It Was There All Along

Somehow there is theme music to our lives.  Have you noticed?

A song comes on the radio in a transition time, and we fall in love with it for what it feels like, catapulting our lives into a new phase.

Before I went back to work I was listening to Kashmir.  Before Kashmir it was Carry On My Wayward Son.  Before that it was Can’t Find My Way Home.

I can’t always tell you what it means when “the” song shows up.  It’s more like a signal that everything will be different soon.


Lately I feel like I transitioned into a transition.  The “next step” doesn’t feel very permanent.

Sometimes there is an astrological event that explains big transitions.  Other times a dream will foretell it.  Occasionally there is someone who mentions shifts in other dimensions, or releasing of energies, that I couldn’t tell you are true.  I could tell you that the event gets reported as if it belongs on the nightly news in lieu of the horrors that normally get reported there, because as crazy as it sounds that’s precisely how true it feels.

While I was home on my porch every day I could see a transition coming a mile off.  They were often vague.

Lately it is more like an old locomotive train, just chugging along,  but every time the whistle blows I jump a little.

When your days lose their joy and anticipation, you know there is an essential element missing, a void that has to be filled since nature abhors a void.

Mother, Wife, Employee, Partner, Maid, Cook, and Driver Just Wasn’t Enough!

Unexpectedly, the universe seemed to be sending me a new role.  I know some of you are experiencing the same thing.

It feels like a 50s restaurant where cars pull up and I come out on roller skates to take the order slip the universe gave them to bring to me.

I read the slip, fill the order, and skate on to the next car.  I’m not sure exactly how many people did this for me in the beginning but I have a firm sense that I will do service for exactly the same number of people who provided service to me.

How Do You Know When You’re Being Asked To Transition?

It’s nothing I control, I am just receptive because I am shown who’s who and what’s what.  Some kind of unconscious knowledge tells me what’s going on with the people who are sent to me.  When they start talking or write a comment, I know instantly it’s one of my orders up, I don’t know how.

Some of these folks have been around for a year or more and I communicate with them often, kind of like a guide on their trip.  Others are just a phone call and a,”Good luck.”  It’s all the new ones showing up that tip you off.

Your life may not outwardly, significantly change.  You don’t have to move, get a new job, get married or have a baby.

The Obvious Becomes Known To You

It’s kind of like the time when I realized how spirit guides show up.  I was expecting a full apparition or something obvious to appear right in front of my eyes.  Of course that’s not how it happens.  Most of the time you see them in your mind’s eye or you become aware of them through your senses.  It’s a subtle shift in energy and each one is different.

I can tell you when a ghost is walking through the house on it’s way somewhere else, or if a nasty spirit is sitting in my living room and has to be dispatched.

Likewise I know when an angel is near when they allow me to feel them.  I can tell the difference between the support of my own near angels by the dial up of the intensity, as compared to a visit from a powerful entity whose energy fills the room and then leaves, it’s like a jolt.

A guide feels different from an angel and I can tell you the difference not so much by the way they appear or what they communicate but because they feel different.

It must be some type of energy variance that I can’t explain to you except to say,”Oh that’s an angel, did you feel that love?” versus, “Your guide is here and says this, did you sense the support?”  It’s subtle and at the same time it’s plain as the nose on your face, if you know what you’re feeling for (since looking usually doesn’t do it, unless you’re walking around with your eyes closed or you are super tuned-in).

Are You In Training Or Transition?

I feel like I am training and have been for a long while.  Some things are skills you learn along the way.  Others are things you are meant to become, at the right time.

There is a feeling that I’d like to uphold.  You might equate it to the euphoria of endorphin release when you get done working out.  It feels like joy, I suppose, a “rightness” in being.

I know I am meant to feel that way more and more, because I have asked for it, and it just makes a lot more sense than how I was feeling before.

We don’t get compelled to ask for the impossible, we get hints of what is possible.  When we say yes to it, it comes on line more and more.

So that’s what I am shooting for.

How about you?