Healing in Reiki I


The second class of Reiki I did not go nearly as well as the first.

Or did it?

Instead of being first to receive the attunements, I was last…which dramatically reduced the possibilities of my arms falling off.

I didn’t feel particularly engaged this time.

With eyes closed, I knew when the instructor was coming my way to work on me, but it was brief.

I saw the ball of light which is supposed to be the Reiki healing energy that you bring through your hands, as if beams of light are shooting through your palms.  It was like a wink and a nod from the universe, because I saw that exact imagery in a guided meditation over the summer.

Their way of saying,”Yes, this was coming and this is for you.”

The instructor hugged me – and no one else, that I saw anyway, when I first came into the room.  After the teaching and attunement, she stated that we had a very strong group, and that she was told that a few of us would really be using Reiki as part of our healing work.  It felt like she was talking to me.

Afterward, we had practice sessions.

Everyone had the chance to work on the head, torso, and feet of someone else, as well as to be worked upon by three practitioners at a time.

We were told to bring the light through, as if from the sun, see it leaving our hands and go to the person we were working on, and told to keep bringing it through, as if in a cycle.

Nope, couldn’t do it.

Every time I went back to the sun, my concentration was broken.

My feeling was, I just connected Reiki energy to this person, so therefore, it will work as it is supposed to work.  To me, that is a given.  I had no thought whatsoever about having to “focus on it” or “make it work” in any way.  I didn’t let my mind wander, I stayed focused, but I assumed as usual that I am just the conduit.

It didn’t feel different to me.  I honestly could not say if I was bringing Reiki energy through or not.

Everyone has always told me that I move energy for people naturally, but that I am not conscious of doing it.  That is why I was in Reiki to begin with, I was trying to figure out the nuts and bolts of the “how” even though I do it anyway.  I didn’t really learn anything like that.

I started wondering if it “felt the same as usual, like nothing was happening” because I am always doing it anyway?  I really have no idea right now what the truth is to that.  If you told me I was doing nothing, I would believe you.  If you told me I was doing it perfectly, I would believe you.

I will say on a couple of occasions prior to Reiki, I have tried to use the chakra system and my hands and mind to consciously attempt to balance others who were in crisis and who agreed to try it.

I did this for someone who was in the middle of a vertigo attack.  Nothing seemed to change.

Looking at him in that way, as opposed to my usual intuitive routes, really didn’t give me any insights.  I don’t “see” auras or chakras really, but I do get intuitive information in on them sometimes in a reading.

I don’t typically notice colors when I am just walking around.  It’s more like someone told me “their color is brown” or I saw an image in my mind’s eye of the full body and I see the brown superimposed over it.  That is code in my intuitive system for “this person is depressed.”

Sometimes I see black or grey in certain spots, which lets me know they have an illness.

If they have black everywhere it means “watch out, they are dangerous.”

Back to the Reiki classroom.  Everyone else had their eyes closed.  Mine were wide open.

My back started to ache, just standing at the massage table like that.  Clearly, mental and emotional processing – which can be done from any position – is my thing.  Standing still like a statue, not so much.  Can’t do it.

Cannot imagine doing it for an hour!

At one point the instructor told me to take off my flip-flops, because she said in order to channel Reiki she has to do it barefoot.  I am not sure if she can “see” whether or not the Reiki is flowing when we are practicing.

At the end of the session, we were told to “seal” our work into the “patient” – and my hands knew just what to do.  You make a figure eight over the person.  I knew to start and end at the heart chakra.  I knew to make sure I covered the entire body of the person, beyond their head and feet, and not to “cut them off.”

I have no idea how I knew those things.

However I practically tripped and fell over my person when it was time to do it.

I think if  I were working on someone alone, rather than the non-standard group situation, I might have gotten more information or experienced it differently.

You are supposed to practice, practice, practice on yourself and on others (if you can talk them into it) but I have not.  I have not done my 21-day work.  I have not even read my manuals yet.

I know that I will, but it is very much unlike me to “postpone” without a good reason.  I don’t think I ever have before.

I just knew I was not quite ready.

I am in full chop wood/carry water mode in my day-to-day life, and challenges are coming in right and left.  I just have not been able to concentrate and give it the attention it deserves.

And yet – I have been super focused on plucking intuitive insight out of thin air.  I have been doing oracle card readings and have had my hand pulled back when I shuffled in a different way – and pulled the cards right back out after hearing no, no.  I have had two cards fall out in a six card reading and listened to instructions to lay them out, and which card was first.  It is so specific in a way that I have never experienced before.

All the cards keep saying “healing work” over and over again.

So I know in some way, I am meant to do this.

I can’t even describe how the instructions are coming through.  I don’t hear them, it is more like sense them, as if someone had spoken words, but they did not.  As if someone was at my right side, guiding me, but I cannot even put a Sense to how it is coming through.  Normally, I can.

They are just there.

Maybe some of you who practice Reiki can tell me about your experiences.

When I was working on one woman’s torso, I kept looking at her left hip and saying,”Gee, that must hurt!” to myself.  It felt like arthritis to me.  Like an ache.  Maybe an old injury.  But I have had medical intuitive information come through a little before.

When I was bring worked on, I noticed I was characterizing the skill set of each person.  It just came floating through my mind.

She is scared and weak but she is getting stronger.  The other one working on my feet is very strong.

Thoughts like that.

I left the session and the next day I noticed that all of the pain in my right ankle that has been killing me for at least six months, preventing me at times from working out which I really need to be doing, was just gone.  Vanished.  So I know the Reiki was flowing, even though I wasn’t feeling anything at all when they were working on me.

I could always feel the strength and the heat from the instructor, but I could not feel a thing from the students.

Can’t deny the ankle.