Precognition, Premonition and Dreams

Precognition is the acquisition or effect of future information that cannot be deduced from presently available and normally acquired sense-based information or laws of physics and/or nature.

In other words, sometimes you think you are crazy when you have a precognition experience because it has no basis in fact or logic.  Precognition is also known as future sight or second sight.

Premonition and presentiment are information about future events that is perceived as emotion.

Premonition is defined by as
1.a feeling of anticipation of or anxiety over a future event; presentiment: He had a vague premonition of danger.
2.a forewarning.
Sometimes it can be difficult to know what’s true premonition, what’s precognition and what’s over sensitivity to following the bouncing ball a little too often for your own good.

I’ve had dreams the night before a series of tornadoes touched down somewhere else in the country, and when I woke up to the news, I realized I definitely had plugged into the universal collective.  The tornado count in my dream was identical to the reality which had occurred during the exact time I was sleeping.  Nothing to be done with it, irrelevant to me personally – I was just picking up what was actually happening.

In contrast, for years I have had a series of dreams about my youngest son almost drowning.  In each dream, I hesitate before I go in to rescue him, like,”Oh gee, I’ll wait a few seconds and see if he gets himself out of this.”  Then when he doesn’t I very casually and calmly fish him out.  Most people would say that’s an anxiety dream over his safety.

Recently I started taking the kids to private swimming lessons to get them both over the hump of almost-but-not-quite being able to swim.  We have too many canals, pools, and boating events in Florida to have children this old unable to save themselves with basic swimming safety if they fell in or over by accident.

It was precipitated by my oldest being embarrassed that he was nearly the only seven year old at camp who couldn’t pass the swim test.   He jumped in the deep end and immediately had to be fished out by the lifeguard (bravery or stupidity – you decide).  One lesson with Miss Linda the swim instructor and he swam the 75 feet and got that oh-so-precious wristband that said he could go play in the pools with his friends.

So where in this did my dream come to life?  The four year old wanted to learn how to dive from standing in the pool to catch the little plastic fish at the bottom.  He couldn’t get his bottom up and head down, so the instructor had me standing in the water and giving him a push to get his body going in the right direction.

A little part of me didn’t like that feeling after I said,”Take a deep breath,” and shoved him forward several feet under water – it felt like I was drowning him.  The exact same feeling from my dream – nothing is really wrong, but it’s a second or two before you know that he’s fine and comes up clutching the fish in triumph.  Now the dreams make sense.

Sometimes irrational feelings actually make sense and all’s well that ends well.

Have you ever had a premonition that turned out to be accurate?

Have you ever thought you might be overreacting but you went out of your way to act on the feeling you got, just in case?

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