Your Soul Had A Plan: Pre-Birth Planning

I was sitting in the Emergency Room with Thing 1 and Thing 2 on Sunday morning, waiting to get in to see my husband.

I had just seen him an hour prior, and he looked just fine to me.

I had no sense that something was wrong or was going to go wrong. I did not have a sense that he was going to die that day (which he didn’t).

It did make me wonder though why I wouldn’t have had an impulse that something was suddenly going to come up.

Is This Just A Coincidence, Or…?

I had been reading Robert Schwartz’s Your Soul’s Plan: Discovering The Real Meaning Of The Life You Planned Before You Were Born.

In the book, scenes of pre-birth planning sessions were channeled so that we could understand major life events, like illness, disability, accidents, early death, drug abuse and alcoholism.

The lives highlighted were meant to be extreme examples of people who decided to further their soul’s growth through some pretty dramatic events.  The sessions all took place after the events, and after the healing had been done or begun.

I didn’t start to get worried until I realized that I was newly drawn to this book just last week, and I had been having some wild dreams to go along with it.  Instructional dreams.  Explanatory dreams.  Clearly there was a significant reason for me to learn about this.

I thought it was a “professional interest” but what if it wasn’t?  What if it came into my life right now because I was about to have something completely unexpected and dramatic happen to my husband?  Or, maybe that’s overly dramatic and I just haven’t been getting enough sleep lately!

You know I don’t believe in (too many) coincidences, and the entire book is about how things get planned and orchestrated behind the scenes.  It’s about how nothing is what it looks like.

Do We Plan Our Life Lessons and Thematic Life Plan Before We Ever Are Born?

You bet your boots, we do.

We also plan who we will meet up with, what roles we will play for each other, and sometimes it’s as precise as “on the street corner at 5:26 pm in Tulsa, Oklahoma” while other times it might be more like “in college” or “only if she chooses not to marry Hank.”

Apparently the strictness or flexibility of the plan has a lot to do with how far along we are in our soul’s evolution, or at least that’s what this author observed.

I’ll tell you that most, if not all, of the book rang very true to me and much of it was corroborated through my dreams, which were very specific regarding the actual planning stages, almost like an instructional on the intricacies of how it is orchestrated.

That’s Why He Looks So Familiar!

You’ve had that moment of deja vu or that sense that you’d been there before or met that person before, right?

It may very well be just a remembrance of your pre-birth planning session.  You are given “markers” to look for, so your subconscious gives you the high sign when an important person enters your life or a critical event is about to unfold.  You also will “try on” the appearance of the personality you will be this time around when you are meeting with the other souls, in part so you will recognize each other.

I had long suspected that people come into our lives to role play, in the “all the world’s a stage and we are merely players” sense.

It seemed very evident to me that some of the people who are a major thorn in our sides this lifetime are probably just soul mates or soul group members coming along to trot out their worst so that we could learn something.

If you spend a moment thinking of the person who aggravates you the most (or did in the past, if you are now so zen you do not get aggravated!), imagine that you met in the ether and made a plan together.  Imagine you asked them to come along and do exactly what they did!  Why might you do that?  For what purpose in your evolution?

Similarly, think of your best friend, your Mom and Dad, and the most important teacher in your life.  Why did they come to you?  What are you teaching each other?

These are really useful things to cogitate on because if you work it and you ask the right questions, you WILL begin to see the answers.

So when you find yourself sitting in the ER on a Sunday morning unexpectedly, and you aren’t feeling any worry (okay, you’re worried, but you aren’t expecting anyone to die that day, you’re just kind of shocked and concerned), then do you feel that way because you were already part of the soul planning session and you know this is just part of the plan, somewhere deep inside?  Or do you worry because you’ve just been impulsed to buy a book which has many stories of people “taking themselves out” in order to learn and grow?

Well, if you’re me, you just ask your five year old if he’s worried about Dad.  When he says,”No, I’m not worried because I know he’s not going to die today,” then maybe you can take a breath.

Corroboration from the most spiritually connected person in the house helps.

What do you feel?  Is any of this ringing true for you?  How might knowing your pre-birth plan be relevant to you right now?