Life Between Lives

When my son was born, he came out talking.  He spoke for about 24 hours.

Yes, I know that makes no logical sense!  At the time I assumed I was imagining things under the influence of the new motherhood haze and lack of sleep.

He spoke to an imaginary someone just over my shoulder, but as far as I could see, there was no one there.  It wasn’t quite English, but it wasn’t any other recognizable language, either.  Still, it was clearly formed words just like any other conversation.

I mentioned this to my husband the next day, sure he would laugh at me, but he agreed.  He heard it, too.  I may have mentioned before that my husband is one of those people who would like to believe, but barring evidence to the contrary, remains a skeptic regarding anything at all happening after we die.

Could There Be Life Between Lives?

Newborns cannot talk, so what could be the meaning of this?  At the time, I had never considered that reincarnation was even a possibility.

We live in illusion and the appearance of things. There is a reality. We are that reality. When you understand this, you see that you are nothing, and being nothing, you are everything. That is all. – Famous Buddhist Saying

When he was a little bit older he would stare at something on the ceiling as if it was of great interest.  I spoke to a famous psychic about it and was told a long and involved (fascinating, really) story about how he was looking at a pirate from the 1300s or 1400s, and he was a very heavy man of about 300 pounds, with terrible teeth.  He used to know my son in another life where they were shipmates.  I was to tell the man that he was dead and to move along into the light.  She also said my son was an Indigo Child and that I could expect a lot more phenomena like this from him.  She told me to get him a pirate ship toy to play with in the bathtub and to show him Pirates of The Caribbean and look for a reaction of recognition.

I did, and there was none.  He liked the ship and the movie, but no more than anything else.  Then my son got a little older and started pointing at the ceiling and saying “Applepuss.”  My Dad got him an octopus toy and guess what – he called it an Applepuss, too.  So I asked him if what was on the ceiling all of this time was an Octopus, and of course, it was.  So much for psychics, I thought.

This happened long before I was studying spirituality in earnest.  Somewhere along the line I ran into a discussion on Life Between Lives, and specifically, The Life Review.   Coming soon, I will address what I’ve found out about The Life Review.

For now, I wonder what you think about what happens in Life Between Lives?

A portion of this seems to be The Life Review, when you first cross over.  You have choices to make as to how, when and to whom or even if you will incarnate again here on earth.  Have you ever thought about why you may have chosen your parents, or if one or both of them may have chosen you, or if perhaps you had a Contract about it before either of you came around again?  If you’re a parent, do you find it very easy or difficult to relate to your child, and what in your or their learning might you be here to facilitate?  Might you have known your parents, child or a sibling in another lifetime all together, and who might you have been to each other before now?

Many people who are born into difficult circumstances might gain perspective on how their life unfolded in youth based upon what lessons they came here to learn.  We can learn things the hard way or the easy way.  Erin Pavlina has many articles on these topics that you may be interested to read.  This is a great one regarding picking your parents.

Picking Our Parents and Life Circumstances/