What My Spirit Guides Told Me In A Dream…Pass It On

I am aware of when I’ve been chatting with my spirit guides all night, just because when I wake up in the morning the quality of sleep is different and I sort of hear their echoes in my mind.

The other night I was given information to clear out a lot of things that have been bouncing around in my mind.  Beware when this happens because what it seems to mean is,”Hey, you have to understand, resolve, and put this stuff behind you, because here comes more!”

I’ve learned quite a few lessons and I’m going to share what I’ve learned with you (because they told me to or rather, they made the suggestion).

As we’re approaching the end of the year, the energies are clearing us out of  junk that we don’t need to hold onto any longer.

Notice: the quality of the junk is escalating.

If you’ve been working over time on your Life Lessons as they’ve showed up for you, you might be noticing that right now everything is going right back to childhood or “how you’ve always been” – what you might think of as “your personality” but which might better be described as “your mis-perception about reality.”

I asked a friend for advice the other day and he said,”So just ignore it.  No big deal.”  Normally, that’s exactly what I would do, but in this case I realized it would NOT be ignored.  It refused.  Then my friend said,”So then just look at what level of emotion you are having about it.  Facts are facts.  There is no emotion to them.  It’s when you get upset that you have to pay attention.

Okay, yes, THAT was it.  I was having an emotional reaction because the situation brought up one of my beloved “personality traits” that I truly thought was me – part of my package.  But if nothing truly is part of us that we cannot release, then could I just let it go?

Yes, I could.

I realized that the original issue still remained.  That urgent need to tell someone something, state a fact, didn’t go away.

In my dreams that night I got an explanation.  The universe was killing two birds with one stone.  They saw something I had to change.  They saw something someone I knew had to change.  They put the opposing forces at the same place and time and said,”Resolve this.”

You know how I know (besides them coming right out an saying so)?  Because my thing disappeared.  Suddenly it was clear as a bell and I could shuck it off.  It’s not as simple as that, but now I am aware of it on a different level than I have ever understood it before.  When it comes up next time, I will know better what to do with it.

As for the other party, I am afraid it will not be so easy.  I saw with some clarity what kind of whirling dervish this was going to bring up, and it was not pretty.  But whatever role I played in this coming up for resolution, I have to accept.  Apparently I signed up for it.  And signing up to bring pain up for someone you really like is not a fun role.

Don’t be surprised if in this next push toward the end of the year you get hit over the head with a bunch of old stuff.  Best bet?  Don’t fight it too hard unless it needs to be shut down with an anvil to the head.  Do whatever you have to do to put it to rest or it will be coming back around to haunt you.

Moving on…sometimes you do not belong where you led yourself.  If you associate with people just because you have something in common, it does not mean you belong on their platform.  There may be people in your life that you think you should be connecting with but it just doesn’t gel.  Let it go.

If there are people who support you and it surprises you, take note.  If someone you feel is “way ahead on the curve” takes an interest in you or your work – that’s because you’re going that way.  Even if you don’t think so, or can’t figure out how it’s related, trust me – that’s your general direction.

It finally occurred to me that I did not belong at another spiritual site.  I liked the person and the energy but I did not like the message at all.  I completely disagreed with it, yet something was drawing me to it.  What?  That became crystal clear when I listened to a counseling call posted on the site.  The clients that blogger is connecting with are in a totally different place than I am now.  That was me maybe several years back.  I’ve moved on.  That’s why it didn’t click with me.  She has work to do and so do I – similar work, different levels.  God bless and carry on.

There’s a lot coming up for us all around hypocrisy.  Yes we are all hypocrites from time to time, even though we don’t mean to be.  It’s the nature of the beast.  Look at where you are talking your talk and walking your walk, and then look at where there’s a clash.  If you find that you talk spirituality by day and “kill the enemy” by night, you are in disconnect.  You either do or you don’t, in all things.  Not just when it’s convenient.  Not 99% of the time and you’re an energy vampire 1% of the time.  Don’t laugh, I’m not kidding.

No one is going to save you.  You have to save yourself.  That means walking your walk, to the best of your current ability, in every moment.  Remember what the Cub Scouts (or your Mom) say – Do Your Best?  This will bring back memories for some of you.  (Akela is the parent, teacher, or leader in charge at any given moment).  Think of this is terms of how you endeavor to treat your fellow human beings.

Cub Scout Promise

I, (say your name), promise
To do my DUTY to GOD
And my Country
To HELP other people, and
To OBEY the LAW of the Pack

Law of the Pack

The Cub Scout follows Akela.
The Cub Scout helps the pack go.
The pack helps the Cub Scout grow.
The Cub Scout gives goodwill.

Cub Scout Motto


If the first thing that came to mind was that,”The Boy Scouts of America stink because…” then you should really get this one.  If we cannot manage to live up to this, then everyone suffers.

No one will fault you for falling down.  We all fall down.  If you were perfect, you wouldn’t be walking around down here with the rest of us.  You’d be outta here by now.  But if you fail to heed the call, you will needlessly suffer.  

Get your act together, to the best of your ability, and do it right now.  For the things you cannot figure out, cry Uncle and ask for help.  Say,”I can’t do this on my own and I need help because I wish to release it and let it go, once and for all,” if this is where you find yourself.  Do not just give up.  If you just give up you will be destined to repeat like an old album with a stuck needle.  You have be warned.

I’ve been getting a lot of letters lately that just tell a long, long story and say,”Any advice?”

My advice would be,”Get to work.”  Learn how to access your intuition.  Read Angela Artemis’s book on Intuition.  There is no Magic Bullet.  None. You have to do your own work in your own time and follow the bouncing ball of your intuition.  There is no other way.  I cannot tell you what to do, for if I did you would not “hear it” until you were ready.  THAT is why we all walk our own path.  I am learning all of the time, and so is everyone else.  Yes, we can and should help each other.  We cannot do it for you.  So if you are stuck, get busy listening to your intuition, following your gut, and asking Spirit for guidance.

I was told one last thing.  I have to admit this one may just apply to me.  I’ve been given a lot of advice as to what comes next for me.  The advice is fairly far ranging and far reaching.  It might all be kind of related subject matter, but not anything that I could imaging doing simultaneously.  Some of it is so far fetched (to the Me Of Right Now) that I have a hard time accepting or perceiving it, to be honest.  However I got some simple advice – I don’t have to do it all at once.  I don’t have to just choose one.  I don’t need to confuse the issue.  I can just choose (they told me which one) and then, later on down the road, move into the others.

Have you been having a hard time figuring out, “What you are supposed to do next?”  or, “What your Purpose is?”  This might sound obvious but what you can do is the one next thing you want to do.  Don’t think the entirety of your future lies in one career, or in writing one book, or in one job, or in one relationship.  It might.  Or it might not.  Stop stressing over if what you’re working on now is “it.”  There can be a lot of “its.”

I hope there was something in my dreams that was helpful to you.

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