Your Shadow Just Slapped You In The Face


We are one, our cause is one, and we must help each other if we are to succeed. – Frederick Douglass

I wasn’t heartbroken after the election.

It seems everyone around me was.

As usual, my ex-husband’s vote cancelled mine out, if only in the presidential race.

I was so tired of the “but how can you?!” questions and comments overheard, from both sides.  I hate that there even are “sides.”  How about the Human Side?

So no, I am not heartbroken by the election results.

I am heartbroken by our complete lack of faith that when tested, we will stand for each other.

Maybe it is just not what everyone thinks.

What if, no matter what happens and what it looks like, we are being given the opportunity to rise up to meet the challenge of proving that we know how to stand for each other, to protect one another, and to know that after all of this work to rise this high within, we can practice it without?

What if this is Our Time?

What if it is a golden opportunity to kick ass and get some unity going, in the literal and spiritual sense?

Yes, it is probably going to get really ugly, too.

Not everyone drinks the kool-aid and not everyone sees universal truth, that is for sure.

But you don’t have to be right to be good.

If nothing else, dating has shown me how pretty everyone’s shadow is, that we all contain darkness, it is the human condition, and it is fascinating to watch how everyone deals with it – or doesn’t.

But it is there in each of us.

You may remember Frederick Douglass from school, but if you don’t here is a quick reminder from Wikipedia about what he was fighting for way back in the late 1800s – when, incidentally, someone put him on a party ticket with a woman, as her running mate:

Douglass was a firm believer in the equality of all peoples, whether black, female, Native American, or recent immigrant. He was also a believer in dialogue and in making alliances across racial and ideological divides, and in the liberal values of the American Constitution. When radical abolitionists under the motto “No Union With Slaveholders”, criticized Douglass’ willingness to dialogue with slave owners, he famously replied: “I would unite with anybody to do right and with nobody to do wrong.”

Raccoons Proving Me Wrong

Out back there is a dumpster and a very big raccoon goes diving in it regularly, for years, bothering no one.

It stands to reason that the raccoon has babies and friends and a mate, but I have never seen them, until the day after the election.

A colleague pointed out that behind the dumpster traps had been set, and one baby and one adult racoon were trapped inside, for a very long time.  They were worried about the humane conditions, and whether we should report this to the management.

I asked where the raccoons were going next.

She said they were supposed to be relocated.

I said uh huh.

I watched as the presumed mother looked at the caged animals and I swear her walk and stance said I don’t know what to do.  How did they get themselves into this mess? I wondered if she instinctually knew she would never see them again.

My colleague went inside to get another colleague to see what could be done about this, and before they came back out, the Critter Removal van was there, taking them away and setting new traps.

The newly arrived colleague marched over with all due outrage and asked, again and again, “What are you going to do with them?”

The guy stared and looked stunned and stoney faced.  Finally he said,”I really can’t say.”

They Are Coming For You and Your Family

The man who owns the building wants the raccoons gone, and if I had said something to him, what is my argument?

And then there is the excellent chance that my poor judgment in asking would immediately or eventually get me fired.

What if the raccoons were humans?

Honestly, I value animals higher than some humans I know, but this was a clear-cut case of the perfect no-win situation.

You may say it’s just a racoon, but I see Powerlessness.

I hate feeling powerless.

What if it was someone being gay bashed or raped or bullied or…?

Am I just going to stand there and watch it happen?

Am I going to break out my concealed weapon and start threatening or shooting?

Goodness knows I am not capable of beating anyone into submission.

Do I call the police?  What if I have my usual experience with the police, like the time a cop over a foot taller than me stood on my doorstop and threatened to arrest me because the HOA had allowed some teenagers of other neighbors to place traps around to capture – you guessed it – raccoons, and instead they caught my Jack Russel terrier overnight?

I won’t tell you about having to stomp through the land of the snakes to find her, I could hear her cry and could not believe it when I found traps set out by trespassers on my acreage.

So I told the boys I wouldn’t give back the cage until the police came and I could complain about it – and it was turned right around on me as “all my fault” for having my dog loose in my own yard.

If you don’t think that’s coming, it is.

What Do You Do When You Know All Are One But No One Else Seems To?

My ex-husband was here this past week and I posed the question to him.  What could I do in a situation where harm was coming to someone?

He suggested I video it with my phone, and send it in to the local tv station, call police, or if all else fails, put it on You Tube.

Do not ever discount the love we have for each other, and how many have come to know that we are all connected and One, with respect for every single soul. Hold the intention that all are respected, and watch as the miracles continue to surprisingly and unexpectedly unfold. You and We hold the power.

Maybe it is not what it looks like, because I am not seeing it like most others seem to see it.

I jumped straight past “oh shit” and “oh my God” and the tears and depression, leaped over the ridiculous notion of leaving the country (as if humans are not human everywhere), and I didn’t even get angry.  Surprised, yes  – angry, no.

But angry is probably coming.  I don’t even want to dwell on the possibly cataclysmic outcomes, because there is nothing I can do about that.

However it seems to me people should be weighing their options and thinking about how they really will respond when faced with disaster and threats to self and other.  What if there is no Authority that exists, or maybe they are just too corrupt, which is worse?

Then what?

I am just curious to see if all of these endless Apocalypse movies – or Zombies, or Zombie Apocalypse, or Vampire or Hitler – or any other Archetype you’d like to throw up there and see if it sticks – have been hanging around for so many years for a reason.  How about all of the video games with the endless shooting?

So start planning now, because whatever is before us is probably not what we think.  I have no idea, I am just observing that no matter what, we are going to have to stand for each other.

I don’t think we realize yet how very strong we are.  “They” are a part of us, reflecting our shadow, and the more we scream “not me, it’s YOU!” the more we’d probably better take a good look within and shine a light on our darkness and see what’s crouching in the dark corners with the dust motes.

You Have Mandar and Reiki II

Mandar is Man Radar.  It comes around every time my ex-husband is here.  Him being here is an excellent opportunity for me to get out, because there is a built-in babysitter, but I have noticed that all of the men in my life scatter to the four winds when he is here.  It’s like a force field got set up around me and my house and I turn invisible for a week or two.

It is uncanny how by the time I am driving north from dropping him at the airport on a Sunday early morning, every single one of them just about will start texting or calling me again.

It makes me sigh, it really does.

Next time, I swear, I am not mentioning the visit to a single one of them!

Next weekend I am headed back to class for Reiki II.  I wasn’t going to do it, because I didn’t really understand Reiki I, but my instructor dropped me a note while drumming up students and said this:

You did so well in the Reiki I class! When I gave you the attunements I could feel how open your crown chakra is; you have clearly done a lot of spiritual growth work. You would be an excellent Reiki II student and I would love to have you in the class.

So I am going.  Apparently there is an enormous leap in the learning curve between I and II, and so if nothing else I am curious to see where this goes and what happens next.