The Miracle in the Message


This summer has been full of minor miracles and tons of guidance.

Sometimes my soul prayer is just not in alignment with what the ego’s timeline would like to see manifest.

When we’re not getting what we want, how about looking at what’s showing up for us, which is the same as saying let’s look for the miracles.

There’s Your Agenda and Then There’s Spirit’s Agenda

I finally got to one of my doctor’s appointments and he listened to my complaints and said,”We’ll get you tuned up” like I am a car, and sent me away with prescriptions for four more tests and a followup to go over it with him at the end.

He admonished me for how long it had been and I couldn’t argue with him because he’s gone mostly grey since the last time I saw him.

At least I made it.  Year after year, when my girlfriend goes for her checkup, she’d text me to say “have you gone to Dr. Keith yet?!” and one time the two of them conspired and joke texted me back and forth, telling me to come in, already.

There have been some powerful moments this summer, and I am observing with greater frequency how, if I just follow the breadcrumbs, the answers are given and things unfold often quite synchronistically and beautifully.

We can miss it though if we are focused on manifesting something other than what’s right in front of our face unfolding.

If I am focused on work, I may not notice that all the messages that pop up in my own head, written right in front of my face, and from other people’s words, may be screaming “pay attention to your health!”

Makes sense, right? We won’t get too far if we get sick.

Sometimes the message is “sit down and REST” but we’re thinking about how we only have the weekend and we want to get out and have some fun.

I had some goals for the summer while my kids were away with their dad for eight weeks.  It was a list of some have tos and want tos and I’d betters.

Notice The Signs and Take Action Accordingly

The first thing that I noticed was that everyone I knew was away or out of commission.  Some with surgeries, some for work, but mostly literally out of reach.  It’s not hard to see the message there – look elsewhere, this is a dead-end for now and hanging out is not what you are meant to be doing.

I went for a lot of beach walks, some swims, and really began expanding on my Tarot work.  In addition to the group I’d been driving to, I went for a reading locally and connected with some group sessions and meetings that are happening much closer to home, with all new people.  No need for a babysitter, if it’s at 7 on a Tuesday night or at 4 on a Sunday afternoon, I can go, and I did.

It was truly powerful to see how I was beginning to learn, and it matters a lot who you are practicing with.

I observed one situation where a lady I like very much was so shut down and limited in her thinking that there could only be one meaning to a card, the position could only mean one thing in a spread, and she was alienating everyone at the table with her.

If there is one thing I at least think I know, it is that spirit sends messages in so many different ways, and sometimes we just have to be open to learning what we can for now and letting the rest drop in later.  But above all, be open-minded and flexible, and always listen very closely to what everyone else at the table says.  If your system argues back, you KNOW you have hit on resistance and you have to look at that.

Resistance and Congruence

You also have to be okay with another person’s resistance when you deliver a message they don’t want to hear, but you can do a lot to alleviate that sometimes if you just phrase the questions and suggestions in a nonthreatening way.

When I was at group this week I met some new people on Sunday and saw them again on Thursday.  One of them sat next to me, and we were told to be partners for a Tarot exercise.

It was one of those rare moments where everything just came together perfectly.  I am one of those people who will ask questions and at the same time, things are pouring in through my intuitive channels and also the Tarot cards themselves are speaking to me.  A few probing questions later, and we were both clear on the message and how hard he felt it would be to do what was being asked of him as his calling.

Or one step into his calling.

He said I was not the first person to say it to him, but that he usually doesn’t feel comfortable with most people, and how he wanted to sit by me as if when he entered the room, spirit told him where to sit.

I laughed and told him,”They just knew that I would tell you the truth! You weren’t getting out of here without getting the message!”

It was one of those blissful moments where there are just the two of you (and spirit!) in the room, and everything is so clearly handed to you on a silver platter at the right time and place.  You know the message and the other person can finally hear it in just the right way so it sinks in.

This is one of those moments on the path that I knew “this is where I belong.”

Everything felt just right.

On another occasion I had a moment with a dear friend who I was once involved with.  I was having a truly bad day, and instead of running away he listened and told me that I seemed frustrated.  This is not the kind of friend where you spill your guts and give all of the boring details, but it is the kind of friend where you can just tell him the bottom line truth and you know you will be heard.  I told him what a great friend he was, and he said he felt the same and that he tells me everything.  In this case that is truly a great honor and privilege I feel, because I know he doesn’t give out much in this way to too many.

…And Ghosts On The Ceiling

Then there was a new person who really frustrated and surprised me pleasantly, both.  He had been in love with a woman who died.

He had told me about her before, but as he said it this time I saw an energy pop up above his head and thought “oh crap, and there she is.”

I wasn’t sure if she disapproved of me knowing him or if she just was a negative energy, but I felt the immediate dark cloud and the drain.  I got the message that she is with him wherever he goes.

I told him I’d been to Tarot group earlier, and that is something I try to avoid telling most people.  Men in particular usually just roll their eyes at me. He surprised me completely by telling me he had once dated someone with (what I will call) an unusual belief system and shrugging his shoulders.

He surprised me further by engaging me in a philosophical discussion about belief systems, asked me if I thought it was true that “we meet people for a reason” (what I’d said) or if it could just be more logical than that, we meet them, we see what happens, we move on our way.  I said I think it’s both.  It just depends on your level of attention, whether it means anything to you or you notice it or not, but that my system works by putting all the puzzle pieces together after pulling them out of the air.


At one point I offered to some day do a reading for him if he wanted and he politely declined, saying he was quite psychic himself.

I don’t know, you guys, are you thinking at this point that I met him for a reason, because I sure was.

As he hugged me goodbye he turned to go and said,”That just got awkward.”  I asked him what did, I said I didn’t feel anything change.  Energetically or otherwise.  He told me that it had and said he was more psychic that I was.  I told him,”That, Sir, is quite a statement.”

Whether It Feels Good Or Bad, It’s There For A Reason

Why do some associations feel so wonderful, like in the Tarot group, and others feel more menacing, like a warning?  Is it the person themselves, their energy?  Is it the soul purpose of your association or soul appointment? It is your combined energy?  Is there a lesson from the past being brought to your attention again?  Or maybe something left unresolved from a past life that has come around to be finalized?

Beats me, maybe any or all of the above and a lot more.  The Virgo said to me the other day “everything happens for a reason” and I almost dropped my phone in surprise, hearing it come out of his mouth, of all people.

If you ask the Universe to show you what you need to know, as an open-ended question, it will show you.  If you formulate a question to ask the Universe, your question will be about the thing you are currently most attached to.

Maybe it’s better to forget about what has you obsessed, concerned, and flailing, and instead ask what you most need to know.  Then watch, because the miracles will start to roll out before you, and your arm will be grabbed as spirit uses you as a vessel and makes you a messenger for someone else.

Just watch how it works.