Don’t Read This Unless You Like Goats, Children, Money and Chaos

My husband suggested that everything that follows here is called Life.

As in, “That’s Life.”

I wildly disagree.

I kept coming home and sighing.

There was goat poop covering the back porch and getting dragged into the house every time a dog, cat or human walked in or out (which is constant, because the dogs feel they must accompany us every time we get up).

With both laptops out of commission, I had to come inside and use the office desktop if I wanted to do anything online.

Next to me is my son’s desktop, and usually two little boys, occasionally cooperating but mainly fighting, laughing and yakking.

My presence made them think I was a source of conversation which started with,”Hey Mom,” took a segue into a lengthy description of the latest video game or updating the original ipad to iOs5 (can it be done?), and ended with,”Can I have a chocolate milk?”

Calling In The Troops

I had to send my Dad on a mission to take my son past Ft. Lauderdale and practically to Miami (which I consider the wilds in comparison to Palm Beach) to visit the specialist we recently started taking him to.

I had to leave the office and go sit in my car so the doctor could conference me in.

At the end of the call I had a disconcerting:

  • Two new natural remedies (in addition to the two supplements he already has)
  • An elimination of casein from his diet (that’s found in milk, for a child who lives on milk, cheese, pizza and yogurt and is a self-proclaimed vegetarian)
  • Instructions to teach him how to swallow pills (good luck with that, can I assign that task to Dad because surely it will involve lots of puking)
  • The doctor’s insistence that he does not agree with the school district’s decision to move my son from one program and school to another – he might as well have come right out and called them morons.

In the meantime, I am in the position of having to convince the child, who catches absolutely everything, that the school change is a good idea.    A great idea.  Something he should be looking forward to.

I mentioned before that now my husband will have to be getting two different children to two different schools at the exact same time when said schools are at least a 20 minute drive apart.

I have to reverse it and do the picking up and taking to the boxing, the swimming and so on and so on.  Except, I can’t.  Naturally everything that happens for kids is in the afternoon – after school and before work gets out – so although I will be changing my schedule to 8-4, I still can’t technically get anyone anywhere they need to be.

I am still going to try this schedule because otherwise no dinner will ever get made, no homework will get done, no baths will be had before 10pm, unless I do.

Imagining How You Need It To Really Be

Now that I am working full-time, I am earning an income, but since we now have rent to pay, our expenses are higher than ever and the net result is very little extra to help pay the bills we already had.

You could look at this as a positive – something to cover the new and unavoidable expenses! – or a bit discouraging – wow we are not much better off than we were before I gave up all of my time and convenience of being available for the kids in the afternoon.

At the end of the day all I am striving for – for now – is to have the In Coming be more than the Out Going, so we can balance the books and come out ahead.

In my mind I keep seeing myself having everything on Auto Pay and being so in synch that all I have to do is follow-up afterward and write down what happened in the checkbook.  No worries about finageling payments, or paying minimums or borrowing anything.  Just a happy auto-pilot.

A girl can dream, right?  That is how things used to be.  I could pay the bills and not even have to glance at the checkbook.  Three years of unemployment changed all that, granted, but if I had it once I can have it again – or so I am setting my mind to believe.

In that dream, there is a maid service that comes to my too-big house with too many pets and keeps the floors clean, always.

There is no coming home from work and looking at goat poop that needs to be swept up (in fact, there may be no goat).

There are no Friday nights where I walk in the door and see a complete catastrophe that requires an entire weekend of cleaning and laundering just to catch up, only to go straight back to work on Monday morning and do it all over again.

In the dream, there isn’t too much of anything

I won’t wake up from dreams where my husband comes home with a giant rabbit or a bull or a peacock (all of which do live in my neighborhood and therefore remain a threat under my husband’s rule of, “If it needs a home, it’s fair game.”)

So now that you are caught up on What Going Back To Work Has Meant, let’s get to the latest synchronicity.

When Will The Synchronicity and Cycling Stop?

Guess who my employers are interviewing?

Someone I met at my last job.  The both of us having come from a previous employer but never having met, she found out that the new hire (me) was from that same firm and called to introduce herself, looking for someone of like mind.

We were, and I really missed her when she eventually moved out of the country.  To the same country where my father-in-law was living at the time.

She’s been gone for a number of years, and recently she moved back to the United States.

She’s going to be moving to the same city where my new office is, and somehow she found the very same company, and is at least considering coming to work for them.

This is awfully funny because the firm we used to work for originally had thousands of employees worldwide, and this one has about twenty, only five of which actually do what we do.

And yet, there she is.


I can’t tell you how many coincidences like this have happened lately – a lot of “old people” becoming new again.  It kind of feels like deja vu.

You Can Never Go Home Again

In other news, I was looking for something to do during lunch and I brought my Kindle back out of hiding.

I tried reading fiction of the genre I used to like, and although I got through the book I can’t say I enjoyed it.

I was trying to give my brain a break from studying The Woo, but it didn’t last long.

I flipped through all of the Samples that I had downloaded several years ago that I never read, and my eyes glommed on to two titles, one on Life Between Lives and the other on Pre-Birth Planning.

While there are lots of Woo Samples in there, those were the two that I was getting pinged to read, already.

I tend to think that there’s always a reason when things get brought back around, when the discarded needs to be addressed and taken in.

I always thought of deja vu as maybe a collision of two worlds – the one we’re in and can see with our eyeballs and the other one that’s walking past us all the time but we’re usually oblivious to – other dimensions.

The one book started off by mentioning that when you have a sense of deja vu, it can be something from a past life pinging your memory, or it can be from your pre-birth planning session, when you were trying out your new appearance and getting introduced to people, places and objects that you intended to meet up with here.

Although I do like to live in the Here and Now instead of fantasy land, there must be something in those books that’s going to help me work out or understand something that’s pertinent.

So…next chapter, folks…next chapter.