Answers From The Universe Come In Funny Packages and Rarely Walk A Straight Line


The meandering road to a solution to your quest almost never comes in a straight line.  There are stops along the way.  Things happen that sustain us to the next point in the journey.


When you are working on manifesting your dreams or getting yourself out of hot water, you take note of all the signs, synchronicities, hints and tips that come your way, right?


Well, in many cases, wrong.  You don’t see them because you are expecting them to make sense, be logical, and follow in a straight line to a destination.


This is not what happens.  Once in a blue moon perhaps it happens that way.


There are so many people in distress these days who are rending their garments over one thing or another, working their little hearts out to solve their problems and make their dreams come true, and feeling like failures or that the universe is against them.  Not so.


Let’s suppose that your desire is realistic and limiting beliefs aren’t blocking your way.  You are capable of attaining your goal.  It is not like you are trying to become a rock star when you can’t sing a note.  You take all of the steps a normal, logical person would in your shoes, but nothing is coming to fruition.  You feel like the universe must be against you.  Things get so bad they seem like a joke.  You are doing all of the “right” things.  Why aren’t you making any progress?  Isn’t there anyone up there who’s listening or cares?


Well, yes.  They are listening and they do “care.”  In fact, their entire purpose is to take you where you want and need to go.  Imagine someone talking to you, walking along in front of you backwards, and you don’t see them because they are invisible to you.  They’re waving their hands in front of you, but you don’t see a thing.  You aren’t watching out for the opportunities they are sending you.


It could be an invitation to a party, a phone call, an email, a billboard, an overheard conversation, a suggestion made by three people that week, a feeling, a letter…something completely UNCONNECTED to what you are so focused on.  In fact you are so focused that you are flat out ignoring it when the band is crashing symbols in your face on their walk down your street and trying to grab your arm to join in.


So, when you feel like you are getting nowhere, but everyone around you seems to think there is no reason why you can’t get a new job, work it out with your partner, write your novel or whatever the pressing matter may be, remember to shut off the Logic Button in your head and turn on the Paying Attention To What’s Trying To Get Your Attention Button.  The answers don’t come in a “logical, straight line, one step to success” kind of a way. 


Pretend that the universe is working mighty hard to bring your success to you and arranging all kinds of meet ups behind your back.  Your team is conferring with Sally Ann’s team to put you two together, so she can introduce you to someone else, who conveniently will know the person who can help you.  Except, you’re so mired in your stuff that you haven’t called her back and keep canceling the meeting with her for coffee.  Your team will institute an intervention on your behalf, start over, and form an entirely new set of connections and opportunity for you to get to that final helpful person, and there you go walking into someone on the street corner and you don’t even look up, just mumble,”Excuse me,” and keep going.  There’s your team saying,”What do we have to do to get through to our person?”


Do yourself and your team a favor.  Don’t make it so hard! 


Be on the lookout, in a calm, open minded way, to what is happening within and around you. 


Take people up on things. 


Listen to the pause in your mind between thoughts, where the insights and intuitive hits sneak in. 


Then do something about them instead of dismissing them.  Release doubt.  No matter how bad or hopeless or long or unlikely it is, or how hopeful but unfulfilled you may be, have no doubt or fear that you are being looked out for, your team is with you, and you will emerge on the other side a better you. 


Your answer may not be exactly what you were looking for.  It may be better! 


It frequently is.  Don’t limit your resolution or answer to something so specific and so small that it can’t be improved upon, because your team will set to work to get you to the point you have asked for.  Be open minded to solutions much better than the ones you have thought up on your own; they are frequently forthcoming.  Believe it, pay attention, act on your intuitive impulses, and it will eventually come to fruition. 


You never know what kind of circuitous route will lead you to where you want to go.  You may be just around the corner from finding your pot of gold but you can’t see it hidden behind that ugly rock, so you give up and sit down in defeat.  Don’t do it!  If your dream is valid, you must never give up.


Image credit: photopedia