How I Connect With Your Spirit Guides and How You Can, Too

Recently I was asked to do a reading in person rather than by email.  The requester said,”I am a skeptic but I would like to be convinced.”

So, how do I convince you?  I’m not sure it can be done.

It’s struck me recently that there are so many people who already follow their intuition and their gut with regularity, have their eyes wide open to looking for, acknowledging and following signs and synchronicities but still they don’t actually exactly believe that they indeed have a spiritual team with them all of the time.  Or, they do believe it but they don’t know how to truly connect with their own team.

So the only way to really convince you, should you wish to have evidence, is simply to show you the ways that you can connect for yourself.

A reading can surprise you.  There may be things that I share with you that convince you I’ve been speaking with someone who knows all about you.  Sometimes I find that the results of a reading are received in an odd way, and I myself have been guilty of this: 99% of the reading makes sense to you, but there is this one thing that sticks out like a sore thumb, that doesn’t fit, and that makes a doubter out of you.

I am often amazed by the little miscues that can happen when you are the recipient of information.  Is the fault of the sender?  I’ve decided to branch out a bit and start doing readings in some ways that are new to me.  In the meantime I thought you might be interested to know how I do a full reading now, compare them to what you thought I did (or what you do if you are a practicing intuitive), and perhaps get an idea or two from it that would help you connect with your own guides.

How I Start Your Reading

There are two times of day when I am good for a reading, extremely early in the morning before any interference and in the haze of the late afternoon. I  already have your birth information and use this for running a computer program to locate your unique astrological chart.  This chart can be used to view your soul contract that you made before incarnating.  Essentially there is no other one like it.  I don’t always spend much time analyzing it from an astrological standpoint, it is more of a starting off point, a piece of your Akashic Record.

I do grounding, cleansing and breathing to begin, and whilst doing this I ask my Akashic Records Guide to connect me with your spiritual team.

From there I go down through the rabbit hole, landing with a thump (uh oh) or gracefully (oh good) at the bottom, to take the hand of my guardian angel.  Up we go through your body up to the top of your head.  While traveling, we can often observe the various parts of your body and will notice if there is anything unusual or that draws attention, a viewing of your chakras, so to speak.  Imagine your stomach gurgling or your heart thumping away.

Out through your eyes there is an airport view.  It may be busy or slow going, sometimes there are things to observe, sometimes not.

We’re looking up through the top of your head now and there is a crystal clear porthole opening at the top where my Akashic Records guide appears to let me know if your guides and angels are ready to meet with me.  Out through the top of your head, we’re taking a walk down a path and we may have a conversation about your team, an introduction.

A small doorway appears in mid-air.  I take a big step inside and shut the door behind me.  Here we are in my office, which consists of two wing back chairs and wall to wall books. The room is very small and cozy, the day is sunny, the wind blows through the trees outdoors.  There you are in the chair across from me.  I ask your team to assemble around you and to show me the place you most resonate with or that is most appropriate to view you in.

Most often, we are transported elsewhere.  Sometimes it is an actual place that comes through very clearly, sometimes it’s like we are in the middle of nowhere.  Sometimes your team is around you as clear as day, other times I will need to ask for your primary spirit guide to show me what he or she looks like and ask them for a name.  Sometimes guides will appear one by one under questioning, usually the guide who handles or knows the most about a certain area you have asked about comes through.  Other times I speak only to your primary guide, or even a transit guide, and have to ask them how many other guides and angels are present.  It really is different for everyone, and I am coming to believe a lot of it depends upon how open you are to a reading.

What Do Spirit Guides Look and Act Like?
Sometimes guides will take their time coming forward and will sort of warm up to speaking to me, other times they are extremely forthcoming right off the bat.  Guides can be very funny, especially the ones who present as from a long ago era rather than the modern day.  I am given a sense of your team’s personality and the way that they interact with you by the way they make me feel.

