The Qualities of Ghosts, Spirit Guides and Intuition


I completely missed Halloween this year and I didn’t even write a single spooky word.

Sure, I took my kids trick or treating, but the usual “something extra” that seems to permeate the air on Halloween was completely missing this year.

You know why?

Because whatever used to keep this world and the afterlife world separate – “the veil” – is pretty much missing.

I have been so spun up in my own personal drama lately that under ordinary circumstances I wouldn’t even think of trying to do reliable intuitive work. There is a simple but consistent ritual that I follow to get into the zone, and while it’s still a good idea for the sake of good psychic hygiene, it is technically not necessary anymore.

Missing Objects and Finder Guides

Case in point, my husband came home unexpectedly for his medical tests and he wanted to get caught up on the house chores he hasn’t been home to do since June.  One of them was shaving the dog down, but we couldn’t find the Wahl pet groomer set anywhere.  Usually I do the looking for the lost things since no one else here can see what is right in front of their faces sometimes.  This time I was stumped.  I looked absolutely everywhere that was obvious.

I had a thought bubble pop into my mind of a cabinet in my dressing area.  It showed up half an hour before too but so had a lot of other images that proved fruitless.  I hadn’t looked there because it seemed so implausible that this was where it was.

But I know one thing.  Anytime I lose something and I ask for help finding it, even if I am just saying to myself,”What in the world did I do with it?”, a picture will pop into my head in a particular way that shows me where it is.

So I looked in my closet and found the groomer set exactly where Spirit showed me it would be.

Hoodwinked or Guided By Spirit?

Someone I’ve never met and have no connection to died right before my husband left.  I was asked to find out where he wanted to be buried, since he died on vacation.  Would he like his body to remain there, or to go home?

The person who asked me to do this is a complete non-believer, so the request in itself was odd.  I felt I was in no state of mind to talk to dead people, but it was one of those things that they had to know right then and there.  My husband was texting me and woke me up at 4am (5am his time, but not sure he was conscious of the fact that we had just changed the time and he hadn’t).

The night before I had mentioned to my Akashic Records Guide that I wanted to connect with this man in the morning, if he was available.  As I tried to go back to sleep, I did a half hearted request, knowing that I was going to be out of time once my alarm went off again, but there was no doubt I was about as relaxed as I could get – I was exhausted.

Sure enough, a man popped in to my visual scene in my head.  I had a feeling I was bothering him, like he was busy.  I mentally explained who I was, and how I was connected to the person who made the request, as well as why they wanted me to get in touch.

He left.

Another man popped onto the scene.  Where the first man appeared on the right, this one appeared on the lower left.

He was an elderly man, just like the last.  He sent me two sentences, which I heard in my head.  Up on the hill.  Where I can see everything.  He gave me a visual of the hill.

Without saying anything, he gave me the impression that the person in question was very busy and kind of bothered by my asking, because he didn’t care about things like where he’d be buried very much right at that moment.

The first man showed me that he was very protective by nature, as witnessed by the game of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon I had to play to get him to acknowledge me at all:

“Hi I’m Julie Barrett, an intuitive here to ask you about where you would like to be buried because your wife would like to know.”  Nothing.

“So-and-so sent me.”  Nothing.

“So-and-so is the son of This Man from This Place.”  Finally he looked at me before pretty much immediately leaving, but I knew in that last instant that I had connected with the right person, because I had said the Magic Word and I could feel it when he made the connection.

So when I got up for the day I sent a brief text explaining where he wanted to be buried.  I did not question which country he wanted to be buried in, because I was given the idea that the wife already knew this, and if she heard “up on the hill where I can see everything” she would know what that meant.

Sometimes spirits want to chat and sometimes they totally don’t.  Just like you get vibes from living, breathing humans, you get vibes from spirits who have passed over.  You just read their energy in much the same way.

I wrote a text to my non-believer friend, explaining what the spirit looked like and what was said.

He wrote back,”He was a very tall man.  You got hoodwinked.”

I realized that when I wrote,”He was a cute little man,” it gave the impression that I thought he was short.  In fact, I had only seen his head, as is often the case when I see spirit guides.

My friend had already told me he was an elderly, very tall man, but since I was half asleep and kind of not in the mode of doing readings as much as a favor in the moment, I had forgotten.  That is a good thing, because you don’t want to do a reading, even one on the fly like this, with too much information in advance.

Telling The Difference Between Ghosts, Spirit Guides, and Passed Relatives

Having had a little more coffee, I realized that what probably happened was the first man who left was the spirit I was trying to contact, and the second man that I spoke to was likely one of his spirit guides or another similar helper.

Why do I think this?  Because when I am contacting a “ghost” (terrible word, conjures up the impression that it’s something creepy or evil rather than simply a human being who has passed on) they almost always appear on my right, either in front of or behind me.  Spirit guides don’t.

“Ghosts” have a very particular quality when they come through at my request to talk to me on behalf of someone else.  It’s kind of like they are another person in the room with you.  Their presence is palpable, and you absolutely cannot miss when they are there and when they are gone.  At least, this is my vernacular, my way of knowing what type of entity I am dealing with.  I can definitely FEEL them in the room with me and hear them plain as day.

Not so Spirit Guides, who again are spirits who were once human just like us, but when they come through they seem more distant to me.  They will show me, tell me, make me feel, give me an impression, throw me a visual, but they aren’t as close feeling as a “ghost.”

I very often have people’s grandparents come through, for some reason, if a friend is having a hard time or asking for advice.  “Close relatives of this person” feel a bit more like Spirit Guides than Ghosts, I think because they come through in an advisory capacity, just like a Guide.

If it is my relative or friend, here to support or give me advice, I usually sense them in the back seat of my car or sitting next to me on the couch.  They will pop songs into my head, or I hear them answering my own thoughts.  For instance I was thinking,”He’s probably constipated,” and in my head I heard an answer out of the blue,”Better than twitterpated” – a reference to Bambi – and I knew my Mom was there.

To be honest I had a completely different post planned and half written this morning before I left for an appointment, a personal one to catch you up on Goatie leaving for his new home and my husband’s visit, but I kept having a recurring thought pop in,”You are complaining!”  I realized that someone, somewhere was going to take issue with what I wrote, so I decided to scrap it and write nothing this week.

When I got home I saw article after article about mediumship and speaking to ghosts (which believe it or not I almost never run across in my news stream!) and I was given a very heavy handed hint to relate some of the different ways that entities communicate with me, or how my system distinguishes one from the next, so I know there is someone out there reading this that needs the nudge to start looking at how information is coming through to them.

Is it you?

If you’ve been having lots of “visits” lately or have had the impression you are communicating with ghosts, relatives who have passed, or your own guide team more easily or differently lately, I’d love to know about your experiences.  If you have any questions about this, please ask or tell your stories in the Comments.