A Clear Sign Live and In Person, A Video Series

I warned you all that you were in big, big trouble, right?

When my laptop broke, it was a blessing (or a curse – you decide!) in diguise because the new one came with a webcam.

Back in my insurance days, which incidentally are trying to suck me back in, Charlie was one of my favorite coworkers. Before we visited a client to do a presentation, he would always remind us:

Be brief, be brilliant, and be gone

Let’s face it, no one wants to go to meeting about their insurance.  They have a business to run.  So out of respect for your time, the video is blessedly brief.

Warning: I didn’t get all dolled up for it.  I didn’t even put makeup on for you (it makes my face itch).  I did it running between one thing and another and I didn’t edit a single thing.  I didn’t do any retakes.

This is NOT because I don’t love and value every single one of you.  Not at all.  It is just that this is who I am.  Exactly.

I wish I could have you all over for a big party (with a separate one on one for all of you introverts) but alas, you live all over the world.  So this is my shot at giving you a sense of the person doing all of this writing.  I think it’s especially important for those of you who will be working with me in the Intuitive Development Course – I guess it takes away any mystique that I might have hoped to have (ha!) but it does neatly answer the question: just who is this person anyway?

So this is exactly what it would be like if you came to my house for a visit.

And by the way, why is it that every blogging video ever made creates a screenshot that makes the person look as goofy as possible?  They always look like they have three chins or their mouth wide open or something.  As does mine – here you go: