Giving Up | Rules and Limiting Beliefs

Advanced Riskology author Tyler posed a challenge:

I want to hear your stories—good or bad—about ‘giving up.’ Have you ever made the tough decision to stop doing something that wasn’t a good fit? Are you in the process of making a big change? What were the consequences? What are you doing now instead? Let us know about it!”

My response to Tyler is that I have given up on my rules.

This morning I ran across an article which was attached to the bottom of a job search email.  

“If the world does not match what we are seeking then we choose not to feel good about ourselves, feel some sort of angst and not be happy.  The result of these rules is that they serve to isolate us in many respects.  The rules give us reasons for not feeling like everything is perfect and that something is wrong.  The rules prevent us from working on whatever is in front of us at the moment and making the most of it and being happy,  The rules separate us from people, jobs and opportunities.  A major key to happiness in life and success in your chosen calling is doing everything within your power to not have so many rules.  The more rules you have the less happy you will generally be.” -A. Harrison Barnes

I used to have rules like:

  • I fit best in a Fortune 500 company
  • I have a MBA so I have to work in business
  • I can’t be an entrepreneur because I don’t have the right mindset
  • I work best alone
  • My children always come first and every decision I make must revolve around them primarily
  • I’ve made my bed and now I must lie in it
  • I must continue on with this person in my life because I’ve made a commitment
  • I have to continue to build on my income and assets
  • I like living here so I am going to stay put no matter what
  • My friends are these certain people

Compare that to what I have actually been doing since I lost my job:

I had to start over from scratch and let go of everything I could no longer afford – which was pretty much everything we’ve ever owned or saved – at middle age with a preschooler and a second grader to support

I support my husband in his small business

I trained to become a professional psychic/intuitive because it called to me

I started my own blog and small business

I work with a group of other intuitives instead of men in suits

I took my youngest out of day care and spent time with him

I let go of people who drained me and embraced a whole new group who are energetically completely different and I discovered new things about old friends – some lovely and enlightening and others not

I learned to accept responsibility for everything that has happened, even those things that clearly seemed to have happened “to” me caused by other people’s negativity

What have I given up?


If you don’t think that’s scary, well – it is!

What have I gained?

Understanding that I was very vulnerable to other people’s energy (an “empath”) and how to cope with that

Knowledge that our poor decisions – no matter how well intended and even when we’ve done our best – can and will cause our life to fall apart

The universe will lead us out of troubled times and onto a better path if we allow it

A completely new mindset opened up when I had direct evidence of spiritual support

An understanding that religion is not related to spirituality, directly

I was a big grouch when I was working full time and juggling everything, and I let it show – now I mostly feel and project a much more loving persona in day to day life and it opens all kinds of doors

Tremendous wisdom that can be used to change every thought, deed and action is available if you seek it out

The right people, places, ideas, inspiration and things come to those who are looking for them with eyes open

Life does not have to look like anything you planned for yet can be much better

We each do far more good than we know without even trying – by influencing others

“Ask, and you shall receive” is true – if you do it from the right place and are willing to fly blind

Not too many things last forever and can die on the vine if you neglect them – especially love

It’s good to give just a little bit too much, outside your comfort zone, but stay true to your own needs

Remember to have fun because no matter how things look today, you choose to be happy or not

Miracles happen

If you stop to contemplate how many limiting beliefs you have (your Rules), life can look completely different to you in just a short space of time.  You may not even have any idea of how much “you” there really is, and what you are capable of if your desire is strong. 

Learning how you’ve boxed yourself in by accepting and developing your rules is an unfolding process.  A little unfolds today, more next week, then next year. 

Challenge yourself by writing down your Rules today – then burn them in the kitchen sink and see how free you really are.


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