Two Intuitives Special Event and Facebook Contest Your Intuitive Questions Answered

Well if you haven’t been hanging out with me at A Clear Sign on Facebook then you might have missed the day when I asked Readers to send in their Intuitive Question to be answered here on the blog. (So come hang out with me!)

Today’s the day!

There will be no Thursday post since you all will be busy getting stuffed with turkey and ham.  Except my international readers, and for you all I can offer is I will be very busy in the kitchen that day since I am the cook!

Lindsay Curtis and I will be holding our next Two Intuitives Special Event – Connect With Your Spirit Guides and Angels.  The last event was a huge success – twenty questions from twenty readers answered in about an hour!  Lindsay and I pre-recorded the call and sent it to everyone via MP3.  After the event we still had Readers signing up, so we had to tell them to wait until next time.

Next time has arrived.

This event will be a much smaller group.  The Intuitive Readings will be in-depth.  Yes, I know we can say a lot in just a few minutes when we’ve already downloaded information from Spirit…but this event will be more along the lines of getting a full reading.  Check our Intuitive Services pages and you will see that this is a fantastic deal, sent to you as a big Thank You to everyone who participates in The Daily Awe and A Clear Sign.  Plus, what can we say, we just like working together and putting our intuitive minds to work for you!


After signing up for your spot, send to
  • The email address where you would like to receive your recording
  • The intuitive question you would like answered – this can be anything, from connecting with a loved one in spirit, to a relationship question, to a past life question, to a career question, to whatever you can dream up!
  • Tell us if you would like a Life Purpose or Animal Totem card drawn for you
  • Send us a photo of you and anyone else you are asking a question about – faces and eyeballs, please!
We will work together to bring through anything and everything that your Spirit Guides and Angels pass on for you specifically.
Like last time, this will be done in a reverent space but with joy and fun in the mix.  We laugh a lot!   So don’t miss it.

Your Intuitive Questions, Answered

I often do quick question and answer sessions and psychic experiments for you to participate in on my Facebook page.  Last week I offered to do a “snapshot reading” for anyone who wanted to ask a question.

