Why I Don’t Do Soul Realignment But You Might Want To Have It Done

Reading Akashic Records

I recently changed the subheading of my blog, which used to refer to “Akashic Record Reading.”  I did this because even though I do actually read your Akashic Records in an Intuitive Reading, I am NOT doing Soul Realignment or the kind of Clearing work that people expect from that modality.

I did have Soul Realignment work done about a year and a half ago with Michael Pierich at http://www.healedspirit.com/.  If anyone is looking for a recommendation, which some of you have asked me for, I refer you to Michael with 100% confidence that you will get what you paid for, and more.  He is a fantastic person and very accurate, plus I just like him 🙂

For those who don’t know what this work is, I refer you to Michael’s site for details.  In brief, you will find out about your soul’s history, what archangelic realm of training you have had, any blocks and restrictions that you may have been carrying around for lifetimes, and much more.  At the end, the practitioner will perform a clearing and you emerge “shiny and new.”

To anyone who wants to have this done I will tell you that it WILL change your life.  You MAY have a healing crisis although all attempts to avoid this are made and you will be helped through it if it happens.  You WILL know who you are and what in the world you are doing here when it’s done.  And there is NO turning back.

Some people are just not ready for that kind of change.  As an intuitive it carries an enormous responsibility, one that I am not personally called to do.

So far on my personal journey what I seem to be able to help people with, and this was not intentioned or planned, it just came out this way:

  • Practical guidance and answers to your “next best step” on a particular course of action
  • Predictions of what is coming up very soon and unexpectedly
  • Clarity with where you are right now and where you are going in life in general at this time – direct answers to what is currently on your mind and causing confusion
  • Relationship questions, regarding love, friendship, and business – when you may meet and how, what you are here to teach each other, how to improve your communication, and whether or not someone is trustworthy and if you should do deals together
  • If a course of action is in your highest path and purpose and if not, what a better choice or direction may be
  • Messages just for you from your own spiritual team – messages that they want you to have Right Now, whether you’ve asked about them or not

There are a lot of people coming here from a variety of perspectives and current interests.  Some are ready for Soul Realignment.  Others are more into Personal Development which touches on intuition but not so much “psychic stuff” like spirit guides and angels. Lately there has been a lot of overlap between what I am writing about and what the Personal Development bloggers are writing about.  Interesting how we are all coming together along a common theme, very rapidly these days.