My Latest E-Book Automatic Writing and Psychic Visualization Is Now Available

To all RSS subscribers, you will now find a link at the bottom of each feed for my latest Mini-E-Book, Automatic Writing and Psychic Visualization.

This is Chapter Three of my upcoming book A Look Over The Psychic’s Shoulder.

In this excerpt I cover:

What is Automatic Writing?

How to ask the right questions

What to do before you get started

Who should be present for your session and how to request their presence

Why you should set a time limit and what it should be

Choosing the right media

How to tell if you are communicating with your own spiritual team

What types of information may come through and how to recognize it

What to do if you don’t “get” intuitive or psychic information the way you thought you would

How to properly end your session

I walk you through exactly how I do this as a professional intuitive and explain in detail what you may experience, what to be on the alert for and take notice of, and what it means when you see certain things that most people seem to have many questions about.  And much more!

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