Psychic Sparks

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Psychic Sparks is:

  • A mentorship program where we work together, one-on-one
  • A professional level intuitive development course
  • A guide to knowing and working closely with your own Spiritual Team
  • A resource for  leading a divine life through intuition and expression of your Soul Purpose

The reason that I embarked on my journey of intuitive development and professional readings was that I was facing obstacles and I didn’t want to have to rely on someone else to connect me to my own Higher Self, Spirit Guides, and Angels.  I knew these entities were there, but I didn’t really know how to access them.  My attempts were usually through Tarot cards and asking for signs from the Universe as to whether or not I was on the right path.

I realized that part of my spiritual path was to discover what was really going on behind the scenes.  I felt like there was an obstacle standing between me and Spirit.  I wanted to shake it and say,”Obstacle, tell me your secrets!”

Getting a psychic reading from someone else acting as an intermediary between me and my own guides wasn’t enough anymore.  Maybe you’ve felt that way, too.

I’ll let you in on a secret – the best way to learn to access your own spiritual team is to work with other people’s teams.  In this way, you develop your own unique language with Spirit.

This course explains – in plain English – how I perform professional intuitive readings that are practical and help clients move forward in their lives.

It walks you step by step through the mystery, the magic, and the practical aspects of how to communicate with spirit and bring the information back down to earth and deliver it in practical way to your clients…or to yourself.  Miracles are in the eye of the beholder…but often it is that moment like in The Wizard of Oz when Dorothy experiences the Technicolor word of Oz.  Suddenly, you see.  The world that we suspect is all around us but invisible becomes, in essence, detectable.  There  is no denying that is there.  It is real.  It is magical.

No one can truly convince you that it is there until you experience it for yourself.

What you need is The Key.

That is what Psychic Sparks will deliver to you.

This course is for:

  • Practitioners of healing arts who want to meet angels, spirit guides, and feel the power of ascended masters
  • Those who want to learn how to give spirit guide driven readings for friends, family, or professionally
  • Writers
  • People who are being called into spiritual service

What’s inside?

A 100 page complete professional development course (with an additional 20 pages of my own anecdotal experience as a practicing psychic intuitive)

10 MP3s including a professional level Attunement to perform readings for others

Three mentoring sessions with me (one hour each)

What You Can Expect To Learn with Psychic Sparks

Many professional intuitive development courses are pendulum based or require you to be clairaudient (hear Spirit speaking to you).

Psychic Sparks is not that type of program.  It meets you where you are – beginner to expert – and allows you to use your primary gifts, whatever they are.

The main goals of the course are to have you understand how we humans interact with the spirit world, how you can personally (and safely) access the Universal Collective or Akashic Records on your own behalf or on behalf of others, and how to deliver messages to others in the spirit of their highest good.

In the course you will receive an attunement to the Universal Collective and meet your Conduit Guide who will assist you in retrieving information from the Akashic Records.

You will discover your primary Clair and learn how to develop your other Clairs and manage any empathic abilities.

You will learn the best methods for preparing, receiving and documenting intuitive guidance.

You will know the anatomy of a spiritual team and how to discern who you are communicating with at all times.

Psychic hygiene is completely covered to keep you safe in your intuitive practice.

You will learn who is on your personal spiritual team, how to manage and get help from your team, and what the best techniques are for talking with your guides.

Discover the chakra system, how to read auras, what aura colors mean, how astrology, archetypes and patterns can fit into an intuitive reading.

Learn what to do if negative entities or ghosts are present.

Learn how to use a pendulum, and what Tarot and Oracle cards can help with – and when not to use them.

Learn how to ask good intuitive questions.

And much more…such as how to manage readings for people who are close to you, how to process the changes you will go through as you learn to connect with Spirit, how to perform Relationship Readings, what coincidences really mean, what soul groups can tell you, how to manage being judged by your friends and family for doing this service work, how to differentiate between spirit guides and passed relatives, what a photo can tell you about a person, and how to tell the difference between your intuition, imagination and  ego.

Reviews and Recommendations of Psychic Sparks around the web:

Justin Mazza of Mazzastick

Angela Artemis of Powered By Intuition (contains an article all about the Attunement process)

Joy Holland of Facets of Joy (an interview)

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Testimonials from students of Psychic Sparks:

Julie did an intuitive reading for me and really hit home on important points.  Her responses to my questions were informative and helpful. If there was anything I needed clarification on she was more than happy to explain or reword so I would get exactly what I needed to hear, going above and beyond to make sure I got it.  Julie’s gift of Psychic Sparks got me started on the path to connecting with my own spirit guides and work on my intuition.  I highly recommend scheduling a reading or taking the Psychic Sparks course with Julie to develop your intuition and connect with your spirit guides. -Stacie Bebber

I recently purchased the Psychic Sparks program; I am astounded at the wealth of material within the course – both written and provided in the MP3 sections of the class. Julie is a capable, assuring teacher…her tone is upbeat, yet grounded. It is clear that in teaching these elements of psychic awareness and intuitive skill, she herself not only lives and believes what she teaches, but she wants her students to have the best experience for themselves – to find an everyday place for intuitive and psychic understanding.
The text is clearly outlined, with each chapter delving into topics thoroughly and plainly without being dour or too “outer/otherworldly”. I found the material informative, succinct and at times, entertaining. I will continue to use it as a resource.

Julie also has a talent as a mediation ‘leader’. Both the meditation for attunement as well as her cleansing/grounding meditation are easy to follow as well as engaging.

Julie has also done a reading for me. She is very capable in accessing information, and her selflessness is an asset as she helps clients answer their life questions as well as finding direction only spirit can provide. The reading she completed for me provided direction and comfort and gave me the springboard I needed to move into the next phase of my purpose. – Anne McCarrol

Julie’s Psychic Sparks Intuitive Development Program is dynamite (pun totally intended)! She covers a wide range of intuitive topics with a straightforward, down-to-earth approach that is really refreshing in this field. I found myself listening to some of the recordings multiple times, because they contained so much useful information.

As a fellow professional intuitive, I know the importance of the many issues she covers, such as grounding and centering, proper connection and protection techniques before giving readings, communicating with spirit guides, and working with clients successfully. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to begin an intuitive practice, as a business or just for your own benefit. You won’t regret it! – Jennifer Flint at The Aura Reader

The fine print:

This is an e-course – everything is delivered electronically.  You may print it out or read it online.

I will personally deliver Psychic Sparks to you via email once I have received your order.  At that time I will provide you with my personal email address and phone number.

International customers will have the choice of a video response to questions or email sessions, if phone sessions cannot be arranged due to time differences or cost.

You have a full six months from the date of purchase to complete your three mentoring sessions.


What can you do when you’re done with Psychic Sparks?

  • You can open or expand your own Intuitive Practice to include readings for others
  • You can be more fully you and begin to live out your dreams and goals with help from your spiritual team
  • You can move into a place of unfoldment where you continually work with who your soul is and what it calls you to do

I look forward to working with you and assisting you on this journey!

To participate in the program, checkout via PayPal and provide me with your name and the email address where you would like the course delivered, in the special instructions box. 

I will contact you with my personal email address and phone number at the address you use for PayPal if no other email address is given.

The Psychic Sparks Mentorship Program is $547 .00.



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