In All Things Be Yourself And Never Rise To The Bait


You are the only one who can use your ability. It is an awesome responsibility. – My pal Zig Ziglar from business school days

If you look around the world you’ll notice that the pressure to conform is on.  Media and politics are responsible for twisting scenarios into pretzels, and they expect you to put your own mustard on and take a bite.  That’s why many of us simple turn off the tv and occasionally browse the news highlights for anything critical we need to know about.

With the proliferation of blogging, there is a whole new media group vying for your time and attention.  Stop to consider who you are allowing into your mind and heart.

I read an article by a Christian man who works for a fairly famous Christian money advice guy and who has written his own books.  In the article he expressed his doubts and concerns about how Other People reacted to his book (which took a somewhat radical departure in about three places from standard modern day Christian doctrine, according to him).  He worried about taking an assignment from CNN because it was considered the Devil’s News by some people he was trying to influence and by his current employer at the time.  He worried over how his actions would be perceived by others in his circles of influence, and what the penalties for doing what he really wanted to do would be.

I am not now nor have I ever been a Christian and I have never had much to do with any organized religion, other than associating with people who were very much involved in their own churches and synagogues.  So, I won’t say I can understand the pressures of “belonging”.

I will say that

whether it is your country or your church or your workplace or any other “institution”

when they set a Rule that they insist you comply with and conform to

and that fundamentally makes you change who you are in order to fit in

and find acceptance

Run As Fast As Your Little Feet Can Carry You.

Don’t allow anyone to crush your soul.

Do strive to be yourself in every moment and in every place.

It’s not always easy to know exactly who and what that is, or when to take action and speak up in the face of injustice.  But when it’s “being done to you”, you should feel it in your gut.  Literally.  Take notice and become aware of what your body is telling you.  Do a gut check.  That’s what that means – your intuition speaks you through your body if you pay attention to it. 

So next time you’re doubting “what she meant by that”, instead of thinking first, FEEL first.  If your tummy is queasy or your chest feels anxiety, there’s your answer.  No matter how sweet (or passive aggressive) the words – don’t be fooled.

And for goodness sake, be on the alert for people selling you things – products for money, ideas – that sound too easy AND don’t ring true. 

It has to be both, because the BEST ideas are SIMPLE. 

The biggest lies are usually SIMPLE (“the law of attraction will bring you everything you wanted if you just imagine it”) and MAKE YOU DOUBT (“that doesn’t sound right to me but she’s so pretty and her hair bounces and she says it worked for her, so if I just believe like she tells me to it will all work out, let me lay back in my lazy chair and use my imagination…”)

If you’re ever feeling overwhelmed and stuck, pare down your list or what you read, who you see, and what you allow into your sphere of influence.  In the course of doing that, you’ll notice that an awful lot of superfluous things fall by the wayside. 

You’ll be left with your core.  Is it Positive (even in a negative situation), is it True, is it You?  Does your soul say “yes” to it, or “I”m not sure”?  It’s okay not to be sure, but be on a mission to be observant and figure it out for yourself. 

Not everything is for everyone, so don’t rise to the bait of “everyone”

thinks so

reads it

does it

follows them

So what?

“Everyone” has nothing to do with you.  Except, were all interconnected, don’t forget that.  That’s why it’s so important for you to simply be you, for your very own reasons – because it influences the rest of the world.  I am sure you’d like that to be for all the right reasons.