Kara asks:
I’d be curious about what you see as changes for the “general population” with the transition into (for lack of a better word) “the 2012 energy”. Will the veil between passed spirits and flesh and blood people be thinner? Do you think “normal people” will have an easier time communicating with passed spirits? Will more people appear enlightened? Will more people be able to sense earth changes and weather with their intuitive senses/body? Will more people experience being intuitive? Thanks for this nice offer of answering questions. 
A Clear Sign says:
Absolutely!  All that and more.  Every one of those things has happened to me.  I’d say that it is *simple* to connect now, as compared to the way it was before.  At this time all I typically have to do is set the intention and I am right *there* in the space where advice from Spirit comes pouring in.  I do not believe this is just because I’ve practiced.  I believe that it is changing for everyone.  If someone wants to connect, they will.  And a lot more people are being Called these days.
Tania asks:
Hehe… 2nd time I’ve typed a long note to you and it disappeared 🙂:)I’ll keep it short… I’ve been in a very abusive & potentially dangerous situation (relationship) that I couldn’t get out of… Sandy took care of it for me, literally saving my life as he is now in jail for a long time.  A little ironic as I’ve been “talking” with my beloved 2 dogs since summer, who have passed, asking for strength, protection and courage through all this. One is named “Sandy”… I didn’t catch that until after the storm 🙂:) As lightworkers, do you feel that we may draw those not in the light? Like a moth to the light? I’m struggling with the “why” of all this.
A Clear Sign says:
Did you notice how Spirit took care of your problem for you AND provided you with the clues to let you know this was a miracle?  Aren’t those moments just the best, ever?
I don’t think we necessarily draw anything to us simply because we are actively working with light.  Maybe “dark” comes along to feed off that energy we are emitting, but if we set boundaries and do not allow that, then it can’t happen.  I have however noticed that most or many “lightworkers” have really poor boundaries.  So perhaps that is the lesson in this – learn to set them and live with them.
Corynne asks:
It involves another person that I met recently. I just wanted too know if this will turn into something like a relationship or if you think I might be wasting my time.
A Clear Sign says:
Yes, I see a soul connection there and I can guess you will be spending a lot of time with him.  You are very young so don’t get too tied up in any “forever” aspect.  I do think this is like a “brother/sister” connection as well as a Soul Group spirit whom you are meant to share some good times with.  So take it light, enjoy yourself, and don’t get caught up in any drama.
Andrea asks:
It has been almost three years since my engagement was broken off. I found peace with this painful event and the associated painful events a long time ago and also opened myself up to finding new love in my life or even just someone to spend time with, but still nothing. I’ve asked my guides, the angels, I go out to different places every weekend, I go to the gym, I go for walks, I joined some hiking clubs, I’ve asked friends to introduce me to people, I sleep with rose quartz, I visualize having someone with me, I feel love in my heart, i work on my chakras (in other words I’m talking loads of positive action) yet I still don’t meet anyone. I’m an attractive woman, I’m 28 but look younger, I’m smart, I’m kind and friendly, I’m relaxed and easy going – yet still nothing. I am so tired and sad from being alone and I just don’t understand it anymore. I understand needing to be at the right energy frequency and I’m certainly doing what I can to be there. Help.
I have another general one if its helpful – will your guides sometimes trick you into doing something, because they know if thy presented the truth of it you’d never, at that time, go down that path even though from a greater perspective its the better one for you? Are they allowed to do that? – thanks
A Clear Sign says:
You’re never too old to have your love find you (yes, find YOU, not you finding HIM).  It might not feel like it, but you are young and you have plenty of time.  What you want to do is relax your energy.  Have a heart to heart with your spiritual team and say,”I am open with love to have the right partner come to me.  I am now relaxing and allowing the Universe to bring me the right person at the right place and time, in our highest path and purpose and for the greatest good of all involved.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Amen.”  Then anytime feelings of stress, worry, or anticipation come in, just send them away on a thought bubble, knowing and believing that the Universe will bring you your right soul when the time is right.
Regarding your Guides, they guide you always with love and light.  There are certain things that you may be destined to experience, but mostly YOU direct your Guides to bring you the situations you want or need to experience in life.  They do not trick you.  They do not keep things from you.  
Elizabeth asks:
What is in store for my future?
A Clear Sign says:
Elizabeth, I didn’t have a photo of you so I couldn’t tune in the way I typically do.  So I asked your spiritual team to send me a message.  The message that your guides and angels are sending through right now is: a celebration – a wedding, graduation, or birth announcement.  The need to have more fun, relax and stop working so hard.  Frankly I am getting “pregnancy.”
Jenna asks:
Hi I would like to know if my daughter is happy. I hope you can get to answer this as it would mean a lot to me.
A Clear Sign says:
Jenna, I am getting a little baby girl in a bundle, so I am thinking you may have given up your daughter for adoption.  In any case, I am seeing a blonde girl swinging on a swing, with her hair flowing out behind her.  She is laughing and playing.  There is green grass around her.  I am also getting horses.  There is also a mixed-race friend who appears to me to be half black and half white.  She is also happy.  I would say there is no doubt that she is happy and fine.  Your guides said to tell you that,”You did the right thing.”
Katherine asks:
I’m not sure if this is quite what you’re asking for, but I’m having an extremely difficult time choosing what career path to take. I’m tossing up between accounting and alternative health, but even with either of those choices, there are so many different ways to go.
A Clear Sign says:
Katherine, thankfully you have a GREAT, clear photo of you on your Facebook page (that’s how I tune into energy and make sure I *have* the right person.)  First thought,”Do NOT go into accounting!”  To some degree, you want to be on stage, out front, and moving around.  You are not a “make a note of what other people did, after the fact,” accounting type personality.
I pulled a Life Purpose card for you and got (ta da!) Bodywork.  The card says: Your life purpose involves bodywork, such as massage therapy, energy healing, physical therapy, or exercise training .”  
Now, tell us the truth, you didn’t really WANT to be an accountant, did you?  Feel for a moment in your gut what it would be like if I said,”Imagine yourself as an accountant for the rest of your life.”  Then take a breath, let that out, and let me ask again,”What would it feel like if you were involved in bodywork for the rest of you life?”  Lighter, right?  OK, there were a number of choices laid out in the card, and you seem to be having trouble making a decision.  Go through the same process with each of those ideas and see what your gut tells you through how you feel when you ask the question.  Do it with any of the other Alternative Health ideas you’ve had, too.  Watch for classes to come up, or suggestions friends make, or anything that comes into your life or awareness over the next few weeks and then make your decision…you won’t go wrong.
Lisa asks:
I am really worried about my son and some of the choices he is making …want to know if he is going to be OK.
A Clear Sign says:
Lisa, I did not have a photo of your son to go by, but what I am getting is a youngish person, like a teenager or pre-teen, and I am seeing drugs (like marijuana) with him.  This may not be him but perhaps the company he is keeping.  The snapshot I am getting is that he either is around this age right now or that is the age when it started.
I pulled an Angel card for you and your son and the Justice card flew out of the deck at me and landed on the floor.  This card is represented through Archangel Raguel.  It says,”Fair and just decisions.  Do what you know is right.  Stand up for your beliefs.”  The description of the card also refers to bringing about peace between people, and calling in an impartial arbitrator if needed.
Thanks to everyone who sent in a question! Thanks also for everyone who shares my posts and participates with me on social media – I really enjoy interacting with each and every one of you.  Sometimes I don’t get a notification when you’ve shared so I can’t always thank you in the moment – so here’s your blanket THANK YOU and I hope you enjoyed getting your messages whether I spoke to you privately or answered here.