The Outcome Will Be What It Should Be, No Matter What It Is


I’ve been on responsibility overload lately.

Here it is again, the end of the calendar year approaching and the solstice upon us.  People say this is one of the hardest years they’ve had, but it’s not been that way for me.

Everything is relative, but I have had much, much more challenging years.  Or maybe I’ve just gotten used to walking into the great unknown, into the mystery, surrendering every step of the way.

That is a Practice, not a Perfect.

I’ve been studying Tarot all year, as well as taking in astrology.  It’s been done through experience, through osmosis, feeling into the energy and deciding if what’s been said is true for me, and if so, how.

I haven’t done it in my typical way of picking up a book and reading all I can on the subject, in an orderly fashion.

Equally, I have been taking a different route emotionally.  When feelings come up, I look at them and name them.  Acknowledge them.

When my personal life started to fill up with different people, I felt into the energy of them and then, if I wanted to move forward, I didn’t look at the facts of the situation nearly as much as I looked at the energy of the potential relationship.

Soul partners started showing up and I began to dip my toe into the intimacy that close friendships and potential partners require.  I can go deep on a spiritual level when doing my work with Spirit, but putting my own self and feelings on the line turned out to be surprisingly hard.

So I practiced.

I’ve been studying with a Tarot teacher this year, going to her events, having sessions one on one, and watching her read not just me but other people.  Again, learning by osmosis.

One thing she mentioned to me was the warmth that’s been missing from my life, and I realized that Fire energy was something not just mostly missing from my astrological chart but from my closest long term relationships.

Each of the people I’ve met this year whether in Tarot groups or in dating and relating showed me Fire, in one way or another.

It felt like an epiphany when she said, without me ever having said one funny thing to her, that I was really funny on the inside.

I realized why I love The Virgo so much.  He makes me laugh every single day, the mental electricity between us almost always results in hilarity.  I’ve always said it was our laughter, that joy of the understood joke, our similarity of thinking even though we are so different, that marked this as a special friendship beyond compare.

The Tarot teacher said,”He’s bringing out your Fire.  Laughter and joy are fire energy.”

See, teaching me just what I need to understand.

A past life reading between me and The Virgo remarked specifically on how funny we were together, and how everyone loved to be around us for that reason.

The universe, spirit, will show you the threads, the connection, if you look for them.

Being funny together and making each other happy that way may not seem like an especially big deal, but when it is mentioned every single time, it is there for you to see it.

Divine and Perfect Timing

I had the greatest call with a new friend recently, where the energy just flowed and I gave him the perfect message that Spirit sent to him with true “divine and perfect timing.”

We tried to have the call but it kept getting cancelled, the funniest things kept getting in the way, and he’d pick the one moment when I absolutely could not do it, or something came up.

When we had the call, he said that he understood the message perfectly, and he would not have been open to receiving the message before.  Some things had to happen first.

When the universe times things like this, and helps me to deliver the message in a way it can be heard – which is the whole point! – it just makes the rest of my struggles and problems and sense of responsibility overwhelm disappear.

It lets me know that everything is unfolding the way it is supposed to, and we are not doing this all alone.

We are co-creating.

Some People Are Limited As F, Others Are Pioneers

People are where they are in their journey.  Sometimes you recognize them as soul friends you’ve known before, but you need to also see their limitations this time around.

People can’t always give you everything you wish they could.  Sometimes they look to you for what you just don’t have to give.

Someone called Tarot the dark side, said a psychic isn’t a therapist.

Tarot is the light side.  A good reader or intuitive IS actually exactly like a therapist, but they have the help from spirit that a regular MD or MSW sorely lacks or cannot share.

Anyone who calls an intuitive a “psychic” is not in tune enough with what is really going on.  They are expecting a prediction of their future life as if such things are set in stone.  They are not.

My friend told me toward the end of our call that everything I’d said was everything he already knew, but it was only hearing it from me that gave him permission to ignore what his friends and family were telling him to do.

He was able to finally listen to his own gut and intuition without that roiling sense in the gut that “maybe everyone else is right and I am wrong.”

I told him what I will tell you – if you already knew it, that’s how you know it’s the truth.

I had said the very same words to my Tarot teacher when she was reading for me last week.

It’s that inner knowledge that the person reading for you, bringing spirit’s advice through for you, is telling you exactly what you already knew for yourself.

Hearing it from someone else can act like The Permission Genie In The Sky – you just have to know that the Permission Genie is your soul.

It’s you.

There have been a few times this year when with dates and with readings, someone asked me if I’d ever done it before, if I knew the answer, or how something would work for them (or if it would).

That’s when I get to rub my hands together and say,”I don’t know!  Let’s do it and find out!”

It’s quite pioneering really, pretty damn brave.

Children Over Thirty, Use Your Words

You know how some people pick their Word For The Year?

I gave up on that a while back because the reality is, you get what you ask for, and one word sets you up for a year’s worth of lessons on the subject. Often not pleasant ones.

Now I enjoy meandering through the Mystery, seeing what wants to be seen, loving my life exactly how it is, but looking out for the needed changes, improvements, and things to be thrown away because they are done and over.

Time to clear out.

If I look back on 2017 so far – a few moments left for some big surprises, you never know – I’d say my Words were:






What I have loved about my dates is that each was a friendship in its own right. Every time they caught a whiff of me being in trouble or having a problem, every single time every single one I shared the briefest of concerns with asked me,”Can I help?” or, “Anything I can do?”

They weren’t close enough for me to actually ask them for that help.  Or maybe I could have, but to me it felt like stepping over a line.  So I didn’t.

But I kept offering my help to others.

Maybe this year I’ll learn how to accept it better.