Transitions | The Three Year Hiatus Is Over

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It’s official.  After a three year hiatus from my day job as an insurance broker, I’m going back to work.

This wasn’t something I planned.  It just fell into my lap after a quick series of blessings from the universe which wrapped up everything that had been suspended in mid-air since I left my last job.

Just the idea of having to go to work every day has already made one thing happen.

It has brought back my sense of efficiency.

Bing, bang, boom – the second I knew I was going to agree to accept the job, the signs from the universe glaringly obvious that this was an important choice and now was not the time to go all free will on it, I started snapping to, cleaning up, filing papers, making appointments, and generally getting back on the stick.

I think this is the idea.

Nothing like a little time crunch to make one get going.  Sometimes “all the time in the world” is way too much time,

Sure, I really had three jobs – I worked for my husband, I worked at A Clear Sign doing intuitive readings, and I took care of the myriad things that a house, two little kids, and far too many pets require.  It’s not like I’ve rested.  I always had “way too much to do.”

It is one of life’s great ironies that after three years of disuse I just moved all of my suits and heels out of my closet and into storage, deeming them a useless waste of space.

It was like last week when my son suddenly started to capture bugs in Tupperware, thereby killing them.  I went in search of the kid bug trapping gun – finally a chance to use it! – and the batteries has rotted it from the inside out, rendering it useless.

Now I find myself with just a couple of weeks to organize myself (seems the suits have magically shrunk these last few years whilst hanging in my closet, hmmm), husband’s business records, and children’s schedules to hand them over to someone else to try to manage.

How do you handle transitions from one phase of your life to another?  Is it graceful or do you kick and scream your way through until you make peace with it?

I was just as surprised to find that suddenly everyone wanted to hire me as I was on the day I was unhired three years ago and set out into The Land of What Now.

I had some warning this would happen (spiritually speaking, not “obvious evidence” speaking).  I kept pulling a Tarot card that said I was in for a long rest.

That rest wasn’t a couple of weeks of needed vacation, it was over three years of spiritual pursuit.

Apparently I learned what I was supposed to learn for now, because since May everything happened quickly and furiously, one major thing after the other, and the signs were crystal clear.

You know the 5 stages of grief made famous by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross: Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance?  When you’re faced with the reality of death or some other undesirable fate like a divorce or a job loss,  you go through them.  Eventually you adjust and fall into a different pattern.  Then when things transition again, you can experience some or all of them once more.

Back then, my identity as the family breadwinner was o-v-e-r.  It didn’t matter that I’d done it forever, and that I always expected to be able to do it.  I couldn’t get a job bagging groceries.  Pinky swear.

I had other work to do, I just didn’t know it.

And so I began a path of doing this work, writing about intuition, signs and synchronicity and doing readings for people as well as intuitive development training and mediumship.  You might think that was a 180 but it was what I was drawn to do, and I was good at it.  It came to me right away.  I didn’t have to study it for 25 years – it was just “there” one day, as if it had always been waiting (it probably had).

“You Can Manifest Anything” Just Isn’t In The Cards

They say you can manifest anything, but I don’t believe that.  It seems to me that we follow our paths and there is some element of Fate involved, with restrictions as to what we can accomplish while we go around exercising our free will.

Not everyone who sings in the shower will make a living with a band, and those who become rock stars are few and far between.  Some people are truly meant for greatness, if what you consider greatness is fame -which I don’t, although I am really glad they made the music they did for all of us to enjoy!  If you think about most of the musicians and singers you’ve heard of, they do have their stories, don’t they?  And a lot of them are dead far before what they probably hoped was their time.

Do you REALLY think you can manifest, be and do, ANYTHING?

Can you be a surgeon?  A mime? A car mechanic?

Do you even want to?

Probably not.  There are things that are for you and things that are not in your life’s plan.  We realistically figure out what those things are, and move toward our joy.  We know it when we feel it.

My point is, sometimes we do what we do for the sheer love of it – and in that action we serve ourselves and others benefit.

Your moral compass will pop up and bang you on the head if what you’re doing is too sleazy for your soul.  You set your bar for what you can live with and what you cannot.

While I was surprised that all of this action transpired when it did, I realized that it was completely necessary even if it turns out to be temporary.

Making Choices Or Following Intuitive Guidance?  Or Is It All The Same Thing Sometimes?

I asked my guides to chime in and show me why going back to work was the wrong choice.

Know what I heard?  Crickets.

I don’t operate in the world the same way I did before my hiatus.

I will take you with me on my new journey.  You KNOW there are going to be some lessons in this!

Yes I did take down all of my Intuitive Services, except for the Psychic Sparks program, because I won’t have time to breathe let alone do intuitive readings!

You never know when your time to transition will be upon YOU.  Expect the unexpected, because things are really shaking up right now.

Who knows, maybe later on I will morph into the healer everyone keeps telling me I am.

I started this part of the journey to learn how to connect to my own spiritual team.  I felt in my heart that the lessons were more my own, and that whoever needed to come with me, whoever I was supposed to touch or help, whoever was on a similar path, would show up here.  That would be you.  So thanks for showing up and supporting me.

All I know is, the story is far from over and the goat’s still here.  So stay with me.

Image credit: h. koppdelaney