Offer Ends July 31st – One Quick Intuitive Question and Answer For A Donation Of Your Choice

I’ve posted this on Facebook and Twitter but wanted to make certain that all of the Readers and Subscribers to A Clear Sign are aware that my offer ends at midnight EST on July 31st.

This is how it works:  Think about the one “burning question” you have right now that you wish you could get some clarity, guidance, or assistance on.  It can be from any area of your life (just keep it clean!).

Maybe you have been asking your Team of spirit guides, teachers, and angels for help in making a decision or which direction to go in, but you can’t clearly hear their advice because you are getting in your own way.  Maybe you haven’t really established your relationship with your own spiritual team and you don’t know how to go about asking.  Everyone needs guidance from time to time.

I have had this offer up on my Intuitive Readings page One Intuitive Question and Answer for a short time and have had an overwhelming response of over 100 inquiries, more than I can keep going on a consistent basis.  It has been an invaluable experience for me and I really appreciate everyone who has participated.  I know there are some of you still out there who have wanted to do this, so here is your chance!

Just click on the Donate button to the right and send me your question on the PayPal form or via email to and I will be back to you with a personalized response straight from your spiritual team within 24 hours.  You choose the amount based upon what you feel the direct contact with and guidance from your Team is worth.  This also gives you the chance to interact with me if you have not done so before and may help you to decide if you would like to go into more depth in a full reading in the future.  \

Please be SPECIFIC in your question – the more well thought out the question, inevitably the better the answer will be.  You have the whole weekend to give this some thought, so if you want to ask a question just please make sure you do it before midnight on Sunday.

Thank you all for being my most valued Readers!