Mercury Retrograde Blasts A Perfectly Good New Shiny Post on Soul Groups and Sacred Contracts

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Sacred Contracts are the opportunities dotted across your life path that are held in potential (like an escrow account) just for you. – Carolyn Myss

I had a perfectly good, new shiny post all raring to go on the subject of Soul Groups and Sacred Contracts when the internet gods of pre-Mercury Retrograde came along and whisked half of it away into the ether.

It is Mercury Retrograde on February 23 through March 17, so back up everything now and do not forget to take a breath when things crash and go blinky or you get stuck with things not running smoothly or taking forever.  If the pre-cursor is any indication, this one promises to be a doozy.

It was raining in-laws at my house yesterday.

My children did go off with the in-laws from the maternal side for a long weekend and they arrived back home alive yesterday, no worse for wear.  I only had to hear twice about how,”We’ll be there at 12:23,” (according to the GPS), once while I was holding my finger in my ear at ChuckECheese and once on the way back down.  Yes, okay, there was a phone call and a voicemail about would it be okay if they stopped off at McDonalds (not sure why this required my input, perhaps because then they would arrive at 12:31?).  There was also a ten minute discussion upon arrival about buying long pants for my son and what size he is versus what size he should be. I tried to squash it by informing her where I get his pants and that under no circumstances do I sew.  She kept talking but THEN SHE LEFT so all was right with the world.

I went to the Department of Motor Vehicles for the appointment to renew my driver’s license.  Under the new federal guidelines, all women who are married have to have a “chain of proof” of all name changes, linking back to the birth certificate. It didn’t have a raised seal on the county marriage certificate, it had it on the church document, because they made a mistake.

Apparently, my proof was insufficient to ensure that I was not, in fact, a terrorist.  Or perhaps, I am not really Julie Langdon Barrett after all.  Maybe I am still technically Julie Langdon?  Maybe I have not been married all this time? I asked the nice lady if I was going to have to find my marriage certificate and divorce decree from my first marriage (which I am fairly certain I don’t have) and she said she doubted it.  When they “go back to check” on you, they run a report which includes things I am pretty sure even I’ve forgotten I’ve done.

So I did as my Florida DMV lady said and looked up the Department of Vital Statistics in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, where I got married.  They don’t do marriages.  You know who does marriages there?  The County Courthouse, in the Orphans Court.  I had to ask her to repeat herself when she said who to make the check payable to.  It really was Orphans Court.

This gave me pause because later in the day, we had a visit from the paternal side of the in-law contingent, my husband’s half-brother.  I have not seen him in about fourteen years.  This was due to a big kerfuffle that marked the point when my husband left the family business and went out on his own.

Before all these relatives descended upon me, I really felt like the sky was shifting and the storm clouds were forming and I was pretty sure I spotted some lightning.  While I STILL feel like something huge is coming, I thoroughly enjoyed the visit from my brother-in-law.  It felt like no time had passed.  I looked at my husband this morning and couldn’t quite believe my eyes when I realized over seventeen years had gone by, in many ways, like a flash.

This brings us to Soul Groups and Sacred Contracts.

We throw around the terms Soul Mate and Soul Groups to refer to souls we agreed to meet up with in this lifetime, to share an experience.  It can probably be accurately said that every single person you meet, no matter how insignificant, is part of your soul group.  It seems that we tend to bunch up and reincarnate around the same time frame.  Now that the internet has brought us all together and reachable in a matter of seconds, critical members of your soul group may be in Bali while you’re in Chicago, and they may very well be people you never meet face to face.

What is the purpose of coming back again and again with the same souls, in different roles?  It has to do with agreements you made before you were incarnated.  Sort of like,”You wash my back and I’ll wash yours.”  Sometimes it looks more like,”I’ll rob you and you’ll be the victim,” or “I will be your mother-in-law and drive you crazy if you’ll provide me with grandchildren.”  You get the idea – it can look like anything – good or bad, positive or negative, seems to have nothing to do with it.  The point is, we make these agreements for our soul’s growth.

I’ve long heard about Sacred Contracts, most famously being taught by Carolyn Myss.

The idea of Sacred Contracts always reminds me of The Book of Life, where the idea is that everything that we do, say and encounter is written within.  I like the idea that our contracts are a part of that.  “Your soul agreed with my soul to meet up this lifetime to do X…but if we miss each other, or one of us declines, here’s Plan B…”

There’s the work we do within, and the work do we without, which includes others.

Here’s how Carolyn Myss defines them:

“A Sacred Contract with someone or with an opportunity in your life holds significance for your soul and therefore for your life. By that I mean that a bond you share with an individual or a potential experience that is either offered to you or that is inevitable in your life will result in significantly providing a path of transformation for you. By significance, I am referring to the fact that they bring out in us strengths and weaknesses that no other relationships or situations could draw from us. They make us develop the best of ourselves and they make us witness the worst of ourselves.”

When we have a contract with someone, it’s two-sided.  There’s a reason why they’re showing up for us and a reason why we’re showing up for them.  It’s not always so easy to see that, when it feels like our buttons are being pushed.

We also have a choice.  Not all contracts are with other people.  Sometimes they are with opportunities.  In both cases, we can “pass.”  Or, we can engage.

Obviously, I have a contract with my husband, but it is fascinating how everyone he has brought into my life has really changed it.  My best friend of a spiritual nature was his college roommate.  The buttons that my in-laws push could be viewed similarly – they sure do bring out the worst in me, and it’s my job to ameliorate that.  It doesn’t happen through thinking of all of the nice things a person has done over the years.  It doesn’t happen by trying to grit my teeth through it or “make nice” and forget it.

There are also many of you who I can see were brought to me for a specific reason.  However I always know when a contract is being engaged because the relationship goes beyond a reading or the occasional email or phone call, and morphs into a longer term situation where I am getting or learning at least as much as I am giving or teaching.

So if contracts fall under the category of “meant to happen” then of course, add “for a reason.”  You don’t have to push Engage.  It’s possible that the circumstance will still come find you, in another form.  Think of all the relationships you’ve had with similar characters.  The ones that we call “repetitive patterns” just mean that you haven’t cracked the code on what you’re supposed to learn yet.

Have you ever had a visceral (instinctive, unreasoning) reaction to someone upon first meeting?  That’s your “high alert” that a contract is being activated.

Have you ever had someone say just one thing to you that was so meaningful, you trot it out every time you encounter a similar situation?  You may not even really remember the person’s name.

Have you ever said no to something and then instantly regretted it, realizing you’d just let an important opportunity (contract) slip by?

These are all signals.

Who in your life do you know you share a sacred contract with?  How did you know?

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