A Shamanic Journey

The Tablets

One Monday night after a very tense day at work and an evening of chaos with the family, I walked out my front door to pace the driveway in the moonlight, a slip of paper clutched in my hand, getting ready for my shamanic journey.

I looked up at the moon and took a few deep, cleansing breaths and dialed the number.

I had promised myself as a guinea pig to an intuitive friend whose original training was in the art of the Shamanic Journey.

Just hearing the phrase “Shamanic Journey” piqued my senses and put my spirit on alert.  As long-time readers know, I live on a street named for the Micosukee Indians, I had an Indian Ghost  as a companion here for many years, this was energetically assigned as a battleground rather than a residence, and every time I meet an American Indian, even at the casino, all of my senses go on alert.  Passing by performers of Micosukee tribal music at the annual fair last week had me rooted to the spot, like I’d stepped out of this world and into another.

When I first became interested in learning about intuition and spirit guides, my first consciously clairvoyant image was of a very handsome indian man, in his twenties, standing sideways with a long white robe.  Almost every time I am read by someone, this young indian man appears.

All I can tell you about him is that he isn’t one of my spirit guides.  I don’t have any indian spirit guides.

What I am told time and again by intuitive after intuitive is that “he is me.”

He is me, from another lifetime.  He is the only known past-life incarnation that appears to me in some form.

I have lots of information about other lives I have led, but there isn’t a one that rings true emotionally like he does.  I imagine this is because something he started in that lifetime is something I will finish in this one.  You don’t get that kind of pull to your psyche when it is meaningless.

Something inside me lights up when I hear the term shamanic journey.  I wanted to see what would happen, more for how it worked than any answers I might get from the reading – or so I thought.

I just might need to learn a bit more about the history, because since I went through this, the concept of it has popped up left and right for me in my reality ever since.

I was trained to do readings by meeting with people’s spirit guides, angels and higher self.  The one thing I know is that there are forces far, far greater than me out there, and many of them are directly assisting me.  I recently commented on an article that said “we are the authority” and not to give our power away by asking for our spirit guides to tell us what to do.

I was a little bit nonplussed by this, because while I have the sense that spirit guides are human, not Divinity Itself per se, I do feel we are all godsparks.  Everyone is simply “where they are” and there is a good reason for that.  I honestly will tell you I have no earthly idea why I was given access to Akashic Records, why I have the ability to act as an earth angel delivering divine messages, why people are brought to me all of the dang time to advance them on their journey, why all of my Clairs are activated.  It does make me feel a part of things, but I know I am not driving this bus.  I don’t set out to earn my living this way, because I tried it and guess what, it didn’t work.  That is a sign to me that this entire experience is being orchestrated by spirit far more powerful than me alone – and I don’t feel like I give my power away one iota when I say that.  Maybe it is simply my experience, and the author of the article is having a completely different experience, but I know that I am on standby for directions and I am willing to serve when the mission arrives.  I don’t have a burning desire to direct this ship in any one direction.  I feel like I will be made useful at the right time and place – period.

Back to the Journey

I have done intuitive readings where I went “down the rabbit hole” into the earth like Alice.  I’ve done readings where I was drawn up above the earth.  In shamanic journeying, you do both.

The first thing that appeared almost made me laugh – and generally, when a Spirit Animal appears, you probably shouldn’t laugh – but it just struck me as terrifying, comforting, and comical all at once.

It was a brown bear about twenty feet tall – just huge.  That’s not the funny part.  The funny part was that he had on a red shirt with the number 6 on it.  It took me a while to get the meaning.

Bears, as you know, are hugely protective and while they can be adorably cuddly, please do not piss them off.  I would not want a twenty-foot bear mad at me, ripping me to shreds, but the idea of one protecting me…ready to bare its teeth at anyone with ill intent…that part, I like.

It also rang exactly true with the Year Ahead Reading that I had received from Lindsay…who specifically mentioned not messing around with Mama Bear (that’s me) and the hugely protective energy that was around me.

