Psychic Advice Column – Volume 1 – and a Contest

Guidance often sounds like that voice in your head


A Clear Sign says:   What do you get when you put together an Intuitive Healer and a Psychic Teacher?  A collaboration between A Clear Sign and The Daily Awe – our new psychic advice column.  

You asked for it – you got it!  No longer do you have to ping back and forth between us.  You get us BOTH.  Take it away, Lindsay…

Since we’ve known each other, fellow intuitive Julie and I forged a pretty cool connection. We can often sense when the other is having a bad day, even hundreds of miles away. We’ve done readings for each other. We’ve done readings for the same people. We’ve picked up on similar intuitive hits for mutual friends. We’ve been siblings and neighbors in past incarnations. Naturally, we’ve talked about working together. So here we are, launching our (for now) monthly column.

Julie is a born teacher and she’s a “tell it like it is”, no-nonsense advisor who can cut to the heart of the matter quickly to get you on the right path. If you want a direct message with some lessons packed in it, she’s your go-to. I’m a born healer, and I can use my hands and clairsentience to help you get on a path to healing whatever it is that needs that gentle touch.  Together, we’re one powerful intuitive duo, and we’re answering questions from a teacher’s perspective and a healer’s perspective, ala “Dear Abby” style.

Have a question you’re dying to have answered from two intuitives? Email us at! We’ll let you know in advance if your question is chosen for an upcoming published article.

Question: I’m having a hard time making a connection to my spirit guides. What do you do when your spirit guides won’t contact you?

If you’re having trouble communicating with your guides, you’re not the first to encounter this. Fortunately, it’s something that can be solved. Your guides aren’t giving you the cold shoulder. They haven’t forgotten you. And they certainly haven’t abandoned you.Your guides are always willing to communicate with you, maybe just not be in the way you expect them to be.If you’re having a little difficulty making the connection, here are a couple of tried and true tips.Self care: have you had any alcohol within the past 24-48 hours? Are you taking care of yourself and eating healthy foods that will make your body feel good?If you’re nursing a hangover and eating greasy bacon and homefries to cure it…well, good for you for having a good night out! But you’re probably not going to get too many clear messages from your guides.In my experience, I don’t get very good information if I’ve had a few drinks the night before, or if I’ve indulged in the double cheeseburger value meal from McDonald’s for lunch.Eat helthy. Stay away from mind and energy-altering substances like alcohol. Make sure your energy is clear enough and your vibration high enough for your guides’ messages to get through.Don’t be too hard on yourself. Let go of the worry that you’re doing it wrong.Easier said than done. But really, do yourself a big favor and stop being on high-alert waiting for your signs and answers all of the time. Believe it or not, you’re more likely to notice the signs and be open to the communication when you’re relaxed and not on edge waiting for it.There is no “wrong” way to get information from your guides. There’s not even a wrong way to ask for the information. But the best way to ask is just to simply talk to a friend.

And you really only need to ask once. You know when your friend or significant other pesters you to do something over and over and over again? How motivated do you feel to help at that point? Just once is (usually) enough to get your point across. They hear you, and they’ll do their best to help!

Lindsay’s tried and true method in moments of desperation:

Okay, so you’ve tried everything but you need an answer and you need it NOW. Ready for a quick solution?

Put your hand over your solar plexus chakra (right below your ribs).

Close your eyes. Take 5 deep breaths.

Think about what you would like an answer to or guidance for from your guides as you take your slow, deep breaths.

Ask your question and follow it immediately with “my guides say…” and then let the answer flow from your mouth (or through your head). Don’t stop to think about it. Don’t analyze it. Whatever comes through is your answer.

I just did my “moment of desperation” exercise a couple days ago and although I didn’t like what my guides had to say, I knew it was what was right for me.

What kind of person are you?

Are you a thinker? A feeler? Someone who always has a tune playing through her head? Your guides know what kind of person you are and what kind of language you speak. They’ll give you your answers and guidance in that very way.

Although everyone has a primary spirit guide, not everyone works primarily with that guide. Some people work closely with angels. Others work closely with groups. If you are having a crisis, you may be working with a different guide – a transit guide, here to help you for a time with just one area of your life.If the contact feels “different”, it could be because of changes in your spiritual team.If it feels like there is “no contact”, then that is because you aren’t perceiving it.You may not realize you are already in contact simply because your primary guide has been with you since birth and…their presence feels “just like you”, to you!Your spirit guides are always there with you. They haven’t deserted you.Spirit guides, as previously incarnated humans, communicate differently, just as we do. They have personalities and styles all their own.They also may communicate with you in different ways than you may be expecting.Therefore there are many ways to access their guidance and “know for certain” that you have received an answer.Be honest with yourself as to the reasons why you want to reach out to your team. Your guides are here for the purpose of putting you in spiritual touch with your mission, your plan, your Higher Self.When you want to establish contact, first make a statement of intention to do so, out loud. Think of it like meeting a new friend – you will take your time getting to know them. Of course they know who YOU are, but if you don’t know who they are, or know but have been having no answers, then just be as honest and straightforward, from the heart, as you can when you speak with them.

Make a bit of a ritual of it. Light a white candle. Take a few deep breaths, in for the count of four, hold for four, out for eight. When you’re ready, make your request to connect. Ask for signs to confirm that you have been heard (you have – but seeing the signs will really bring it home for you). Be specific as to what signs you would like to see or ask for a sign within the next day or two. Then, pay very close attention to the world around you.

Most people never see their spirit guides visually. Don’t expect to see them standing in front of you with the naked eye. Many of them WILL appear in your mind’s eye (what you see when you close your eyes, similar to a dream, but you’re awake).

Spirit guides may contact you through your most active or developed Clair – which can be your inner vision, your hearing, by feeling (in your gut, or with shivers down your spine).

They may respond through writing – try writing a letter to yourself, beginning with your question. Get in the zone by centering and grounding yourself first, take your deep breaths, and just start writing. When you do this, do not stop moving the pen until you are done.

They may send you messages through signs, number sequences, songs on the radio, other people, or (my favorite) by having you say the thing you most need to hear to someone else.

Messages can come through use of Tarot or other Oracle Cards.

Your spiritual team is in contact with you all of the time. If you aren’t perceiving it, try looking at the world through your Intuition Goggles. You must allow space for an answer to come through. Many times that is the silence of meditation or simply being in the flow of exercise. Make time to connect with your team in the quiet.


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