Manifest Miracles by Shifting Your Perspective In The Face Of Dramatic Change

Dramatic Change – It Could Happen To You

I got to thinking this week, what happens when you start to live your dream, and then a few years into it, it gets snatched away from you?

Maybe you could re-evaluate the dream.  Was it really what you wanted?  Was it necessary or more like conspicuous consumption?  Were you aligned with it then, and subsequently fell out of alignment with it?
And how about if it wasn’t really YOUR dream, but your spouse’s, or someone else who took you along for the ride?

Now that it’s going away, and you can see it receding in the distance even though you’re still living it a little, what’s next?

Perhaps it’s something quite a bit better, whether or not you can see that at the moment.  Right now, as you’re waving bye-bye to the dream, you’re looking back.  Learn from it what you will, because the Universe is demanding that you look at the now.  There might be something Really Big that you need to do.

The funny thing about saying goodbye to dreams is that sometimes you find other people who are moving right into your dream as you are moving out of it.  Do you say to them,”Watch out, here’s what happened to me?”  Or, do you realize that maybe it’s not your path anymore, but it may be theirs, and best to keep your mouth shut on this one and let it go past.

Exit Stage Right, New Dream Ahead

This past year and change has been truly miraculous for me.  So many people have said that they have no idea how I’ve held it together and carried on, under the circumstances, which I find ironic although very kind of them.

What do you do when something dramatically ends, and no amount of striving fixes it?

You might look at What Else You Maybe Could Be Doing With Your Life.

Sure for a while, you’re sure you can fix it.  You flounder about.  If you’ve lost a job, you go on interviews.  If you’re getting a divorce, you try to win the other party back or you go to counseling, joint or otherwise.  If you’re sick, you research all of the options on getting well or you visit a lot of doctors.

Then the point comes when you have all of the information you’re going to get.  Six months goes by and you can’t get an interview; not only that but there are literally no jobs in your field or anything like it even listed and your networking has returned zero.  The spouse is gone, moved on, maybe even remarried.  You’re into medical treatments and hoping you picked the right one and the right doctor.

That’s When You Have To Shift Your Perspective If You Haven’t Done It Yet

Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to access your intuition when you’re in the middle of a crisis?  You have to get to the point when you’re either going to panic, or get really calm.

People used to suggest to me that you should take your fears out, elevate them to the worst case scenario level of ridiculousness, and laugh at them.  Don’t Do This unless you really have the stomach for it and are sure you can muster a laugh at the end!

If you’re anything like me, you do the exercise and at the end you say,”Oh My God, I can totally see that happening, it’s not that far fetched…” and you are off and running to a really bad place.  So don’t go there!

Better to just get calm and think for a moment.  Take some deep breaths and say:

I really hated that job.  It was killing my soul.  The people were awful.   I don’t even know why I got into that field in the first place.

What did I like about it?  What else might I do with my best skills that would bring me more joy every day?  What else have I always wanted to do?  How far away from that is what I was doing?  Could I do it somewhere else if I moved?  Where have I always wanted to live?  Here?  OK then, what if I…


I am so angry with my spouse.  They did X, Y, and Z that drove me crazy every day.  At least now I don’t have to live with that anymore.  Now that I think about it, they didn’t really even like me because A, B, and C drove them bats about me, and next time, if there ever is a next time, I am going to find someone who appreciates me for those things, because they are great things about me.

In fact, next time, I think I will be better at a relationship, because I learned this and I learned that.  You know, maybe it’s not such a bad thing that we’re getting a divorce after all.  This might even be a good chance for me to…

When you shift from the panic, the blame, the self-flagellation, and move into acceptance, appreciation for your role in it, and hope for what’s next, then you are in a place where you can try again with your intuition.  What people have you been meeting?  What ideas have popped into your head?  What new opportunities do you suddenly have time for?  Any old dreams deferred coming to the forefront?  Any signs that perhaps you were wasting your glory on the old, and maybe the new represents something entirely different whose time has come?

Embrace The Moment When Your Life Falls Apart – Perhaps It Is A Dream Deferred

That is the time for wonderful new discoveries of who you really are and what you are meant to become.  The joy is in the possibilities.  Let yourself imagine what life could be like if you had permission to begin stepping into your dreams.  Really see it.

Then two things generally happen, which contribute to

Manifestation Of Miracles and Things Starting To Pop

First, you have to start taking actual steps toward it.  Put yourself out there, a toe in the water.  When someone asks what you do, instead of saying,”Oh, I am an accountant,” you might either tell them that you are unemployed (especially if this is really hard for your ego to get out of your mouth) or perhaps you say,”I’m training to be a ____” even if that something is really weird, like a psychic.  You must not mind when people talk about you.  When they’re talking about you, that usually means you’re on to something.  Refuse to be intimidated.  Remember, it’s what you believe that counts, period.  Everyone else can go pound sand.

Then, watch out for the miraculous.  In fact, expect miracles.  They will start to happen.  People you haven’t seen in 10 years, who you were estranged from even, will come out of the woodwork to give you $50,000 out of the clear blue sky.

Did you ask the universe for money?  Were you busy asking for a job, or did you just say,”Universe, I really need to keep a roof over my kids’ heads and feed them, could you please help me find a way to make this happen?”

Did you maybe really need it for something mission critical, so you could keep on with taking the steps toward your dream?  If you’re really putting forth the effort, doing what you can from your end, even following all the crazy impulses that your intuition sends you, it will happen (it happened to me).

Sometimes even $50,000 isn’t enough to solve everything, but it tides you over until the next thing comes along.  It comes when it is supposed to come, so you can keep moving right along and everything you’ve been working toward doesn’t grind to a halt.

What you get may be much, much smaller than $50,000…but only if you don’t really need it.  If you really need it, whatever the “it” is, and you are doing your part, your thing will show up.  Just keep putting one foot in front of the other, follow the signs, ask for help, refuse to be beaten by circumstances, and I promise one day you will know why you had the experience that you did.

You may even run into the most unexpected dream.

Have you ever had a massive change that you had to cope with?  How did you do it and what came out of it?  Did you experience any miracles along the way?  Share your story in the comments.

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Image Credit: tlindenbaum via Creative Commons on Flickr