know this would kill my allergies.”  That made me a little uncomfortable.  If it’s a sign from someone I know who’s passed, that’s OK I guess, but someone I don’t know…well, that’s not too comfy of a concept.

All of these years later I happened upon a book that explains some phenomena like this, and they referred to the exact scenario I experienced.  The message was,”Welcome to your new home.”  Aha!

 Who’s Waking You Up In The Middle Of The Night?

I noticed that I was waking up every day at the same exact time, 3:13 am.  The time between 3 and 4am is better known as The Dead Hour.  Guess why?  That’s because it’s the most active time for visitors or ghosts to be prowling about and wake you up.

 I explained it away until I started hearing footsteps.  They were so clear that I was absolutely sure that I was going to turn around and find my husband standing behind me.  I started really getting alarmed when it happened night after night and there was no actual live person walking around.  It followed the same path every night, from the bedrooms through the kitchen and out past me in the living room.

 Electrical Problems Can Mean Paranormal Activity

 One morning I was sitting outside on the porch here at my laptop at around 5am.  From here you can see every room in the house.  The lights were going on and off in the boys’ room.  I went in, expecting to find the two year old standing on the toy box and flipping the light on and off.  Nope.  My kids were in bed, sound asleep, and the lights were just going on and off, on and off.

It happened a few other times in the next few weeks.  I’d turn off the flickering lights and they’d turn them back on. 

 Just now as I was starting to write about it, the surge protector for our computers and wifi went off.  That’s happened for a few weeks now.  It just goes off in the middle of the night, starts buzzing, and you have to push a little button to turn off the siren sound and get it to reset itself.  Usually this happens with the frequent power outages here in the woods in the summer when it’s hurricane season.  But this morning for the first time, every time I pushed the little button it would start blaring again.  I guess that’s death to my elderly surge protector.  But since there are no coincidences, I’d say it might be something more.

 My House Ambivalence Has Set Off The Ceiling Fans?


It has fallen on me to deal with banks, lawyers, and realtors since we cannot afford to stay here without my big salary, which seems to have gone the way of the dinosaur along with many other people’s full time gig.  Naturally, none of those paths has led to any resolution.  

Eventually it became clear that it would cost more to move than to stay, since we need a place to live as well as a place to run my husband’s business.  The house’s current value is about 1/3 of what we bought it for, and so that’s a problem.  It’s also possibly the largest house on the face of the earth that actually only has two bedrooms.  It also has a 2,000 square foot garage.  Which no one but us seems to want at any price.   

I don't know, would you buy this place? I kind of like it...

I have had a few readings done and I usually ask about the house and finances, because I am ambivalent about it.  I hate to see us flush all of our sizable investment, and there are things I really love about the place, but on the other hand there are many reasons why I might just want to lessen our financial burden and start over elsewhere. 

Every time I got a reading, people would tell me things like:

“I don’t know what’s wrong here but I just don’t see anything in your chart that says financial disaster and loss of home.  It doesn’t make any sense to me.”

“There’s a 50/50 chance that you will keep your home.  I don’t really see you necessarily losing it.”

Logically, those things made no sense, but the Universe being the Universe, one never knows.  I started to reframe my thinking about it.  We had someone offer to help us which might give us a way to negotiate with the bank.  If that happened, perhaps it would make some sense to stay.

Then, the house started trying to kill the kids.  Possibly.

The little guy was sitting in the living room when a single blade fell off the ceiling fan from 18 feet up in the air and landed a couple of feet away from him.  It was on at the time.  I figured his angels were watching out for him and that’s why his head wasn’t splattered somewhere without the rest of his body.  That was a couple of months ago.

Last night, the kids were messing around with putting a stuffed bear on the fan from the top of their  bunk bed and turning the fan on high to see it flying around.  The whap whap whap of the chain hitting the fan base drew my attention and I gave the boys a lecture on how it wasn’t safe and the swaying of the fan should have given them a clue.  I reminded them about the living room fan incident.  I turned it off.

About an hour later we heard a BOOM come from their room.  Sure enough, one single fan blade had come off and flew across the room while my eldest was in bed.  It didn’t hurt him but it scared him.

My husband the contractor went in to have a look and came back saying,”Would you tell your ghosts to stop trying to kill the kids with the fan blades?”  My husband does not believe in a single thing I do here, so I thought that was odd.  I explained that the kids had been messing with the fan.

My husband looked right at me and said,”No.  YOU don’t understand.  The bolt came off of both fans in the same exact way.  They have been up there since 1984.  In all my years of dealing with fans I have never seen that happen before.  It just doesn’t happen like that.”

Coming To The Conclusion That It May Very Well Be Ghosts

I was writing a Facebook comment about this when I looked up into the french doors, which are glass.  I thought I saw something moving inside the living room.  I often think I might have seen something out of the corner of my eye, but usually dismiss it.  Then I watched in the glass as a full size figure’s reflection was walking behind me.  Have I mentioned that as I sit outside here on the porch, I am 8 feet up in the air as the house is elevated?  And there is nothing behind me but screening? 

So, readers, I ask you – signs from the universe or just ghosts?  Is it a warning to leave?  This is just a sampling of the many, many things that have happened here, most them odd but not scary, creepy, or outright dangerous. 

Have you ever had a similar experience that you couldn’t explain?  

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