Mirror Dreams: Manifesting Into Reality



Mirror Dreams

Last night I had a mirror dream.  A mirror dream is one in which you see two sides of the coin.  What happens if you make one choice, versus going in the exact opposite direction?  I know a mirror dream because it has a sort of intermission in between showing one scenario and the other.  If you step back and view the dream after you awake, it looks like a butterfly’s wings, there is a left and a right side, they are identical yet completely separate.

The “intermission” was a scene in which I was in a sunroom.  Sunrooms in dreams represent spiritual connection and awakenings.  You know when you jump from one stage of spiritual connection to the next.  It’s as if you graduate from one lesson and integration and suddenly find yourself on a different staircase, ready to make a new climb.

In the sunroom, I asked the angels on my team to give me an energetic boost, an infusion of positive and uplifting energy (apparently, I was having a tough time in the dream!)  Suddenly, I began to float in the air and rose up to the ceiling.  I was moved around the room for a few seconds and then dropped…right onto the couch (a safe, soft landing).

This was a “confirmation” that what I experienced in waking life had actually happened.  Back on Christmas Eve I had a huge influx of wonderful energy and I had been asking at different times for an energy boost when I flagged.  I’ve been processing an enormous amount of energy lately due to the divorce and some family dynamics.  Sometimes I don’t know how to balance it, because honestly I have never had so much strong energy to process before.

It’s as if I am being asked to graduate from one level of living to another.  Like spirit is shouting,”Move along! Move along!”

It’s a transition.  I’ve had to learn to ask for help because I don’t have enough experience doing it by myself, and I’ve also been asked to do a whole lot of receiving, which is a new phenomena for me.

The signs and signals have been so strong.

Manifesting Your Dreams Into Reality: The Starting Line?

Part of the energy now is about what we are going to put behind us and how we are going to move forward in new ways.  It’s like you’re writing your Next Chapter in your Life’s Book.  The story may have taken a huge climactic turn and when you turn the page you find you are in totally new circumstances that demand a new way of reacting and moving with what you may create and what you are presented with now.

Much of this relates to your life long dreams and callings.  What skills and yearnings and desires to birth things into the concrete world did you come into this life with?  What is “just you” that you simply know you were born to do, whether or not you have ever been able to really use it and bring it into being?  Those things are being recalled and triggered now, like a bell is ringing and you are being asked to recall those dreams, dust them off, and get to work.

Think over what skill sets you have developed through jobs, other people, and general life experience that you can call in now to get your dreams into practical reality.  There may (will) be some pieces that you haven’t yet learned.  Your job is to look at all of the puzzle pieces that make up your dream, and see how they fit together.  What pieces do you still need to call in?  This may look like a class to take or a conversation to have or an energy to push through.  Generally they will be practical, grounded actions to take.

You want to be careful about the way you call them in.  There is no time to waste.  Imagine that you are on a deadline with a project or at work.  It requires Completion.  You can see the finish line.  The finish line is actually the starting line, so when you get there with all of your pieces you look up at the banner held between two trees and it says STARTING LINE.

Your whole life has been a gathering of the parts and pieces to bring you to this new starting line.  It will feel like there is something that you have always dreamed of, a core part of you, that the world needs to experience.  You are now in the process of “getting ready to be ready” to…begin.

It will feel like you are energized and suddenly you want to put your nose to the grindstone to make this project happen.  To actualize it.

The World Needs Your Genius So…What’s Stopping You?

In this process there will be things that can stop you.  This may come in the form of other people, past bad habits, essentially Your Past that comes up for review and pops back into your life to say,”Want to go again?  Another round?”

Either you are going to have to recognize this for what it is and say,”No thank you,” and walk away, or you are going to have to look at it straight on and say,”Yes to this piece, under these conditions, and if you cannot manage it, then no.”  Be willing to walk away.

For example of how this may pop up for you, I was walking past one of my bosses the other day and he stopped me in the hall to ask if I was okay, because I was really red in the face.  At first I thought,”No, I’m fine,” but then I realized that I had just fallen back into an old family dynamic where I wasn’t setting boundaries, where I was being too considerate of what other people wanted, and I was letting them off the hook.  It was affecting me physically (red face probably meant high blood pressure).  My boss was the trigger for me to take a look at what was actually happening in my personal life, which led me to realize that I had walked right back into a “here we go again” situation which I had to end.

It also caused me to reflect on how different I felt in the same situation, which forced me to acknowledge my own growth in a “look how far we’ve come” way.  See how this is true for you, too.  What’s coming around again for you to look at?

I had to consider how I was going to deal with certain people when I see them again.  Not only am I not who I was, but the circumstances have changed so dramatically that effectively I am off the hook.  If I find myself back on the hook, it is because I chose to put myself back on it.   Can you imagine yourself on a coat hook, hanging from the back of your jacket, stuck to the wall, kicking your feet, unable to get down because you’d climbed up on a step stool to get there and kicked it away with all of your flailing about?

It reminds me of Janeane Garafalo’s standup routine on post-sex:

“I become like a bartender at 2am. OK people, let’s move it out! Yeah, you don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here!”

Sometimes you get to say goodbye to people.  Other times you are stuck with them, and this can work for you if you manage your energy within the relationship.

I wondered to myself, could I grow up and, like an actual adult, be around this person who triggers me, goads me, pushes all of my buttons, and enjoys swinging back and forth between “you’re wonderful! you’re horrible!” and hold my ground, say nothing back, not engage?  Could I just smile and not respond.  What would happen then?  Would everything in the interpersonal dynamic change?

I don’t know, but since I was presented with the idea fully formed in my mind, I have a feeling I am being called to try it out.

Let’s see what we can make happen now.


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