My Guest Post Coincidences Happen For A Reason at

Justin Mazza at has graciously put up a Guest Post

Image credit myboogers via Creative Commons

of my article Coincidences Happen For A Reason.  The article describes the type of signs, symbols and synchronicities you may experience and how they come through.

This is a prelude to my coming e-book, where you will get a look over my shoulder as I perform psychic readings for others.

I started doing readings after I was experiencing so many signs and intuitive hits, I couldn’t deny my interest in learning more about it any longer.  The Guest Post explains the type of synchronicities that were coming through for me all of the time that led me on this path.  Perhaps some of the same things have happened to you?

Justin visits A Clear Sign and is a regular commenter here.  His blog is focused on personal development and has a spiritual twist.  If you haven’t stopped by before, please pay Justin a visit and check out my article Coincidences Happen For A Reason.  Make sure to look around while you’re there!