A Three Year Anniversary Walk Down Memory Lane

It has now been three years since I began blogging about spirituality, consciousness, and what life lessons, themes and wisdom can be unearthed if we live in present time and examine the moments.

You know how there are certain moments which stand out clearly to you if you think back over this life’s experience?  Some will be the major incidents but what about the other ones?

There are days or snippets of experiences which will stand out in your memory banks for no apparent reason.

There will be items that you hold dear not because they are valuable or were particularly meaningful, but because they belonged to or were given to you by someone you love who may now be gone, either from your life or from the planet.

I have a silver basket my grandmother used for the hard candies with the squishy middles, a mug my Dad gave me twenty years ago that references computer bytes, and the silverware and a bowl we used when I was a kid.

I can remember with crystal clarity how I would take breaks from one of my insurance jobs and walk the path through the woods reading all about spirituality on Anna Sayce’s blog.  I believe this was the start to my awakening, spiritually speaking, because it seems I “just stumbled upon it” and I have no idea what led my there or what I might have been looking for when I found it.

Likewise there are individuals who do fantastic work in this field, and I can remember being introduced to their work and rejecting it, only to come back a few years later and have it be my favorite.

The other day I mentioned on my Facebook page that everyone should listen to a podcast of one of my favorite people. One of the commenters wrote,”Wow, dude is long-winded. Profanity gratuitous as well. JMHO.”  It made me remember that no one is for everyone.  I also felt this person was long-winded when I heard his podcasts several years ago, and it took me forever to consider listening to him again for that very reason.  When I came back to him, I was finally ready to hear the message.  Last year I listened to every single one of his podcasts -and trust me, that is a huge time commitment, probably 150 hours – and it was like getting a graduate degree in spirituality and having a personal guide to boot.

This is a year of major change.  We have been building up to it for some years now.  I suspect that many of us will be a bit shocked come December 31 when we look back on this year and see its place in the context of the last five years or so.

I’ve been reflecting on why I am here and what I hope to accomplish.  People have been asking when I expect to get back to readings.  Since I am back to work full-time, still contribute to my husband’s business part-time, and have two little kids and a plethora of pets, when someone asks,”When do you think you’ll be doing readings again?” it’s akin to saying,”When do you expect to be unemployed again?”  Umm…I have no idea.  When the universe calls me back to it?  Never?

I get a lot of requests for referrals to other intuitives for readings and most often I refer them to three people:

Lindsay of The Daily Awe

Lisa of Practically Intuitive

Angela of Powered By Intuition (especially for mediumship requests)

For recommendations on how to learn to be a professional intuitive?  Head straight to Slade at Automatic Intuition.

There are many friends in the blogging world who do not write about spirituality or intuition per se, but who for whatever reason I have been drawn to over the years like Jack, Lori, Vidya, Adrienne, Rob, Elle.  In that short list you can visit India, reflect on your most insightful moments, be challenged to dig deep, hang out in Houston and Boston, and be bewitched by good storytellers.

Whose blogs do you always visit?  Who are your favorite people?

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Obviously A Clear Sign is mainly about signs, synchronicity and connecting to your intuition, so feel free to search the site for things like ghosts, angels, spirit guides, synchronicity and you could be here all year.

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I’d love to know who your favorite bloggers (on any topic) and spiritual guides are!  A Clear Sign has changed a LOT in just three years.  Who knows where it might go in the future.  What did you learn here?  What are YOUR favorite stories?  What would you like to hear more about?  Let me know in the comments!