My Experiences As A Medium

It’s been two weeks since my husband and the boys went to the Caribbean for the summer.  It’s amazing how little cleaning and organizing has to be done now – everything is right where I left it when I went to work.  Nothing gets added unless I bring it in.  Nothing gets done unless I do it.  It’s common sense but it’s all new to me!

I started doing Summer Readings  and in particular a lot of Mediumship Readings (communicating with those who have passed over).

I’d forgotten that EVERYTHING counts when you start a reading.  No matter how obscure, strange, or unlikely it seems.

When I went back to a day job, I more or less quit doing intuitive readings but I started doing intuitive living.  People would come into and out of my life and I would regularly get intuitive information in for them and pass it on without anyone being the wiser.  Apparently, that style stuck.

If I ever doubted it, I am definitely a Medium.  The funny thing about mediumship is that I never really understood how beneficial and healing it can be, because people can be very concerned with how their loved one is.  I wondered, what benefit is it to the living if you are simply giving them information they already know?

Usually while I am connecting as a medium, I’ll be told how they died, be given symbols, signs and stories of things that happened while they were alive and since they’ve passed, as a validation to the person who is still living that I have connected with their person.

Usually no new information comes about, not like we usually get when we are communicating with spirit guides who generally give suggestions and advice and have a lot to say about next steps.

I guess I always knew that of course the person who has passed on is just fine.  I was never worried about them because I know they go back into the spirit realm and don’t have bodies that feel pain and allow suffering anymore.  I was more worried about us, the living, because our work always feels so pressing!  Will we get the job, is this person the one for us, what can we do to help our child, etc etc.  So many concerns and wishes for the future.

Those who have passed on often visit us in dreams, send us hints and help, and basically are just hanging around us when we need them.  Don’t think that wasn’t your mother or grandfather when you were trying to remember that thing and it just popped into your head.  Often, it is.

It must be because I accept these things as occurring all of the time, and that it is a normal part of life, and I don’t mind saying things like,”Well your grandmother says…” or,”Your dog sits on your bed every night still, don’t you feel him jump up and feel the weight on your feet?”

Yes I know MOST people won’t say those things, and often I don’t make it so obvious where it is coming from.  It depends on who I am talking with.

Most people probably think I am just really opinionated.

So to me, if I went to a medium and they said my Mom was here, told me how she used to dress and some stories about when I was a kid, that’s nice and everything, but I’d be far more interested to know what she has to say about me and my husband living in two separate countries, or if she has any suggestions or thoughts about the kids (she was an elementary school teacher) or whatever else she wanted to tell me that has relevance in my life right now.

Other people don’t.  They feel anxious and concerned or that they never got to say goodbye.  They wonder if what they did or didn’t do is cool with the relative who passed over.  They wonder if what they said at bedside in the hospital was heard.  They want to know if Mom and Dad are together on the other side, and is the dog with them.

I can’t explain it, I am just telling you.

So a mediumship reading can help answer those questions and basically make the person feel better or heard or that they got closure on what are often very painful deaths and circumstances.

Back to the point about EVERTHING that happens being part of the reading.  In one mediumship reading, I was waiting a week for PayPal to clear a check from the UK until I started the reading, but I had seen the photo of the man’s face.  Usually the dead are all “HI HERE I AM, LET’S DO THIS THING RIGHT NOW” but this man was patient.  I didn’t think I was hearing from him at all.  Very quiet.

I was at work on a conference call and doodling as I usually do when I kept writing Australia for absolutely no known reason.

A few days later, finally the check cleared and I realized that I didn’t have any candles at home.  Usually I wouldn’t let that stop me, but for some reason I just felt like I wanted to clear the energy in my space on the porch, and nothing but a candle would do.

I can’t find my favorite Inspire Amaretto candle anywhere anymore, and my last few trips to Whole Foods to peruse the candle aisle (yes they have one) was of limited success, so off I went to my least favorite place on the planet, WalMart.

Scents gross me out and make me sneeze most of the time, and even interfere in the intuitive process because they are distracting and sometimes intuitive information comes in via scent or smell.  That’s why I get so excited when I find a scent my allergies are good with.  I can’t even use a Reiki candle, because their energy messes with my energy – I am probably the only person on earth who finds a Reiki candle depressing.

In the WalMart, this kind of pickiness was a big problem.  Everything was a petroleum based candle.  Nothing even pretending to be soy.  Nothing much unscented.

I couldn’t have told you why, at the time, that I spent 15 minutes smelling candles.  Rejecting one after the other until I hit upon Honeysuckle.  A scent from my youth, didn’t make me sneeze, OK we are on, candle.

That night I sat in the dark on my very quiet porch and burned honeysuckle to the east, west, north and south, until I began to smile and feel like the area was “cleared.”

That night someone mentioned honeysuckle on the phone.  Out of the blue.  The next day I met a friend for lunch and she mentioned honeysuckle.  I stopped in another candle store and asked for suggestions.  I said I liked fruity scents.  She gave me a honeysuckle candle and told me it was her favorite.  Honeysuckle is NOT a fruit, but okay…

Honeysuckle was part of the mediumship reading.  The client wrote back to me and said she uses Australia as her password for everything.  She sits by the honeysuckle bush when she goes to the man’s mother’s house to sit and think of him.

I am just saying.  Everything can be part of the reading from the moment that it is ordered.  Subtle or not.  The trick is to make a mental note of it while you are busy living your life, and to figure out which person it belongs to.

I often feel, see, hear, and get messages for my friends when we are just talking.  They will have particular people, usually relatives, who come by regularly.  If it’s my friend in L.A., it’s one or the other of his grandfathers.  If it’s my old co-worker, she goes everywhere with an entire posse of Jewish relatives who lived through the Holocaust.

Sometimes I just sense or see someone pop their head over their shoulder if we are having lunch.  The fun is in figuring out who it is, without asking my friend anything.

I suspect that a lot of people sense those who have passed over but brush it off, thinking it “couldn’t be real.”  I was surprised at first to learn that spirit can and does move things around physically.  When you “just get a feeling” to pick up a book and an old clipping of your Mom’s falls out, yes that is really her saying hello and sending a message.

If you begin to look at the world with an open mind and a sharp eye, you might be shocked at what you see.  It’s a change in perspective, just a step to the left…