Negativity, Boxes, and Just Plain Fun

boxed in

Well, it’s only plain fun if you can get enjoyment from seeing negativity expose itself and have nowhere to hide.

Right now there are massive, global shifts going on, where light is being shone like a flashlight illuminating negativity and ill intent.  Like a bug in the night when the kitchen lights get turned on, expect to be shocked when the status quo suddenly shifts and people show you who they really are, and events unravel suddenly and swiftly.  Be prepared to turn on a dime and make new plans when this happens, trusting that it is for the greater good or at least in the spirit of light over darkness.

You will have the opportunity to see truth.  Trust that wherever that is revealed to you, it is there for you to have that knowledge for a reason.

When Relationships and Situations End For Good

Synchronicity has been calling lately, as have the signs that are writing on the wall that some situations and relationships are over.

There has been so much activity that I am surprised a sonic boom has not emanated from my house.

Have you ever had a situation where people behaved so badly that you were simply done?  I have, this week.

It’s that moment when transgressions are forgiven and forgotten until they start to add up in such a momentous way that you suddenly find yourself trying to recall when this all started.  Your mind starts digging for the half forgotten details.  Then they start to come back into your consciousness, slowly.  This seemingly “big event” where they show their true colors shouldn’t have been a surprise at all.

Everyone has their way of dealing with this.  Some people are “easy going” and let things slide.  They might have a tad more zen in their life or they may be boundary-less pushovers.  Other people take the Sicilian approach.  Some take it for a bit to keep the peace and then, one fine day, it is O-V-E-R and it stays that way.  The last is the way it has come about for me.

Sure they act confused for a while.  They ask me,”Is there something wrong?” and I just say,”Nope,” with a smile.  Really, that’s the truth – there is nothing wrong.  Anymore.

An Eye For An Eye Makes The Whole World Blind

There are many relationships that have been on the rails for a while now, and yet somehow people are finding that they are being shown ways and given opportunities to come back together.  This may be because their soul contracts are still at work, and in the greater scheme of things it is time for them to pull back together to stand as a united front for the battles that may soon emerge.

Then in other cases you may have someone who you really depended upon or thought was a partner – for business, romance, or otherwise – and it turns out that it is glaringly exposed as false.

There are times to go to war.  How bloody should it have to get?  You can get Machiavellian about it, an eye for an eye.  Sometimes you are right but it’s no help to you because it cannot change anything.  Walking away is always a fine option.  You may find yourself doing a lot more walking in the near future than you had anticipated.

Boxed In and Breaking Free

When you’re in the energy of cutting ties and associations, sometimes you get put in a box.  That happened this week, when I was told that there was going to be one outcome on Friday, which was a huge relief, and by Tuesday I found out that they had changed their mind and were going in the completely opposite direction.  That meant that I could no longer have that association or that plan, and I have to come up with a totally new one.

I did some research, but I found that there were no obvious solutions that would hit both of the main areas I have no choice but to hit.  As I was getting a pounding headache, my friend Michael, who writes the blog Healed Spirit, wrote to me, “Sounds like you’re being boxed in, which usually works like a cattle chute to get you to take a particular way out.”

It can be tough not to get mired in negativity when you are being dealt a hand that looks poor, but that’s when you have to remember that logic and what’s right in front of your face will only take you so far.  You must believe in the divine hand guiding yours.  You must believe in miracles.  You must believe that sometimes there is no choice left but to smack you over the head with truth and reality, leaving you no options, so that you are forced to move on to a situation which is better.

There IS a solution, it WILL be brought to you one way or the other, and JUST MAYBE it’s meant to be and for the greater good.

If you expect disaster, you often get it.  If you expect a miracle, one is often delivered.  In the meantime, do everything you can do to gather all of the information until the highest solution is presented.

When some people get their way, notice how they will say their idea was great, but the alternative stinks.  When the tables get turned on them, suddenly the alternative is what was really needed all along.  They will also hear what they want to hear.

I had several conversations where one person totally disagreed with the other, in private conversations with me separately, but after they spoke alone and got back to me, the one said that the other agreed with her.  No, she didn’t.  I was there.  I might miss things sometimes but I don’t miss diametrically opposed opinions.  So if you find yourself in a conflict or a situation where there are a lot of players, “keep your own mind in mind” and don’t let them obfuscate and make you think you’re going nuts or must be confused.  You’re not.  It’s them, not you.

Overall, there is a lot of energy that is shaking up the status quo, changing all your best laid plans, and clearing the runway for your impending takeoff in another (maybe unexpected) direction.  When this happens to you, don’t let anyone sidetrack you with their bull. Don’t let anyone bully you, either.

My Mom used to always say,”If they’re mad, so they’ll get glad.”

That’s a very polite way of saying,”You do what you need to do and to hell with everyone else.”

Don’t be too shocked if someone who was screaming their head off,”NO WAY!” this morning suddenly listens to you and maybe even agrees in the afternoon.  That’s the kind of energy we are in.

 How Not To Think Of Personal Stress and Disaster

When things in your life shake up and relationships end, it can be difficult not to get stressed and panicky.  Try to avoid seeing the situation through the lens of despair.  Try remembering that your life can just as easily be viewed as an opportunity for play and experimentation.  Whatever you do, expand rather than retract your focus.  Look at the forest first.  Get clear on the outcome you want – the big picture version, without any conditions on how you get there.

You don’t hang on to something for fear that nothing will ever replace it.

All things work for good.  If you feel stuck or embroiled in a bad situation for which no obvious solution presents itself – yet – remember that at some stage, you will have an answer, you will get resolution, and that you have divine assistance and intervention on your side in all things.

Have you had any major shake-ups in your life lately?  Have people unexpectedly exposed themselves?  Have you noticed the light illuminating the dark?

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