They may look like anything, really.  I’ve been told they show themselves in a way they believe will resonate with you or from a time period or lifetime that was of significance to them.  Sometimes they just look like this:

I have had times where I’ve been shown a painter, an indian, and explicit scenes of the person I was reading for, all in pictures.  Other times I don’t see any guides but am told everything, like unspoken hearing (you hear the words in your head but there is no noise).  Often I am given a feeling, like shivers up and down my back or a feeling I’ve just been enveloped in a warm blanket or am pleasantly being closed in upon, right before anyone appears in visual.  Those are the times I usually see angels as well.  I’ve been greeted by an enormous room full of entities appearing for you.  Sometimes it is like having a board meeting in a corporate office but usually it is fewer than ten and most often I only speak with one to three of them.

Why Do I Ask You For Three Questions?
We need to focus the reading.  I’ve asked you for three questions so that I have a sense of your concerns and what you are hoping to find out about.  There is a lot I can pick up from the tone or style of your question as to how you presently feel about it.  Usually I will get a gut response to whether or not I feel you have a reason for it, and I always take the opportunity to ask your guides what they can tell me about your question or concern.

Angels generally do not communicate or interface with me directly.  I once had a reading where a spirit guide was speaking and was joined by a woman who started arguing with him.  I am still not sure who the woman was.  Rest assured that spirit guides do not argue with one another.  Nonetheless suddenly an extremely strong presence appeared and broke it up…an angel, I am fairly sure, based upon appearance (size) and behavior.

After I am done with my questions, I always end by asking what your spiritual team would like me to communicate to you.  This generally begins a quick succession of words, pictures, and images.  This is where I will often get a picture of a deceased relative or friend, which can be hard to distinguish from a human spirit guide.  It is sometimes hard for me to know how exactly all of this ties together, especially when my own guides are doing the translating.  That’s right, I always ask for my own guides to be present and to help me with any translation that might be needed, and since everything flows through a variety of sight, sound, and feeling, it is not always clear precisely where it is coming from – I imagine I may figure that out better over time.

When I’m certain there is nothing else, I cut the cords to your energy, blow out the candle (literally or figuratively) and go do something completely different for a while.  I do get some things in over the next few minutes sort of trickling in sometimes.  Everything is written down in long hand as I actually do this mostly with my eyes closed as if in meditation, and then I assimilate it later.

Jumping the Gun

There are some of you who SO want an answer or whose guides are ready and chomping at the bit to communicate as soon as you push the “send” button on your email to me, that I start getting messages in for you before I even know you’ve ordered a reading, or before I have sat down to do your particular reading.  It can be hard to know immediately who the message is for.

One day I was drawn for no apparent reason to a website on angel phylum, which is not something I was consciously thinking of studying that day, only to do a reading later that day that was a litany of angel names I had never heard of before – but now I knew where to go to look them up.

I’ve had readings where there seemed to be two completely unrelated subjects, but since I knew nothing about either, I’d google them, only to have the first link be an article which tied the two together in a neat package with a bow.  It is astounding what you can learn if you pay attention.  The one thing I was taught which I always endeavor to live by is to never, never exclude a single thing from the written report I provide, no matter how far fetched or kooky it may seem.

I don’t usually use Tarot cards, pendulums, dice, or other divination methods to answer your questions, but I will from time to time, especially if you ask a questions as to “when” something may happen.  That is always a tough questions for your guides, I suppose because they don’t seem to think of time in a linear fashion the way we do down here on earth.  The one thing I do at least half the time is to pull an angel card for you, which usually gives me a strong idea as to what your current challenges may be.

That is a bit of insight into how I do your reading.  Maybe there is something in it that you can use to help you connect with your own spiritual team.

 A true Spirit Guide is divine and sacred.  It’s power, wisdom and actions stem solely from the Holy Spirit of God.  – Manataka American Indian Council

Tune in next week when I will be taking your questions and providing a brief intuitive answer here on A Clear Sign and via email.

Image credits in order of appearance Juddzia and Fran Pregernik via Creative Commons on Flickr