Don’t Let Ascension Fool You Into Changing All Your Relationships

Is your life like this mailbox?

About a year and a half ago I was reading about Feng Shui principles.  At the time, I was looking for a regular full-time day job and having no luck getting replies.  The article said that if you want people to find you, check the visual on the front of your house and make sure the numbers on your mailbox are in good shape.

I hiked it to the end of the driveway to check.  Sure enough, one of my numbers was missing.  I found it on the ground and tacked it up with a thumbtack as a temporary measure.  Shortly thereafter, it disappeared.
I asked my husband to pick up some numbers, and about two months went by while they sat in the garage.  Nice, shiny new numbers. 
I went out to hammer them on properly and I noticed that the flag and the wooden box it was on were tilting. I tried to fix that too but it wouldn’t stay put.
I noticed that the mailbox itself was made in the style of the house, kind of like a mini-version.  A representation.  The man who originally owned and built the house probably also made the mailbox, back in 1984.  Funny, the tar paper roof of the mailbox had been pulled back by wind and was half off.  Also, I had developed a leak in my actual home’s roof.
A lot of you are probably thinking, well that mailbox is old as the hills, battered, and needs to go.  Replace it with something shiny and new.  Have your husband do it on a Saturday if you can’t do it yourself.
As it turns out, my husband has been working triple time for the last couple of years and almost never has an entire “day off.”  I wouldn’t want to ask him to do mailbox duty in those rare moments of peace.  And, if you’ve noticed, I’ve been kind of busy over here too, so I haven’t dived into the Easy Home Repair version of how to rebuild a mailbox (I can’t stand the shiny white ones that you can get at Lowes).
So, nobody is doing it.  The numbers are still there and they are still shiny, but the rest of it is a junk heap.  Theoretically, it’s representing the people who live here.
I had planned a completely different post for today but I got several messages about this during the week, so let me get to my point.
Honor The People Who You Live With and Who Love You
Remember the famous Dear Abby letter about a woman who wrote in complaining about her husband’s snoring keeping her up all night?  She was answered by another woman whose husband had died.  She said she really missed that snoring.  It’s amazing what is lost in a silent home.
Do Not Be Fooled By Ascension Into Dropping Your Loved Ones Like A Box Of Rocks
Some people have been learning about spirituality and intuition for decades.  Others began learning about spirit guides a couple of years ago.  Some only woke up last week.  There are many who seem to be involved in the process, and probably a million takes on what it all means.
However, there are many people who are letting themselves run away with the whole idea.  They get so interested in their spiritual development and running about in the ether that they forget what they are really here for.
What Are You Really Here For?
You can answer that on your own.  I am sure it’s as unique to you as a snowflake or a fingerprint.  But I will tell you what it is not.
It is not an opportunity to abandon your family because they don’t understand what you’re talking about.
Or, because someone told you that you have a “twin flame” or a “soul mate” and it’s not your marriage partner.
There may be some people out there who don’t have families per se, but it’s a rare person who is so isolated that they have nothing and no one.  Assuming you have some people who rely on you in one form or another, please see any clarity that you gain as an opportunity to enhance that relationship, maybe get more honest within it, and to continue to develop it and honor it as it is meant to be treated. 
I heard this song by Sting and Toby Keith this morning and it reminded me about the loss you face when you allow your marriage to fall apart or your children to go by the wayside. 
Seven weeks have passed now since she left me,
She shows her face to ask me how I am
She says the kids are fine and that they miss me
Maybe I could come and baby-sit sometime
She says, “Are you o.k? I was worried about you.
Can you forgive me? I hope that you’ll be happy.”
I’m so happy that I can’t stop crying
I’m so happy I’m laughing through my tears

I saw a friend of mine. He said, “I was worried about you
I heard she had another man, I wondered how you felt about it.”
I’m so happy that I can’t stop crying
I’m so happy I’m laughing through my tears

Saw my lawyer, Mr. Good News, he got me
Joint custody and a legal separation
I took a walk alone last night
I looked up at the stars
To try to find an answer in my life

I chose a star for me, I chose a star for him
I chose two stars for my kids and one star for my wife
Something made me smile
Something seemed to ease the pain
Something about the universe and how it’s all connected

The park is full of sunday fathers, and melted ice cream
We try to do our best, within the given time
A kid should be with his mother, everybody knows that
What can a father do but baby-sit sometimes?

I saw that friend of mine, he said, “You look different somehow.”
I said, “everybody’s got to leave the darkness sometime.”

I can’t tell you how many people I have heard from lately who want to leave their spouses, are having affairs, are looking for an escape route.  That’s “normal” I guess in the scheme of life – these things happen – but what is new and alarming to me is that spirituality and ascension are being used as justification for the dissolution and abandonment of family.
Let’s not get carried away with some cult-like nonsense.  Your life is meant to be LIVED and SHARED.  If you stink at it, get better.  You wouldn’t know you stink at it unless you were meant to take steps to fix it, right?
I took this picture of my mailbox this morning and I don’t mind you seeing it in all of its dilapidated glory, because I am honest about where I am in the process.  I enjoy – or maybe I should say, APPRECIATE – the fact that I have 12 creatures depending upon me to one degree or another, and that I’m in a constant battle to keep everything going.  I accept the parts that need a lot of work, and I celebrate the parts that were broken that now work well (even if they squeak sometimes).
If you don’t know where you are in the process and you think you may not even have shiny numbers, ask us –  because the people around here can see right through to the heart of the matter.
If you haven’t had to do much work and think you are in perfect shape and everything is wonderful, then get ready.  A lot of work is before you!  If your life falls apart on you, look it as an opportunity for growth, no matter how earth shattering and painful it may be.  You will come out the other side, eventually.
Those who are here to support you will do exactly that – support you.  They won’t encourage illicit affairs and abandonment.
From now on I don’t want to hear any excuses for marriages falling apart due to lack of effort or false beliefs.  No one woke you up specifically so you could get a divorce.  Really think about the impact of your “spiritual friends” on your actual, everyday life.  Really think about it. 

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