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I’m Julie Barrett, intuitive and teacher of spiritual development, signs and synchronicity.

A Clear Sign is about intuition and spirituality, especially signs and synchronicity – which are evidence of your own spiritual team speaking to you and providing you with guidance and protection.

Everyone is intuitive and has their own spiritual team.  

You are in charge of your experience and are able to access answers to your questions – it is just a matter of knowing how.

Would you like help to interpret the messages, synchronicities and “coincidences” that are A Clear Sign on your road toward spiritual advancement?

Do you want to know what your Life Lessons are and who you are at Soul Level?

Are you interested in looking at your challenges in a whole new light so you can move on and live a happier, healthier life in tune with your Soul’s Purpose?

Would you like answers to your questions and help making decisions?

Are you noticing signs and synchronicity with increasing frequency and wondering if they are really just coincidences?

Has your life recently been shaken to the core and you don’t know why?

Do you feel like you are experiencing Groundhog Day – you keep having the same challenges over and over again?

Are you in a relationship that feels like the same relationship you’ve had before – just with a different person?

Are you experiencing a steady stream of ideas but can’t quite manifest your dreams?

I’m here to help you answer life’s questions and learn to communicate with your spirit guides to access the guidance that is already within.

At A Clear Sign, you have a guide on your journey, from wherever you are right now.

There is a thriving community here for you to interact with – both of the seen and the unseen variety!

Delving into spiritual growth will improve your life dramatically as you learn to pay attention to the communication you receive from spirit and connect to the true you – your higher self – you, at soul level.

This is a completely practical, hands-on way of changing your life.  If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and find out all about you, who you are at core and how you can make dramatic and meaningful change happen in your life, please join me at the Blog

You can email me at Contact (at) julielangdonbarrett.com.


Effortless Joy - Share!Share on Google+0Share on Facebook0Tweet about this on Twitter0Email this to someone