Are You Plugged In To The Universe?

Orb by Kyla Gunter

For someone who would like to be connected, it’s kind of thrilling to hear for the first time that you are in tune with and picking up on the universal intelligence .    Plugged in.  In the flow.  When you’re at that stage where you think you are not, someone actually has to tell you that you are, so you recognize it!

The funny thing about the acceleration that we are all seeing lately, is that you wouldn’t feel it if you weren’t plugged in.  So by definition, you are.

What I’m finding unusual is HOW everything is coming together.  It’s made me see that I’ve already forgotten how far I’ve come.  Things that were unknown last month or last year seem commonplace today, because that’s how fast the information is coming in.

One phenomenon that’s very evident is that so many more people are being slowly brought into the mix.  I have a several friends who I asked to be guinea pigs for my first intuitive readings for others.  They had no interest in or understanding of anything psychic; they were just being cooperative as my friends.  However in the last year, many have come to me with their psychic stories and experiences saying that they didn’t know who else to talk to, but just wanted to share or to have my opinion…and what might most surprise them is that manyother people are having the same experiences, but they just don’t talk about it for fear of being ridiculed, criticized, or labeled as crazy.

Here is one good test of whether you are plugged in:

Have you had an experience where the answer was so obvious to you, but to no one else, even the “experts”?  And you were right?  Did you feel a little nervous or odd and wonder if it was a true intuitive or psychic hit?  

There is a very obvious rhythm and flow to the way the universe works.  You will get to know and see it as you have repeated experiences.  Eventually, you will change the way you think about how you go about life.

I used to be thrilled when I did a reading and someone told me that they knew what I was talking about and when they validated the information that came in.  Now, I expect to hear it.  I had someone tell me this week that they once had a dream and the person in it looked, spoke, behaved, and had an attitude that was precisely the way I saw it.  Exactly.  She was surprised.  I was not.  It’s become so commonplace that I forgot what a thrill it can be from the other end.  The thrill is the knowledge of the connection – of being plugged in.

No matter how many friends you have or how busy your life is, most people simply long for connection that is more than that.  They long for the spiritual connection – and for others that have it too, and know what they are talking about when they try to explain it.  They long for someone to say,”Oh yeah, I get that too.”

 How much do you know?

Where are you an expert?

I have recently realized that I’ve forgotten what I’ve just learned.  I know that sounds ridiculous, but it’s true.  I spent twenty years working for corporations, a cog in the machine if you will.  I know all of the stories, all of the ways the machine grinds along, and I am okay with never doing that again.  Part of me likes it though.  Don’t groan at me – I really mean it! 

There is fun to be had in figuring out the puzzle of getting new business and making systems work.  They don’t work alone though, do they?  I knew my part.  Other people had their parts.  None of us knew anything about what the other one did, and yet all the parts meshed to create a legitimate result.   When I had to call IT over for help, sometimes they looked at me like, “Duh, how could you NOT know this?  It’s so simple!”  However, ask them to put together an insurance proposal for a global business, and I could “duh” them right back.

A great idea is to surround yourself with people who would “duh” you when you don’t know something.  By that of course I mean, explain it nicely to you! 

To enhance your life, hang with people who have something to teach you.  Find the ones who compliment your knowledge, not duplicate it.  We don’t all need to know every piece.  We just need to know OUR OWN piece.  We all need to be pushed.  We all need to see outside of the “what we currently know” box.  Seek friends, family and colleagues who know what you don’t and vice verse, and share.

Each time we show up to somewhere the universe leads us, there is a reason why we are being sent. 

Don’t just reject something out of hand because you don’t immediately agree.  Believe there is a purpose and try to find out why you are being shown a different way.  When you follow the bouncing ball, alert for signs and synchronicity, you will see guidance and brilliance is all around you as well as within. 

Coming soon, you will see people coming together to work together like never before.  They are being shown the way to get out messages that we all need to hear.  More honest, more transparent, more real.

Don’t be surprised to find yourself to be a part of it.