Clues to Your Soul Gifts and Life Purpose

Soul Gifts As Part Of Your Purpose

What are your soul gifts?  How do they tie into your Purpose?  Part of our purpose is to just be here, living and breathing, enjoying what life brings us and what we bring to life.  Another part was sent here on a mission, a mission to express our purpose fully and bring the world our gifts.

When I was a kid I loved to read the comics, Dear Abby and Ann Landers.  Back in New Jersey there used to be endless flea markets where my family went antiquing.  I would always gravitate toward the booksellers’ tables, where there were rows and rows of boxes of books.  I could spend my whole life there, just reading books.  I would find series that I loved and I would not rest until I had experienced every last entry.  I loved mysteries like Nancy Drew and comic books series like Peanuts.  There were stories of girls who had psychic powers or could perform telekinesis.  There were many series which were about girls my age in school, often written in a Dear Diary format.  I loved Erma Bombeck, e.e. cummings, Thoreau and Dante.  Give me stories about life, about relationships, about how to navigate in the world.  Give me Bill Bryson taking A Walk In The Woods.  Send me to Italy on a grand adventure.

Since then I’ve spent a lot of time in the car and I love talk radio.  I listened to anyone and everyone who did advice call-in radio shows, such as Dr. Laura, even if I disagreed with them.  For a while it was politics but I gave up on that as a lost cause.  If the show was more about advice via intuition, I loved it even more because I could play along and compare my answer to the host’s response.

What has been calling to you your whole life?  What kinds of things have you loved since childhood? What calls you back over and over again?  What are you always excited to do?  What would thrill you if you could spend all day, every day, doing it?

What have other people been telling you that you are great at your whole life?

No matter how busy you may be right now, if you feel a bit empty inside, or like something you can’t quite put your finger on is missing, then it might just be a soul gift which you’re treating like a dream deferred.

If you pay close attention, you may find that you’re getting the opportunity to do those things or be that thing, a little here and a little there.

When I was a kid, every other kid always came to me for advice.  I was such a consumer of information that I always seemed to be in the know about everything from why your left breast being bigger than your right is no cause for alarm to referrals of other kids who were potentially suicidal.  Everyone was always sending me their friends for diagnosis.



What have you “always been”?  A counselor?  A writer?  A teacher?  An artist?  A sports fanatic?  A music lover?  Think on that for a moment.  Even if you are incredibly busy you might be incredibly busy doing the wrong darn thing.  I was incredibly busy being an insurance broker and auditor for about twenty years.

I totally forgot about the basic innate call I had to be a counselor and a listener, a person who holds other people’s secrets safe.  Part of that gets satisfied in intuitive work, but I realized that I was simply not doing it enough to satisfy my soul.  My long time childhood friends still call me up when they’re having a crisis, but mostly these days people come to me for intuitive advice.

Sometimes part of our purpose or one of our soul gifts is just our “way of being” in the world.  Are you funny?  Are you a joy to be around?  Are you wonderfully sarcastic?  Are you amazingly organized (if so, come here, I could use you!)?  Our skills and natural talents are part of the answer to what we are doing here.

Answering Your Intuitive Questions

My best answers usually come from questions that other people ask and I just stumble upon.  Anytime I ask for questions from readers, people always have such a tough time coming up with one!  I’m not sure why this is, but I’ve noticed it everywhere.  It’s like we all freeze and forget what’s been on our minds.

So I’m opening it up to you.  Any time you DO have a question that you think I can help you with, just send it on over through the contact form or hit me on Facebook through a private message.  I’ll post the answers here.  You can ask me about anything.  It doesn’t have to be about intuition per se.  You can ask me to use my intuition to help you solve a problem, too.

Connecting The Intuitive Dots

As you know, sometimes the oddest things happen to me.  Last week I noticed something rather large and black seemingly fly past my window as I was walking along past the pool table.  It was SO big that it cast a shadow across the room.  Black usually isn’t a good sign and I wondered what that could possibly be.

That night I was reading a SpongeBob book to the kids, and one of the stories was about Stan the Manta Ray who cast a huge shadow over Bikini Bottom and terrified the entire town who, not knowing what cast the shadow, thought it was the end of the world.  Sandy Cheeks the squirrel went up in a rocket to check it out and discovered it was simply Stan, who had gone away to school, grown enormously while he was gone, and sat hovering on the surface not sure exactly where his old home was.

Yes, that was enough of a sign for me to know not to fear whatever it was that had visited me.  It wasn’t a foreshadowing.

Sure enough, I spoke to someone a week later who said he saw a black object going through his home and later kept hearing the flapping of what sounded like bird wings outside his window.  Every time he looked outside, there were no birds.  He did feel compelled to buy the most beautiful angel statue to keep him company, though.

Nothing like angels for protection.  If you are ever afraid, be sure to call on yours.

Another Opportunity to Solve a Mystery

Every once in a while I get a song or a message in a dream or just an intuitive hit popping on in out of the blue and I know immediately who it’s for and can pass along the message.  Other times I tuck the strange things I see intuitively into my back pocket and they sit there for months before I can figure out who they belong to.

Usually spirit has to send me on a trail to sniff out the answer.  For instance, they will send me to look something up, and in the course of doing so I “just happen” to stumble upon one of those old messages that makes the connection for me and then I know who the message is for.

A while ago I had a dream that I was taking photos.  When I looked through the camera, the image was completely different from what I saw in front of me.  So if I was looking at a beautiful young woman, I might see an old crone through the camera.  A man might be a woman.

I took it to mean that I was seeing who the subject really was (at soul level) through the camera.

While I was looking up the phone number for the person who got a Blue Moon Phone Call, I had to scroll through several emails to find it.  One of those emails was really old (just like the dream) but she mentioned that she takes photographs. After taking the photo, she’ll notice something really unusual there, like this:


Seriously, how cute is that?  I would never have noticed that in a million years.  The message was that she sometimes sees spirits in her photos as well.  The connection I was supposed to make for her was that she is capable of intuitively capturing people’s souls, not just through photography but simply by nature of who she is.  I was able to give her a leg up on managing her energy, which is what she needs to do at this stage.

What do you think your soul gifts are?  Can you think back to being a kid and identifying something you’ve been missing in your life that you can add back in?  


Image credit: Charles Schultz