Giving Jodi Chapman A Hard Time About Her Coming Back To Life E-Course


Yes, it’s unprecedented.  A second Thursday Post.  It’s a timing issue.

I am particular (some would say, a stickler) about what I recommend to readers of A Clear Sign.  I have this moral code thing running in the background and it will not be silenced.  Don’t ask me where it came from.

The rule is that I do not recommend anything unless I personally experience it myself first.  Obvious, right?

So when Jodi Chapman asked me to join the blog tour and become an affiliate of her new course, Coming Back To Life, I said yes if I can review it, no if I can’t.

Jodi explained that she couldn’t have me take the course because…it wasn’t ready yet.  It turns out, it is an effort between her and many other people and took a lot of hard work and coordination.

So I asked her, “What can you share with A Clear Sign readers that will be unique?”

While I was waiting for an answer, I noticed this really minor point in the fine print of her Awakening Story that led her to create the E-Course in the first place.  It had been glossed over, and I thought this is what I want to hear about.  If she will write me a unique explanation about the REASON why she woke up and how it happened, I will give her space.  And, she did.

So I can’t recommened Coming Back To Life or become an affiliate, because I haven’t seen it.

This is one of those funny stories about “judge not lest ye be judged.”


I love a good ghost story and as it turns out, there is one connected to this course. 

Most of us “wake up” to the world of spirit through some catastrophe or another, most commonly medical or financial or both.

Jodi woke up because the spirit of her boyfriend who had passed away pestered her until she did!

Here is the story:

I understand that you “woke up” when you realized that your childhood sweetheart was reaching out to connect with you from the other side via sending you signs. What kind of signs were they?

A month before he died, I found a beautiful, polished amethyst stone in the middle of my floor. My husband and I had just cleaned the entire house because we had friends coming to stay, so I knew that nothing had been on the floor just an hour before I found it. No one had been in our home, and it definitely didn’t belong to either of us. I wasn’t sure what to make of it because I truly wasn’t open to “gifts from above.” But, something inside me said that I needed to keep it. So I carried it around with me and just kind of waited to figure out what it meant.

The day Steve died, a cross pendant appeared in the middle of my floor. Again, no one had been in my house and, because I wasn’t religious, I didn’t have any crosses just lying around. I found it shortly after I found out that he had died, and I remembered that he had been religious when we dated. Even though I was skeptical, I felt deep in my heart that this was a gift from him (even though almost every part of me wanted to dismiss such a “crazy” thought). Before I could think myself out of it, I found a necklace chain, put the cross pendant on it, and put it on. I haven’t taken it off since, and that was almost 2 years ago.

Shortly after I found the cross, I began to feel Steve communicating with me. I was a complete skeptic before this, and so I wasn’t open at all to the afterlife – much less communication with someone from it. But I knew that I wasn’t crazy, either. And what I was hearing/feeling was real. At first, it was extreme sadness – his and mine. And I wasn’t able to separate it. I would lie in bed and just cry – I couldn’t believe that he was gone first of all, but I was also sad that he still wasn’t happy. It broke my heart. In the midst of this sadness, I tried to figure out why the amethyst had appeared. It turns out that amethyst helps us open up spiritually and also helps us deal with grief. So somehow, the universe knew that I would need both of these things a month before Steve died, which still amazes me.

After the cross appeared, Steve continued sending signs. (It actually took a year of him sending them to me – usually through songs – before I finally believed 100% that he was really here.) I started hearing the Aerosmith song, “Dream On” on an endless loop in my head. (This wasn’t a song that I had listened to since we dated each other.) And then it would play over and over again on the radio – different stations. It was beyond what could have just been random, and I started to wonder what the meaning could be. Aerosmith was his favorite band while we were dating, and pretty soon, many of their songs were playing frequently each time I listened to the radio.

But I was still skeptical. So I asked him to play our song – the one that we loved so much when we dated. And he did. So then I asked him to really prove that it was him, and he played a song about an angel watching over someone. Songs about Heaven began to play all of the time, too. It was a crazy time in my life – one sign after another. These are just a few of the many examples, but they really were all so amazing.

How did you finally realize that was what was happening?

After a year of receiving sign after sign, and hearing/feeling Steve in my head/heart, I finally knew that this was really happening. I stopped asking him to prove himself and asked instead why he was here – what did he need from me?

He was relieved that I was finally ready, and he said that it was time to get to work. He said he had died, but I wasn’t really living either. He wondered what happened to us – we used to be so vibrant and full of life, and over the years I had allowed life to weigh me down. He said that he wanted to help me come back to life and start dreaming again. He was going to be there each step of the way, and he has been.

What kind of teachings came through for you in the course of your communications?

 Steve had so much to share about life on the other side and also wanted to help me live life here on Earth to the fullest. We ended up writing a book together (coming soon) where he shared his message of love and hope.

He wrote about how important it is for each of us to realize that we have chosen to be here and to remember what a beautiful gift it is to be alive.

He also helped me see how essential it is to learn to balance both the spiritual and the physical world. Before he came into my life, I was completely in the physical world, and then once I believed that it was really him, I didn’t want to leave the spiritual world. I now see that we can walk through both worlds and find a happy balance between them.

He helped me see that fear is just an illusion to keep us safe, but we can push right through it and reach such a beautiful place on the other side.

He helped me see that death doesn’t exist – there is just more growth and love in another dimension. He helped me see that love never ends, and we’re all connected in such beautiful ways.

He helped me see that I am a part of something so much bigger than myself, and that feeling of never being alone never leaves me.

He helped me open up my heart again and remember that I was a soul living in a human body. I had forgotten that for so many years (since I was a child), and I am forever grateful to him for helping me wake up.

Now that you’re all thanking me for getting you a good spirit story, go over and check out Jodi’s course Coming Back To Life  which begins on October 1 and lasts for six weeks.  As always, come back and tell me how it was!