How Experiences Manifest

When you send intentions out into the Universe, how do they manifest?

If you ask for assistance from your helpers, and are open to the ways in which solutions are delivered, you may be delighted by the unique ways Spirit solves your problems for you and brings in new life.

One of my major fears surrounding my husband moving away to another country and then the divorce itself, was how was I going to manage my responsibilities as well as my husband’s?

Initially, things would go wrong when he was here to fix the problem.  Right before he left, an electrical fire started in the bathroom while he was in it, so he stopped it before my tongue-in-groove wood house caught completely on fire.  It was funny because he was smoking at the time, and at first even he had a moment of not knowing quite what was going on.

Once, we lost the water to the house and he talked me through fixing the system while we were on the phone, but I knew he was arriving that night so if I couldn’t handle it, he would.  I was able to fix it and he says that to this day he feels that was my biggest accomplishment.  Another time, the entire septic system backed up into the house while I was at work and he was here to find a company to come pump out the tank while he cleaned up the mess inside.

Aside from house repairs, there was the problem that I was so isolated out here in the woods and we had failed to establish connections in the community even though we’ve been here for over a decade.  Whenever another couple would invite us out, he always declined, too busy with work.  My usual routine was go to work, do a huge commute to pick up the kids from school, and get home to do the evening routine, with no time to take the kids to sports or anything else.  Weekends were spent cleaning, food shopping, and getting ready to do it all over again the next week.  If the kids were invited somewhere, just getting them there and picking them up again was a minimum of an hour and a half of driving.

Now that I am completely on my own, I knew things had to change.  We’d lost Dad, our source of entertainment and the guy who ran every show and coordinated every Saturday morning when he wasn’t working.  He’d drag us around through his day, and we loved doing it, but once he was gone we lost the conductor of our lives and were left adrift to figure out a new routine and what life could look like now that everything was different.

I set out with a two-part plan, one to get the kids more engaged with their friends and community, and one to start a social life for me.  Initially, the hardest part was to figure out to what extent their Dad should be updated and kept in the loop, or left to his own life while we led ours.  Just conceptualizing releasing and letting him go was a huge change for me.  At many events, everyone’s family was present and my kids really felt the loss of their Dad.  If everyone else’s Dad was there, where was theirs?

At Halloween each family had a portrait taken by the host.  When it was our turn, my kid was off down the street running with his friends while the other kid was at another friend’s house in a different neighborhood.  I’m not sure if he’d noticed what was going on and was avoiding taking a photo with just Mom, but I noticed it and found it painful.

The reality is that even when their Dad lived here, he was gone most of the time anyway, and I did almost all of these things on my own.  There is a big difference in feeling when you know it’s permanent compared to when you know you’ll see him at the end of every day.  So, adjustment.

That’s when the blessons started rolling on in – the “lessons” which are also “blessings.”

I couldn’t figure out how to get the complicated 33 part air pump working?  My youngest son could.  Balls and bike tires, filled.

I had a piece of glass stuck in the bottom of my foot?  No need for Dad, both kids were on the case, with tweezers and a flashlight.

I got a text from the Mom who hosted the Halloween party.  Would we like to meet with the other parents for soccer on Saturday morning at the park?  We would.

All manner of people started showing up to invite us to things, now that there was nothing blocking us from receiving the invitations, including my own basic willingness to participate more in the flow of life and stop resisting.  Suddenly everything became convenient and easy.  I just saw life as I wanted it to be, and it began to show up in better ways than I could have imagined.

two souls

As for me, new and interesting adults started to flow into my life.  I met a lot of the other Moms and really liked them.  The group who are in my youngest’s class are fantastic.

The men I met have been a parade of what won’t work for me, either because it’s impractical or because there are some flaws so basic that I can’t tolerate them.  When you start off thinking,”Ugh, he is driving me crazy!” even if it is just one tiny character flaw, that’s a no.

What I don’t want to do is recreate a bad situation because it is available, so in a way it’s like sorting through a basket of clothes, deciding what you feel like wearing, and rejecting most of it because you’re not in the mood, it doesn’t suit the occasion, or it doesn’t fit.

Some I have nothing to talk about with.  Some lack the assertive gene.  Some are geographically unavailable. Some won’t bend to my schedule because they have no idea what it is to have kids, so they think I can just go out on a moment’s notice.  There are many reasons, but with each one I find something I like, so I notice what it is and tuck it into my back pocket as on the wish list when the time is right.

It’s interesting that you can learn something from anyone, and the Universe has a way of walking you through the steps in an upward spiral fashion.  “You’d be perfect for me, except…”

This weekend I heard a story about a man who might have accepted a marriage proposal except that the woman was from another country and the law wouldn’t allow her to stay here permanently.  The man had kids here that he was going to raise no matter what, so he turned her down.  “Geographically unavailable” is a way for the Universe to say “close, but not for you, unless you insist.”  They could have moved heaven and earth if they really wanted to find a way to make it work, but they didn’t.

My seven year old had informed me earlier in the week that there were adult humans who were only a foot tall.  He said they were real humans, and not dwarves or midgets, and he wasn’t making it up.  When I was a kid about his age, I had a recurring nightmare about being chased around the kitchen by a pack of people about two or three feet tall, with indian headdresses and machetes…go figure where that came from.  So my whole adult life people have teased me about being scared of midgets and dwarves, it’s a thing.  I didn’t believe my son about people being only a foot tall.  I thought he was making it up.

But as my friend told me the story about the marriage proposal, I saw a man come out of the men’s room who was only one foot tall, mostly a head with almost no body.  He looked right at me and a moment later came by on a motorized scooter.

I looked at my friend and almost asked him to validate that the man was real and I wasn’t just seeing things.

Instead I decided to keep it to myself and see it as a sign…of some kind.