Help I Can’t Hear Or Sense My Spiritual Team, A Video Series

This week I’m answering a Reader question from Mary:

I don’t hear or sense my intuitive team at all.  I feel like I am talking to or posing questions in a vacuum.  So I am not sure if it is just that I’ve got too much clutter in my mind (a distinct possibility)?  I would love your thoughts on, presuming it is clutter, how to open up the lines of communication with my spiritual team.  If it isn’t clutter, what would keep me from hearing my own team?

This is a HUGE question.  I have just devoted an enormous amount of time and attention to covering this in my Intuitive Development Course.  It boils down to connecting with your own team as well as everyone else’s team (hint: the easiest way to connect to yours is to have experience connecting with other peoples’ teams!).

There is one simple, guaranteed, can’t miss it method to connect with your spiritual team.

Listen to the video to find out the secret.  I explain how you can start right this minute and know for certain that you have “made contact” and “gotten your answer” from your spiritual team within 3 days.

On a side note, you know how you energetically hang with people online who are your soul group, no matter where you and they might live in the world?  You may get along with some of them even better than you do with the people who are actually in your day to day, face to face life!

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Now on to the video about a never fail method to use to absolutely connect to your spiritual team.

It involves trust, clarity, and observation.  If you can manage just those three things, you will never again doubt that you indeed have a team, are absolutely able to make contact with them, and if you ask in the right way you will always get an answer.  Yes you are intuitive.  Yes your team does observe every single thing that you’ve ever experienced internally and externally.  Yes they are here to help you.  So let’s get to the connecting!