Is It Possible For Time To Pause? Spirit Magic

Yesterday my eight year old son asked me,”What do you think would happen if you ran into your past or future self?”

I told him I was pretty sure that would violate the laws of physics as we currently know them, but he should ask his father.  He started to talk about time travel, which his father insists is impossible.  Then he said,”So it can’t happen.”

I told him that’s not what I said.  What I said was, scientifically speaking it might not be possible, but what about the other possibilities, such as God and mysticism?

Side note: I love the fact that I can have this kind of conversation with an eight year old. I also love the fact that I can defer his father to him when the lectures begin,”You know how if you take a piston and then…”(tune out, tune out), to which I reply,”Where are we going with this?” and the answer is not forthcoming.  Yesterday I discovered that I can then call my son’s name and say to my husband,”Speak to him,” and they can happily chat about such matters for an hour while the other kid and I look at Maru the cat who loves boxes on YouTube.  I am so happy about this.

The reason I thought the kid’s question was so interesting is that for the last week or two I have actually observed time stopping, or otherwise acting oddly, on several occasions.

I suppose it all started when I was chatting with my friend Lindsay of The Daily Awe.  I mentioned to her that my eyes might be failing me, but I could have sworn that I looked at the clock and it said 2:38pm.  I went to visit a few blogs, made some comments, and came back about 10 minutes later I’d guess to see that the computer clock said…2:38pm.

Then I went down to Ft. Lauderdale to have an appointment with a very famous psychic, who was visiting from Virginia.  I will have to tell you all about that one next time.    But for the moment let’s just say that we had an issue with time.  I had a 1/2 hour appointment.  She thought it was for 1 hour and had a timer set to buzz a few minutes before the session was over.  A while into it, suddenly we heard someone whistling.  I assumed it was the timer going off.  She on the other hand got the “big eye” look and paused mid-sentence.  She said,”Oh for a second there I thought we had a Visitor.”  The session went on so long we almost ran out of things to talk about.  Finally she said it was time to wrap it up, even though I never heard the timer go off.  I asked her about payment arrangements because I realized there was no way it had only been half an hour.  It felt like I had been in there for hours, and I didn’t have extra cash on me.  I walked out, and my watch said almost two hours had gone by.  Neither of us realized it.  Where did the extra time come from?

I am not a scientifically minded person.  Two semesters of college calculus and  chemistry and I was out.  I left physics way back in high school.  People tell me all of the time about how the Universe works, and how certain things are not physically possible, how events are just random, and about the space/time continuum.  Frankly, I am so not interested.  I know what I know because I have experienced it, but actually trying to prove it scientifically bores me to tears and I figure is not my bailiwick.  That’s for someone else to do.  Someone who gets it that way.

When things in the house get moved, disappearing and mysteriously reappearing, especially in October when spirit is super active, I don’t ask the physical human beings who live here because I know they didn’t do it.  Don’t ask me to explain it logically.  It’s no less true just because obviously spirit did it.  I love when people claim to be logic based and don’t accept mystical explanations for things.  They just stand around saying,”How would you explain that?” to which I say,”I don’t know, it was just magical.”  Of course they don’t believe me, but they can’t explain it, either.

For instance, last weekend we had news that one of our nephews was going to be in Florida for just one day.  We went out to buy replacement billiard balls so when the family arrived they could play pool.  Usually our pool table is covered with architectural plans because three years ago my toddler threw all the balls over the fence into the woods and we could never find three of them again.  It was the oddest thing how they just “disappeared into thin air.”  My husband was so upset about this at the time that I looked high and low.  Periodically we’d look again…under bushes, under stairs…nothing.

When the family arrived my husband said he didn’t have a complete set in the pockets and he was going to get the new balls.  One nephew said,”Yes you do,” and we looked at the triangle full of balls.  My husband said,”Oh but we don’t have the cue ball,” and the other nephew turned around and held it up in his hand.  Even my husband had to ask,”WHERE did these come from?”  You all know the answer I gave him…not that he believes me!

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