I’ve Got Your Angelic Intervention Right Here

One day when I first didn’t have to go to an office every workday anymore and hadn’t yet figured out a schedule that wouldn’t make me crazy, I decided to take a trip to the town just north of me, do some errands, and stop off at Books-A-Million to peruse the Spirituality section.

I was sitting in the parking lot chatting on the phone for some time with my Dad.  I realized I had run out of time, so I set the car in motion, flipped on the Bluetooth, and cruised on down the road.

I was so busy animatedly talking that I neglected to take note of the speed limit reducing for no apparent reason under the I-95 overpass.  I wasn’t that familiar with the area and didn’t know that was a favorite hangout for policemen looking for speeders.

I saw him, he already had me, and as I glanced down at my speedometer I realized that I had really sped up while I was busy getting far too into my phone conversation.

I was pulled over and knew as soon as I saw his face that there was no way, no how, I was getting out of this ticket.  Empaths always know, and besides I have an abysmal record of convincing any policeman of anything, ever.  In fact, I have a good record of pissing them off even when I’ve just had a car accident and am waiting for a tow.

As he walked away to run my vitals and see if I was a wanted criminal with sippy cups and two car seats in the back, I had that sinking feeling.  The one that says, you just lost 90% of your family’s income, can’t pay the bills by a long shot, there are zero jobs in sight, and oh crap do you not need a speeding ticket and higher auto insurance premiums on top of it all.

So, new to spirituality, I said a prayer.  You know, the one that says,”Oh please oh please oh please oh please help. I really do not need this…”  I didn’t even know yet who I might be asking for help.  I just knew I needed it before I fell of the Despair Cliff.

I vaguely noticed that a car had pulled up behind the police cruiser and I thought,”That’s weird.  Who does that?  I would never pull up behind a police car who had someone pulled over.”

He came back and handed me my drivers license and insurance card, but no ticket.

He said,”This is your lucky day.  Those people are lost.  If I didn’t have to help them right now you would have a ticket in your hand.”

All the way home I was saying,”Thank you, thank you…” to whoever helped me out.  Let’s face it, people don’t often get lost anymore, what with smartphones and GPS.  Most people try to avoid traffic cops.  There were a million stores, banks and gas stations right there that they could have walked into.  It was so curious that I almost wanted to turn around and see if there were actually real, live people in the car, and not just angels-dressed-as-humans masquerading in there.  Besides, what cop wouldn’t have just made me wait for my ticket?

This was my first experience of getting actual physical proof that I did actually have angels and they were on the case.

I hope you don’t ever get quite that deep into the life-turned-upside-down department, because frankly it is no fun.  I have learned more Life Lessons than I care to count since losing that particular job.  But as my psychic friends who’ve never heard the story say every time,”Why would you have wanted to stay in that place, anyway?

I imagine that I left that place to come to this place.  The place where I know beyond any doubt that spirit has my back.  The place where I know that if there isn’t a good reason for something to happen, it can be stopped in its tracks.  Am I tremendously more careful when driving around town now?  Yes.  In fact, I never have to be in a rush anymore because my life is at my pace and schedule, not someone else’s.

Even today, not everything is settled, decided, and perfectly known.  It’s been rather a long road.  Some people’s shakeups are fast, furious, and over in six months.  Some people’s take years, decades, or maybe even lifetimes – who knows?


Have you ever noticed that JUST as you get done writing a blog post or giving advice that the very thing that you’ve just stated comes back to plague you?  It’s like the Universe says,”Well I hope you really believe what you’re telling everyone else because now we’re going to test you and see if you really meant it.”

I wrote this two days ago and the story goes way back in time.  I haven’t been pulled over since, until this morning.

I was driving in the elementary school drop off line, where we go bumper to bumper for 20 minutes.  Two little kids in the back.  Sippy cups and car seats still present.  The lady in front of me was driving erratically and not keeping up with the crawl.  She was reading a piece of paper – looked like her kids homework to me.  By the thirtieth or so time she slammed on her brakes or neglected to pull ahead, I gave her a quick tap on the horn – I wouldn’t even call it a beep.  I said,”Would you PLEASE pay attention and stop reading while you are driving!”   Not that she could hear me.

I rounded the corner and saw that someone else did hear me.  The traffic cop who sits outside the school some mornings and pulls everyone over for no discernible reason (just to make them and their children under 10 late, perhaps?).  He told me that beeping at someone in a non-emergency situation was illegal (it is?).  I hadn’t said a word but he immediately told me that I shouldn’t be in such a rush to get my son to school, I needed to calm down, and I needed to be nicer and more understanding to other people.

May I preface my response by saying that the night before was election night, I had two hours of sleep because my cat walked on my face and cut me under the eye while I was sleeping, I hadn’t had a shower yet, and I had recently had a series of bad and worse news.  So I was in a bad mood.

That must be why I opened my mouth and argued with him.

I was outraged.  Outraged!  I hardly ever get fired up about dumb stuff, but I’ll admit the one thing that still gets me to this day is being accused of things I didn’t do by someone who did not witness the event.  It is even better when they are defending the person who is trying to kill our children or otherwise be ungodly inconsiderate to the rest of the world.

In the end, he ran my vitals to see if I was a serial killer but he didn’t give me a ticket.   He even suggested there was a slim possibility the woman had done what I said she did.  But he still told me to be nicer to other people.

I truly had to think what in God’s name was the point of this exchange.  I’m thinking, I mind my own business, I am hardly ever even in public, I drive 20 mph when in school zones, I’m not in a rush ever anymore, I help people all of the time, I never am purposefully inconsiderate, and… I just wrote this blog post about not getting a ticket.  And…wasn’t it just a month or so ago when a policeman came to my front door and immediately without one word from me said he was going to arrest me for not turning in the animal trap that was illegally placed on my property by trespassers who were trying to catch raccoons but caught my Jack Russell instead?  But he let the trespassers go and refused to file a police report on my behalf as the homeowner?

Thankfully I’m quicker on the draw than I used to be.  The answer came immediately and it sounded like this,”I need to worry about myself and correcting myself.  I do not need to run around the world telling other people how to be.  I might practice nonjudgement religiously to the best of my current ability, but I do still feel the need to let people know when in my opinion they are being rude, driving too fast in a school zone, or doing something very inconsiderate or illegal.  Apparently it is none of my business.”

I hope I got the message fully and completely because I’d rather be done with this lesson!