As I listened, I started becoming hyper-aware of my surroundings.  It was pitch black except for the moon.  Imagine my driveway – it begins at the left end of a cul-de-sac and is surrounded by woods.  The driveway is made up of white stone, and I am pacing up and down – in my pajamas and bathrobe no less, while my house behind me is dark, all of the occupants asleep or trying to be.  It was so quiet.

Have you ever been in the woods and suddenly felt like you were being watched?  Or, been on a path and noticed that in some areas, the trees change and the energy changes with it?

Well at the end of my driveway, which is very long, by the mailbox, there is that kind of changed energy area, almost like you are nearing an energy portal.

At each stage in the journey, new creatures and beings are meeting up with us to deliver messages.  At one point, a sort-of woman is appearing, very sexual, in a red dress, with long, curly brown hair, bearing a serious warning.  At first I don’t know who this could be, but as more information comes in, I get an idea and she goes to check in with the lady-in-red, asking if I have it right.

In that moment, a huge, sweeping chill rushes through my entire body, head to toe.  Twice.

I do sometimes get chills as a “confirmation code” of truth or accuracy from one member of my spiritual team, but I have never, ever had a chill like this.  For it to come twice shocked me so much that I looked into those woods and up the driveway and it would not have surprised me in the least if she had been standing right in front of me.

At this point my (real life) tabby cat walked over to me and started meowing, and as I bent down to pet her, I suddenly felt grounded and right back into my body, almost as if her company was protecting me.

Some amazing creatures appeared in my journey, and all with messages I really was not at all expecting.  I suppose part of me was used to the idea or concept that messages come from spirit guides and angels.  I was really not expecting fairies and spirit animals and ascended masters.

But as the journey went on, I started to wonder, how much of the “appearance” of a creature or entity is actual literal?  Probably none.  It’s all energy, but how can we really know the source?  If Moses shows up in your reading, does one suppose that it is literally the soul or spirit of Moses Himself?  Or something else that takes on the embodiment of the spirit of Moses?

Well I do not have the answer to that my personal self, but I can tell you that yes, Moses showed up on my shamanic journey – yes he did.

Do you know what he was doing?  He was laughing and smiling and kind of jesting with me as he held up the two tablets of The Ten Commandments.

Now the person doing the journey for me did not know straight away what this meant, but I sure did.

I have had two people in my life-giving me the hardest time about morality, what I “should have done” and “how I should be.”

I was born with the strictest moral code of possibly anyone on the planet.  I see black, white, shades of grey, and I easily and effortlessly know in my core how things stand in the universe, morally speaking.  That doesn’t mean I always am the nicest person or always do the right thing, but trust me, this is my main gift or ability that I came down here with – it’s not my intuition – I see the core truth.

When someone tries to tell me how to live or be or criticizes me unjustly (there is plenty of “justly” but that’s a whole different dynamic – I can “feel it” when the morality program comes on-line), I see it instantly pinging back to them, as if I had a giant mirror and it bounced right back to them.  There are simply times when stuff is slung and it’s exactly like the old childhood saying which ends “it bounces off me and sticks to you.”

I know this because my system tells me when it is not mine.  That doesn’t mean I like it, want it, or appreciate it – and sometimes it really does emotionally hit my system, even though it’s not all mine, and if it is particularly nasty or comes from someone very close, it can still hit home and throw me off.

So Moses had to come around with the tablets to reassure me with a grin that my system told me true – it was theirs, not mine – and we can all have a little laugh at the silliness of humans.

I am pretty sure that Moses at least represents “one of the highest authorities” in a way that I would recognize, and I was just being shown that everything works for good, everything unfolds exactly as it should, and we are always learning something.

Oh, and the meaning of the bear with the number 6 on his shirt?  Guess how many spirit guides I have and work with?  That’s right, seven – the bear and the six others he brought with him.  More evidence that energy is energy, and whatever meaning we assign to it is just that – a human need to see things the way they make the most sense to us.