Spiritual Awakening and Integration

There’s an integration process when you first learn about Spirit and intuition and start connecting with your spirit guides in an intentional way.

So many people have just begun to be alert to this in the last few years.  What they thought was “their imagination” or “a dream” turns out to be…real.

We usually call this “waking up” as if from a long-held slumber.  It’s become a well-worn phrase and much over used, but it is still an accurate description of what happens in a spiritual awakening.

It’s as if one day you knew nothing about the world of Spirit and your passed love ones being with you “in spirit” and then -suddenly- you know.

It happened for me when I did my Attunement to meet my Akashic Record Guide.  I knew that in principle if I was not meant to do intuitive readings for other people, if it wasn’t some form of a Calling, then Slade’s course would never even have shown up on my radar screen.  In those days I flipped a coin when I needed to make a decision.  I flipped a coin and it told me NOT to take the course.

I think that was the one and only time when I went against what the coin said.  I wonder still what other course I might have taken if I hadn’t learned to do intuitive readings?  Maybe there was some other path for me to get to where I am going.  Still, whether we take the long walk through the woods, the express lane, or something else – what is for us won’t go past us, and we will get there some way.

What began happening after that was that I met a lot of intuitive professionals and we began forming groups and sending messages and helping each other out with our dreams, signs, blogs, and life in general.  That’s to be expected – birds of a feather, for one thing.  For another, we were obviously soul mates and destined to work together this lifetime.

As  I went back to work at a standard day job, I stopped doing readings because there was not enough time in the day to cope with a full-time job and family life, let alone a side gig.  I still had people coming to me, but I had to tell them no and send them to someone else.  Sometimes I could answer their question in 2.3 seconds, and so I did, writing them back an email or chatting with them for a few minutes on Facebook.

There was a lot of effort put in to integrating who I was now in this world.  The spiritual aspects had to find a home in the world of the day job.  I couldn’t just be the old me, because it no longer worked for me.  That involves temperament, how I treated others, setting boundaries, and being 100% me at all times even when it wasn’t convenient – and sometimes choosing not to show who I was, either.

ALL of my old patterns showed up.  There was a virtual parade of offenders – it was an almost comical showing up of archetypes.  Each one came along but this time I mainly could see it, I recognized them.  I found that I brought an entirely new energy to the proceedings, and I didn’t even want to revert to old patterns.  I wanted to trounce them.  Not the people – but the patterns.  This kind of thing is years in the making, and you get lots of opportunities to practice.

The other aspect that was new: Spirit showed up all day long.  Sure there were signs and synchronicity.  Those things could be put at the back of my brain while I worked, and taken out again later once I was home, to cogitate upon.

Sometimes though, I’d be taking a break at work and checking Facebook and I’d have some messages to answer – and that person’s grandparent would show up with a message for them, or their spirit guide would send me a download for them.  It was like I was doing intuitive work on my coffee break.  It does take some getting used to, to find that Spirit is here all of the time, sending messages.

It’s totally not necessary, it turns out, to light a candle, say a prayer, breathe deeply, and get into “the mode.”  The mode is where you are in all moments of life, because Spirit surrounds you.  It can be amazingly subtle.  It is “just there.”  If you aren’t busy denying it, questioning it, or thinking you’re just making it all up, it comes in freely and naturally during all of your awake hours as well as in your dreams.

I started noticing that people were visiting me in my dreams.  Living, breathing people.  Non-intuitive (as far as I knew them) people.  I wasn’t dreaming about them, either.  The quality of these dreams was different.  These were visitation-type dreams, where you wake up knowing “something happened” while you were sleeping.

Suddenly I was no longer watching some of my non-intuitive friends blossom and grow into regularly accessing their own intuition.  I wasn’t just “helping them out” or passing along a message for them.

They were coming to me with messages for me.

Life is suddenly getting very interesting.  Who knows what might happen next?