How To Tell The Difference Between Intuition And Your Imagination Or Ego

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Many times people have difficulty in telling the difference between a genuine intuitive message, impulse or sign and one that is false.  Do you sometimes:

fret over what you’re getting?
dismiss information as “just your imagination”?
feel unsure you can trust what you’re seeing?
think it might just be your ego talking?

Then take heart because the answer is simple.  I see people getting caught up in this and making it a problem all of the time.

So, how can you tell the difference between your intuition and your imagination?

How can you be sure that it’s not your ego?

First, stop thinking for a moment and letting your ego run your show.

That’s it – Just.  Stop.  It.

And, relax.

Just take a deep breath.

I know and you know that you know better, but the worst time to start developing your intuition is when you are in the middle of a crisis or decision, and your emotions get involved.  So, let’s simplify it.

Here Is The Difference Between Your Ego And Your Intuition

Anytime you are facing a decision and have a thought or idea that you’re not sure that you can trust, look at this list.

It’s your Ego if the advice or thought

scares you
makes you fearful
gives you anxiety
comes from obligation or makes you feel obligated
brings up scarcity
feels like lack
feels wrong
is immoral
depresses you when you think it’s the right answer and you’re actually going to have to do it
makes you feel “less than”
brings up jealousy

It’s your intuition if the advice or thought

is exciting
feels positive
is moral
feels right
thrills you when you think it’s the right answer and you’re actually going to have to do it
feels hopeful
does no harm
brings balance
is joyful
is uplifting
is simple

One caveat:

Sometimes you will not be able to make a decision because nothing comes up or nothing feels right.

At those times, do not push it.  Stop asking.  I’ve heard many times that asking the same thing again and again just restarts the process.  Even if it doesn’t, it must be annoying to be on the receiving end.

There are actually times when your intuition feels like it has gone on a holiday and has left you stone cold.

Those Are The Times When You Are Actually Being Guided To Do Nothing.

Don’t worry that your intuition has deserted you.  It hasn’t.  It will come back when the time is right.

The Help Your Spiritual Team Can Give You Lies In Synchronicity and Signs

If you are in doubt in spite of the above, here is a fool proof method to make certain you have read the situation correctly.

Ask your spiritual team to provide you with confirmation that you are on the right track in whatever situation concerns you.  Be specific.  Ask for two signs or a synchronicity to confirm your findings within a specified time frame.  You can tell your team what you are looking for or leave it up to them, but make sure you are crystal clear on what you are expecting.

If you get a message more than once within a day or two (or the time you specify), it’s from your Team.

If you have an impulse through one sense and it is immediately backed up by another sense, it’s from your Team (like you have a thought, and then you get shivers).

Remember your intuition is simply a communication from your spiritual team – your Higher Self, spirit guides, teachers and angels. So…if in doubt, request a synchronistic confirmation and they will be happy to help.

That’s your intuition at work.

Being focused on past events or the future will lead you in the wrong direction.  Focusing your attention on this moment and this moment only will raise your awareness and shift you to where you need to go.

Following my own advice, I asked a question about something that’s been “in the works” for a long time, and whether or not it was in my highest path to continue to pursue it.  I specificially asked for two signs related to the subject at hand to appear within 48 hours, which would be Friday morning.  Yesterday afternoon when I picked up my son at preschool, there was a toy fireman’s helmet set out for each child.  Guess what was printed on the helmet?  That’s right – it was an advertisement for the sponsoring company, which has nothing whatsoever to do with firemen, but exactly to do with my question.  I’ll let you know if a second sign shows up.


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