Psychic Hygiene How To Ground, Cleanse Your Chakras and Protect Yourself

I was all set to tell all of my family stories today (and over the next few weeks, because oh did we learn some lessons lately!) when I got completely sidetracked at the gym this morning by an internal psychic attack.

Because everyone and their brother decides to “get fit” in January, I usually stay away for a couple of weeks while my kids are out of school.  It’s year-end for the family business, which is my responsibility.  I shipped it off to the accountant, did the W2s, and got ready to resume regular life, but it was not to be.

This year, we had a full house for longer than usual – about a month.  I was interrupted from whatever I was doing at least 20 times a day, redirected, and “suggested at” constantly, and I keep having sinus attacks. According to Louise Hay, Sinusitis can be a reaction to something or someone irritating around you! It is also considered the manifestation of unexpressed emotions.”  

So oh yes, we have been having a party at my house since mid-December.

Today I finally felt well enough and had time enough to go to the gym.  I hopped up on the elliptical and felt pretty healthy physically, which surprised me.  Then I cranked up Carry On My Wayward Son and started doing my chakra clearing and bubble imagining which amounts to my best “clearing my head” that I can do, and found myself on the floor.

No, I didn’t fall off the elliptical and embarrass myself.  I was in a heap in my mind’s eye.  Maybe it was the three cakes from my five year old’s multiple birthday parties.  Maybe it was no exercise for a month.  Maybe it was just not doing my daily grounding, centering and protecting which I always do at the gym, except when I am doing readings.

When you clear your chakras, or at least when I do, I project myself forward and see myself in my mind’s eye in front of me.  Sometimes I am energetic like a ballerina, other times I might just be standing there waiting to be “cleared out”, but in this case I was collapsed in a pile on the floor.

I have been having the persistent problem of being able to imagine the four lower chakras distant from my body, but when I got up to the top three (the throat, the third eye, and the crown – which is basically like saying my communication center and psychic connection) I could NOT separate it from my physical body.  Translation: I am too closely connected up above and too distant down below, hence – out of balance.  When I got to the drawing circles around my body, I was feeling only slightly better, and in the shower I kept hearing the message to share with you all how to ground, center, cleanse and protect yourself energetically.

First, maybe some of you would like to know WHY you should care about grounding, centering, cleansing and protecting yourself, if you’re not a psychic intuitive and you’re not doing readings.

In a nutshell, you have an energy body and it is interacting all day long with everyone else’s energy body.  While it is interacting it is losing and gaining energies – some of which are not your own.

If you are empathic you might actually get sick around other people, wandering around the world protection-less.  You may find that you need a lot of alone-time to recover.  If you are a “lightworker” (by the way, did you notice that phrase went out of vogue in the “new, new age”?) you are especially subject to wandering entities (read: ghosts) attaching themselves to you and sucking you dry – they are attracted to the “light” you are emitting.

This is not a popular sentiment but however you want to phrase it, you can be under “psychic attack” just walking around minding your own business, and getting far too entangled with the energies of your loved ones and coworkers and the random guy at the gas station.  On the bright side, it is EASY to avoid this but it takes effort.

Don’t like to meditate?  No problem.  I trick you into meditating – actively meditating – all the while actually protecting yourself on a daily basis.  Two for the price of one!

What is Active Meditation?

To me, it means two things.

One, you go on a journey in your mind, a self-directed one.  You do not do a “guided meditation,” where someone else’s voice talks you through.  An active meditation is a choice you make to follow a series of mental visualizations, one that you do routinely, completely orchestrated by YOU.  Why does this matter?  It matters because as you walk yourself through your routine, you will begin to make the observation that something is different today.  It gives you the opportunity to recognize and appreciate the subtle changes that are occurring within you.  It is also an excellent jumping off point to begin to train your mind to listen and observe – which is critical to accessing your intuition.

The second part of Active Meditation is to move your physical body.  You can do it like I do, with your eyes closed and in conjunction with your self-directed mental trip.  You can also do it with your eyes wide open, walking in nature, taking the deep breaths I walk you through in the MP3.

This is a recording which I did for Psychic Sparks.  Have a listen, try it out, and let us know if you have any other great methods to share with everyone else.

You have to listen here to know what I am talking about above!

Ground, Center and Protect MP3

Brief aside about my work here:  I am graduating my first round of students since I released the program a few months ago, and there are quite a few others in circulation.  Here is one recent review by Justin Mazza at Mazzastick, more to come.  You can judge for yourself if you agree with his comments about my voice.

BUT if you do not want to drop in excess of $500 for a complete program, which I don’t blame you if you aren’t swimming in it and you don’t plan to become a professional intuitive anytime soon, please know that I do offer Intuitive Development Counseling for $125 which is basically a customized way for you to get what you need right now to move you forward wherever you may be stuck.

This is my forte and my favorite kind of work.  Yes, we work one-on-one, but we can do it via email.  Yes, I receive information via all the Clairs and I can tell you exactly how your team communicates with you – because I experience it as you do – as well as ask them directly how best you can communicate with them.

I am so, so happy to have been able to revamp my Intuitive Services page, and I will tell you WHY I changed everything back to the way I like it rather than the way I was told to do it.  I know, you never thought I listened to anyone else, did you?  Well guess what?  Never again!  You spoke, I listened, period.  I have the whole ridiculous story coming to you in another Thursday Post.  In the meantime, if you’ve been wanting a regular ‘ole reading, or a mediumship session to connect with your loved ones in spirit, come on over!

Back to our regularly scheduled programming:  Did you ground?  Did you center?  Did you cleanse your chakras?  Did you protect yourself?  If you did, give yourself a big pat on the back from me and tell us how it went in the comments!  I was feeling better by breakfast – how about you?